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Yan Hua reads through the doc.u.ment, which clearly tells how she was trapped by Guo Xiaotong. It even contains the dialogues between Guo Xiaotong and Lyu Yan.

But she is surprised by the last piece of paper in the doc.u.ments.

"After giving your signature, you will be free," Lang Hongyue smiles, "With my words, neither He Family nor Guo Xiaotong dares to hurt you anymore."

It is a divorce agreement, with the name of He Mingkai already signed in it.

"You want my baby?" Yan Hua looks at this woman in an alert way. She does believe her words. After all, Lang Family does not need to demand a baby without their blood.

Lang Hongyue squints at her, "This is the baby of Lang Family, and its father is my nephew."

"Without me, your nephew will not produce this baby," Yan Hua is now very calm. Since they want her baby, she has ace in the hand.

Lang Hongyue looks angry, "What do you want?"

"I should ask this question," Yan Hua grips her hand, "The baby is in my womb. Even if the father comes from Lang Family, I have half of the guardian right."

"Miss Yan," Lang Hongyue laughs suddenly, "I don't think you understand your situation."

Yan Hua bites her mouth corner, hearing the woman continuing,

"If I don't lobby in favor of you, do you think He Mingkai would divorce with you? Do you think Guo Xiaotong would let you go?"

"You have no choice," Lang Hongyue stands up and walks slowly to Yan Hua, tapping her shoulder, "Besides, you had a misunderstanding. I don't intend to seize your baby from you. I am bringing you back to Lang Family."

Yan Hua's inner world is touched. However, she still looks calm.

"Now what?" Lang Hongyue bends and looks at her, "Do you think the t.i.tle of wife of the second man in Lang's third generation matches you?"

Seeing into the blinking eyes of Yan Hua, she says, "Though you have lost your memory, you must want to know who you are and if you have family members."

"Can you help me?" Yan Hua is touched.

This is what she has been working on in the past two years. However, He Mingkai told her there is no clue at all.

"I can do what He Family cannot," Lang Hongyue feels proud. "If you agree, I will arrange someone to find your family members."

Yan Hua has a deep breath, "Now what do I need to do?"

Lang Family is not quite a large family. In addition to those remote relatives, the generation of Lang Hongyue has only four people. She has three elder brothers.

And the next generation has fewer people...

"I have a daughter and an adopted son. Because of my poor health, I will not be pregnant again. However, even if I have a son, he can only have some company shares without inheriting the company."

When saying these words, Yan Hua is sitting in the car driving towards Lang Family. Lang Hongyue is telling her some family information.

"My third elder brother is living overseas. He has a son and a daughter. But he seldom comes back. My second elder brother pa.s.sed away long ago, leaving behind him an illegitimate son."

Lang Hongyue looks at her, "He was the father of your baby. However, he also died from a disease a few days ago."

"Died?" Yan Hua thinks of the man in the lift and those people bringing her to the airport today. Lang Hongyue said He Mingkai tried to send her away. But Yan Hua feels strange.

"Just feel a.s.sured and relaxed. You are coming back to Lang Family in the capacity of a widow. Your duty is to look after the unborn child of my deceased nephew."

Suddenly, Lang Hongyue becomes upset. To seize the heritages of her second elder brother, she found her nephew a dozen of years ago and did something to his health.

Just before her father made a will, her weak nephew died because of having the poor-quality philter.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I can make a new plan," Lang Hongyue watches Yan Hua straightly, sinking her into terror.

"But who knows my eldest brother also has an illegitimate son!" Lang Hongyue raises her voice, "That son is now back in Lang Family, meaning all our family wealth will be inherited by my eldest brother and his family members."

Yan Hua is having a clearer mind. "So you bring me back to seize heritages against your eldest brother?"

"What? Seizing?" Lang Hongyue looks at her.

Yan Hua remains silent.

"Now you understand?" Lang Hongyue feels Yan Hua is narrow-minded, which makes her easy to be controlled.

"You just need to have your baby and raise the baby. You can be the Young Mistress in Lang Family."

Seeing Yan Hua is about to frown, Lang Hongyue sneers, "If you are not obedient enough, I will keep the baby, but you..."

"I follow your words, can you let me stay with the baby?" Yan Hua looks at her, "I am the mother of the baby, always."

"Of course," Lang Hongyue shakes her hand, "No one says no."

Yan Hua now realizes she is involved in the big family strife. She is afraid more troubles and unexpected problems are waiting for her. But she has no other choice...

"Just be cautious of one person!" Lang Hongyue sees the vehicle getting onto the mountain road. Not far away, a three-level townhouse looms.

She takes out her mobile phone and places it in front of Yan Hua, "This is the illegitimate son brought by my eldest son. You will see him soon."

"He..." Yan Hua watches the mobile phone, with her eyes open wider suddenly.

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