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"My eldest and second elder brothers are twins," Lang Hongyue says, seeming to think of something, "So Ruoxian and Rongyu look very similar."

Yan Hua's eyes blink. Then who is the guy kidnapping her in the afternoon?

"You don't look quite well. Are you tired?" Lang Ruoxian says in a gentle way. "Your room is ready. You can go and have some rest in it."

After saying that, he smiles at Lang Hongyue, "Grandpa is in good health these days. We will go to see him on this weekend."

"Well, you can make arrangements. I know you are filial," Lang Hongyue helps Yan Hua stand up, "I will take Hua to her room first."

When Yan Hua leaves the small sitting room, she looks back for some reason she doesn't know.

Lang Ruoxian, who is talking with Lang Li, happens to turn his head, startling Yan Hua. However, the man smiles at her in the polite but distant way.

"The son of my eldest brother is handsome with good temper. But no one knows who is behind him. Otherwise he is not able to be established in the company within only one month."

Lang Hongyue sees Yan Hua in the warning way, "Is he good-looking?"

"...Yes," Yan Hua says honestly.

She was told that Lang Family members are all good-looking, probably because of the imperial blood in their forefathers.

"Remember, you are now his sister-in-law. You can get along with him. But don't be seduced by him," Lang Hongyue reminds Yan Hua. "You should know your baby is positioned to compete against him for the properties."

In other words, he will not treat you from the bottom of his heart. You should feel lucky if he doesn't kill you.

"I see." Yan Hua nods her head.

She is not silly and she perfectly understands the situation.

Besides, she is not quite sure whether Lang Ruoxian is the one who kidnapped her on that afternoon because they differ in temperament and speaking.

"I want to say it again," Lang Hongyue pushes open a room on the second floor, "In this family, you can only trust me. If only you follow my words, I can ensure you safely deliver the baby and become the Young Mistress in Lang Family. Remember that?"

Yan Hua nods her head. No matter what she thinks, she has boarded the ship and can never get off. She has to try her best to protect herself and her baby.

Downstairs. Lang Li throws aside the doc.u.ments of Yan Hua.

"Your auntie is so stubborn. However, she is lucky enough. No one imagined my nephew had a baby before his death."

Lang Ruoxian's eyes become clearer and return to calm state, "I think we had better see Grandpa after the baby is delivered and proved to be a Lang Family descendant by receiving the paternity test."

"You suspect the baby in that woman's womb is not a Lang descendant?" Lang Li frowns, "She does look pretty."

His son was retrieved many years ago. However, he was raised outside because of the congenital heart problem. In the beginning, Lang Li didn't intend to recognize him as his son. He was not old and he could reproduce another son.

However, later on Lang Ruoxian expressed some ideas on the company, which changed his mind. It is easy to have an heir. But it is difficult to have an obedient and capable heir.

"No," Lang Ruoxian still looks elegant, "Blood relations are easy to be identified. My aunt is not that silly."

Lang Li nods his head. He was not suspicious when hearing the son of Second Brother has an unborn baby.

"You can make arrangements on your own. The baby is not delivered and we don't know whether it is she or he."

Lang Ruoxian loosens his tie, "Don't worry about that child. Even if it is a boy, he is just a baby."

"Your auntie doesn't think so," Lang Li sneers, "After all, she has no other way out. The baby in that woman's womb is the last chip."

Yan Hua lies on the soft bed, unable to fall asleep.

"Gosh..." Lang Family prepares a very good bedroom for her, almost spoiling her.

Behind the bedroom of more than 100 square meters there is a large cloakroom. In the bathroom there is a large ma.s.sage bathtub, which looks luxurious and gracious in decorations and soft decorations.

In G City in September, the temperature is still very high. The balcony has the door open. The breeze blows up the white curtain. Yan Hua looks very anxious.

"Baby, we are locked up," living in this luxurious house, she looks free without any freedom at all.

"Just feel a.s.sured. I will protect you. No one can harm you," Yan Hua touches her belly with determination.

Even if Lang Hongyue wants to use her and her baby, it would happen a few years later. Now they are safe.

"Coo..." Her stomach sounds in the tranquil room.

Yan Hua swallows her saliva, feeling hungry. Often she would go to bed after the night snack. But in Lang Family, no one prepared food for her.

After hesitating for some time, Yan Hua walks out of the bedroom and gets into the kitchen to find something to eat.

"What are you doing?" Yan Hua is frozen on the ground by someone asking her this question.

She turns slowly with her heart sinking. When she sees the man at the end of the corridor, she steps back abruptly.

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