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Chapter 2118  Daughter They Deserved

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 22:38

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Orphanage

Wyatt laughed at Henricks expense but sensing Field Marshal's gaze land on him, he apologized, "I'm sorry, please carry on." Despite winning against Henricks verbally, Corey's mood did not seem to have improved but she appeared to be moping, causing Wyatt to wonder what was bothering her again. If women were hard to understand this one took the cake. At first, she used to be predictable but recently she has been acting strange even for her. He offered to talk to her earlier but she wasn't forthcoming. He reached out but she did not take his hand, so there was nothing he could do here. Wyatt felt with Park and Little Baem by her side he did not have to go out of his way to talk to her about things weighing on her. Not to mention she still had Susan.

"Wyatt, you ready?" having locked on to all seven hundred undead demiG.o.ds, Field Marshal Heatsend asked if Wyatt was prepared so that she could gather them together.

"Yes, do it," Wyatt affirmed aloud nodding at the Field Marshal, who nodded back and chanted, "Celestial Mysitic Dimension!" Soon a pitch-black starry sphere expanded uniformly at incredible speed with Field Marshal as the center. In a flash, it outgrew her initial Celestial s.p.a.ce domain covering the city, spreading to the outskirts and swallowing all seven hundred of the undead demiG.o.ds. Then it began to recede, instantly turning into a small sphere in the Field Marshal's hand and soon vanished. With it, the Seven Hundred Undead demiG.o.ds, Wyatt, and Henricks had vanished leaving only Field Marshal, Corey, and the entire city with the Field Marshal's celestial s.p.a.ce domain still covering it. Noticing Wyatt was nowhere to be found, Corey demanded, "Where's Wyatt? Send me to his side." The Field Marshal was taken aback by Corey's response and could not help but say, "What's going on?" "Just send me to Wyatt's side," Corey desperately requested the Field Marshal once again. "Get yourself together, Wyatt doesn't need you by his side right now, you will only get in his way," The Field Marshal did not understand why Corey was so desperate she did not think Corey would care so deeply about Wyatt. "No, as his employee I have to be his side," Corey replied feeling even if she was weak, Little Baem was strong and could Protect Both Her and Wyatt while killing the seven hundred undead demiG.o.ds. "What is that supposed to mean? Speak clearly, that did not explain anything," The Field Marshal said sternly, she was losing patience with this one, if not for the Southern Region owing her parents too much she would not have bothered at this point. "It is my duty, I have to fulfill my duty diligently like my parents. Please, send me to Wyatt's side," Corey pleaded with the Field Marshal. "Sigh, is this about the take we had earlier? When I asked you to be more like your parents I meaning be as understanding as your parents not— is this one of those pa.s.sive-aggressive satire? This is not funny at all," the Field Marshal felt that Corey was getting back at her for their talk earlier. However, that was truly not the case as Corey did not even listen to her or the Royal instructor at all, she nodded physically but mentally her mind wandered. But one thing did stick with her, to be like her parents. She was trying so hard to change but did not know what she wanted to change into, her past life gave her a good idea about what not to change into, not to mention she did not want to be a carbon copy of her past life. So, when Corey was still searching for an answers, she felt being like her parents would be a good idea. In all three lives so far her parents have been exemplary parents at least those who chose to be part of her life were. She planned to learn from them how to live her life. The first thing about them she noticed was they were honest and diligent people. They not only took care of their family but also made time to be a part of society. They took their duties and responsibilities very seriously and completed them diligently. Though they were not always rewarded for it, they took pleasure in just completing their duties and responsibilities to the best of their abilities. They had a simple but fulfilling life. Corey was happy to be a part of their family, though she always couldn't be the daughter they deserved and was the daughter they were stuck with they never complained and tried to make do no matter how hard she made it for them. But everyone has a breaking point and Corey regrets sometimes having found them. Still, in her three lives so far her parents were an example she could choose to shape her life. Unlike others, she did not have big ambitions she only wanted not to be a horrible person. Everyone had their fears and Corey was being a bad daughter to the bright family, the Southern region, and the card world itself. She knew who she was before she got her origin card, and her past life was a good indication of what she would have ended up like if she had continued down that path. He had nightmares of her old self taking over her and doing horrible things like her past self did no Earth. What Corey did not know was that it was the darkness with her t.i.tle demon core that was trying to come out but not her past self. She did not have multiple personalities or multiple consciousnesses, if anything her origin card ensured that her past life memories did not negatively influence her mind. It was just the darkness within her t.i.tle demon core trying to weaken her mind by creating doubts and fears to take over her body. Still, these fears gave her a direction in life, who she wanted to become and be, and she chose her parents from all three of her lives. She would soak in what they had to teach, digest them, and become the daughter that they not only deserved but could be proud of. 

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