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Seeing the two people walk away, he quietly moved back. His footsteps were extremely light, and he pointed to a tightly closed room, signaling the two to go over. He then swiftly exited from the courtyard. From the door, one could see eunuchs and guards at the door.

Meng Fuyao was a little hesitant, afraid that this was a trap set by the Regent King or that emperor. But Shadow Blade dragged her as he strode along, pushing the door open.

With a 'kacha', the flower-carved door pushed open to a seductive scene where words of love were exchanged.

A gold-laced bed canopy, soft silk sheets, copper incense burner with gentle smoke. Behind the screen with hundreds of flowers embroidered in it, one could vaguely make out the shapes of a naked man and woman intertwined together. The seductive whispers and the weird flexible positions, be it 'cross-legged on a lotus' or an 'old Han pushing his cart'. The oddly tantalizing fragrance that filled the room mixed with the pa.s.sion and scent of the two's fluid. It was an odd smell, indeed, causing the people who had just entered the room to blush.

"… I… can't anymore…"

"Aw, my little baby… my good girl… call me… Majesty…"

"Your Majesty… Your Majesty… My name is Zi Er... why do you always… ah… forget…"

"Ah… Zi Er… You are so lovable… Here... Change position…"

"… Ah… Ah… My G.o.d…"

Breathless words were exchanged in between their sensual moans. A snow white smooth arm probed out of the bed canopy embedded with speckles of pearls. The fingers gently grasped the air, desperately…

Shadow Blade turned his head while Meng Fuyao smiled. She dragged a chair over and sat down leisurely, ready to enjoy this erotic live show. In her arms, Lord Yuan Bao poked its head out and watched intensely… and more intensely… Suddenly, it covered Meng Fuyao's eyes with his claws but continued to watch the interesting scene.

Meng Fuyao immediately pulled away the troublesome, nosy claws and covered her hands over his eyes. Using the difference in size as an advantage, she managed to completely hold him together, ignoring the guinea pig's struggle. She whispered softly in its ears, "Here, see no evil, your eyes will grow needles."

Then, she happily continued "growing needles on her eyes".

Lord Yuan Bao was instantly angered. 'Why do my claws only cover half her eye but her hands can cover my entire body?

Meng Fuyao was in the middle of researching names for the different positions when suddenly her vision turned black. A certain someone, with hands that smelled like medication, had covered her eyes and whispered into her ears, "See no evil, your eyes will grow needles."

Meng Fuyao pulled down his hand resentfully. With such a commotion between a human and a guinea pig, the two behind the screen were alerted of their presence. A certain person pulled out at a key moment and made his way over, resting on the screen, naked without the slightest shame and greeted them. "You are here."

He was unperturbed as though someone had walked onto him eating.

On the other hand, the girl screamed, and with a trembling voice, she quaked, "Your Majesty, why… at this time…" and then she realized that there were people behind the screen and shot up.

She jumped up, with her skin smooth as silk. The man was extremely unbothered while the girl was obviously very embarra.s.sed. Meng Fuyao subconsciously turned away, and before she could, she saw Xuanyuan Min's arm waving at the same moment the girl jumped.

In a flash, that hand was around the girl's neck, and then, with the sweetest, warmest smile, the fingers wrapped down on her neck.


The sound of the neck being broken resounded in the otherwise quiet, refined and elegant room, like thunder on a peaceful night. As the lady's throat cackled, her big eyes stared straight at the man who smiled sweetly at her, and immediately after, the whole neck collapsed into a flimsy mess.

She died.

She died in the hands of the man whom she had been making love with, the man who whispered honeyed words and promises to make her the next queen.

She died at the peak of her excitement, in her sweet fantasies for the future. And then she plummeted from the pinnacle of desires, falling onto the bed adorned with dragons and phoenixes, collapsing into her virgin blood that flowed out when her hymen had broken.

The very first sacrifice of the imperial family's deceitful and dirty conflict: Yu Wen Zi.

The room was silent as the scent of blood entwined with the room full of love. Amidst all this, Xuanyuan smiled like a blooming flower.

Meng Fuyao stared at him as if she was staring at a man-eating plant.

What kind of man choked the woman he had just had pleasure with, the woman that he'd had intimate contact with?

What kind of people were the people from the Xuanyuan?

Compared to them, Taiyuan's Qi Xunyi, Wuji's King De, and Tiansha's Zhan Nancheng were all pure, innocent and cute as the newly-born Lord Yuan Bao.

Meng Fuyao heaved a long sigh — the environment certainly nurtured such talent…

She was now regretting her choice. Looking at the situation, this Xuanyuan mess of a family was no longer about asking a tiger about its hide or finding a tiger from its hide. To settle this situation was harder than making a tiger vegan.

With a sultry smile, Xuanyuan Min gently whispered, "Your Majesty… If this woman didn't die, how would you be my empress? That is to say, you caused her death."

"One day, I'll ride you under me… and beat the sh*t out of you." Meng Fuyao ground her teeth.

"My pleasure. " Xuanyuan Min smiled. "I was enamored by your punches the other time; I can't seem to forget that feeling~"

He tossed a book over to her and ordered, "Quickly memorize all information regarding Yu Wen Zi's background. I still have to rush out the mask, ah, why is my life so difficult… I even have to make the mask myself… By the way, because I love you too much, you, Yu Wen Zi, are not able to get down of your bed for these three days. In these three days, memorize everything and familiarize yourself with ident.i.ty."

"What do you want from me?" Meng Fuyao caught the detailed information thrown to her. She had measured Shadow Blade's pulse this morning and realized that the external injury was secondary; because of the internal energy placed on the arrow, it had caused his internal wounds to relapse once more, and without a long period of resting, there was no way he could recover. The fact that he was sitting upright was him just forcing himself. He needed time to rest, and since she's now caught in this d.a.m.n trap in this d.a.m.n palace, she could only settle down and find a way to survive.

"Very simple. This time round, the imperial concubine selection is not a normal one, four concubines will be chosen to be prepared for the position of the empress. So in this Fragrant Jade House, there is a total of 8 ladies who are all the daughters of the Regent King's relatives or trusted officials. I already have a pile of spies in my palace, and the four of these women are too under the Regent King's people. I can ignore these concubines, but once an empress is decided, according to Xuanyuan rules, there is no limit to the times the empress can seek for an audience with the emperor, while the emperor must call her in more than four times a month. My freedom will be greatly restricted, and so this empress cannot happen—at least not now."

Meng Fuyao laughed coldly. "I am merely a pa.s.serby. What happens if I leave?"

"We'll discuss it when that time comes. And who knows if you will bear to leave?" Xuanyuan Min smiled meaningfully. "Furthermore, your life as an empress will probably not be easy. I'll be counting on you to deal with my Lady Xian and Lady Shu."

Meng Fuyao yawned lazily, thinking, 'My life is certainly great… I even got involved in the palace's conflicts.'

"Why did you choose this Yu Wen Zi?"

"She is the Regent King's distant relative, the closest in terms of blood relations amongst the eight, yet she lives the farthest away from him. She's from Zhang Ning residence, which is located at the border of Xuanyuan. The rest of the seven are the Regent King's daughters who lived in the capital, and he watched them grow up. So he is the least familiar with Yu Wen Zi, and she is the only loophole we can make use of. Plus…" Xuanyuan blinked his eyes. "I've been making love to her daily to the point where she is barely able to get out of bed. No one had the chance to get to know her."

"Xuanyuan Cheng isn't guarded against you?" Meng Fuyao completely ignored the seductive gazes he was throwing her and changed the topic. "Otherwise why would he leave such a big loophole for you?"

"What loophole are you talking about?" Xuanyuan Min smiled. "Almost everyone in my palace is his, and the eight ladies are under him too. Definitely very guarded. " His eyes crinkled into two crescents as his lips curled into a sly smile. "But it doesn't lie in quant.i.ty, but the quality of the people. I've grown up in the palace for so many years, there's no way I wouldn't have people of my own."

"Furthermore, the Regent King has certainly been busy recently." He pointed at Meng Fuyao. "He has to worry about the a.s.sa.s.sin and also, his little princess."

"What's wrong with Xuanyuan?" Meng Fuyao raised her eyebrows. 'It couldn't be that he would scheme against her too, right?'

"Just a little illness." Xuanyuan Min grinned. "He keeps a close eye on that apple of his eye, it's not easy trying to make a move on her."

Meng Fuyao couldn't be bothered asking him how he was going to make his move. She was, after all, an expert at schemes herself. Xuanyuan Cheng was blessed with both wits and strength; his only weakness was this daughter of his. If one was going to exploit his weakness, what else would it be other than his daughter?

"Don't kill her off… She's a pretty good kid." Meng Fuyao sighed. "Otherwise, don't blame me for not helping you."

"You are such an oddball… concerning yourself over irrelevant people."Xuanyuan Cheng looked up at her with a single eyebrow raised. "A failure of an empress."

Meng Fuyao plastered on a fake smile and stood up to make her way out. "Then, you can invite someone that qualifies."

"Don't you want to know where Zong Yue is?"

Meng Fuyao turned back, raising her eyebrows.

"I don't know either." Xuanyuan Min waved his hand around innocently.

Meng Fuyao viciously waved a fist in his direction.

"… But once you become the empress, with the two of our abilities combined, do we still need to be afraid of not finding out his location?"

With a 'hmph', Meng Fuyao grabbed the information and suddenly turned back to smile at the silent Shadow Blade. "Chun Mei, go and pour some tea for your lady, the future empress."

That night, the new version of "Yu Wen Zi" and "Chun Mei" stayed in that courtyard. When night fell, Shadow Blade's injuries started to act up. He ground his teeth and remained silent yet moved around relentlessly on the bed.

Meng Fuyao stayed up the entire night, busy changing his medication, lowering his body temperature and feeding him water. Seeing that his temperature was overly high, she undid his shirt and slowly wiped down his body. In her past life, she often took care of patients and was familiar with the ways of taking care of people. At this point, there was no need to concern herself with the dos and don'ts between men and women. In her eyes, there are only patients.

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