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Chapter 2039  Spectacular Entrance

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 16:33

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Air s.p.a.ce

Wyatt glanced at the crowd planning to show them despair and see true desperation in their eyes but paused his thoughts momentarily and frowned feeling a big ent.i.ty enter his celestial blood fate domain at an insane speed. Getting a feeling of familiarity from the unidentified flying object Wyatt did not attack it in response and checked who it was to learn that it was Cindy and Diana on her phantom fleet's flagship. Wyatt wondered what took them so long if Diana's ship had such fast climbing speed. Just as Wyatt planned to ignore them and commence raining despair on the crowd, he noticed that at her current speed, Diana would crash into the crowd from below. So, urgently uttered, "Halt!"

Feeling a strong draft from below the crowd looked under them to find a huge old-fashioned floating vessel abruptly coming to a halt right under their feet. If Wyatt had delayed his command even a second, then the big vessel would have crashed into them. Considering that they stood defenseless the number of casualties would have been big. Fortunately, Wyatt acted quickly. "Holy s.h.i.t Diana! What the heck?" Cindy complained rubbing her b.u.m. With the sudden halt of the ship, she was thrown upwards and fell on her a.s.s.

"It wasn't me," Diana lifted her hands implying her innocence. "If not you then who–" Cindy suddenly paused finally seeing her surroundings. Seeing the red sky surrounding them, she knew they had not only arrived at the edge of the void but also entered their boss's domain. However, she couldn't find a single soul up here, "Where is everybody?" "..." Diana did not answer her just pointed upwards. She still did not know who stopped her ship however, she was grateful to them because they helped her prevent a big accident. "Big sis, come over here," Jaya yelled calling Diana over. Following the sound, Diana spotted Jaya by a big dragon and prepared to sail her ship to that location but the ship would not move. However, soon Diana's began to move. Then with the help of the wind element spirit Diana quickly parked the phantom ship by the huge dragonoid laying on all fours with its head down. Wyatt flew to the deck of Diana's phantom deck, ordering JJ, "Go join them!"

Listening to Wyatt, JJ did not complain he immediately got up and hurriedly stood behind the crowd along with Cervos who was possessing a dragon corpse fearing that Wyatt would change his mind. Having just gone through the greatest shame of his life, there weren't many thoughts in JJ's mind except for hiding behind the crowd where he could sulk without being seen by his subordinates. However, seeing the look of pity in the dragon corpse's eyes for him JJ lost getting the feeling that he was a vitamin. In a fit of rage, he threatened Cervos, "MF, deliver it or not I will dig those eyeb.a.l.l.s of yours out if you look at me like that any longer." *Ahem* clearing his throat, Cervos retracted his gaze from JJ and looked at the front. Usually, receiving such a childish threat from JJ, he would have threatened him right back but now Cervos did not dare to argue and bicker with JJ fearing that Wyatt would use him as his next target of humiliation. Seeing that Cervos did not dare to argue and was even a little scared, JJ felt a little superior but then soon his sense of superiority vanished finding Wyatt's gaze on him. This was when he realized Cervos was not afraid of him but a red a.s.shole who dared to use his face as his personal coach. JJ consoled himself by calling Wyatt a pervert multiple times in his mind. Unknown to him, JJ had already grown docile towards Wyatt. How could he not, after all, one's body being controlled by one's enemies with their mind trapped in it was one of the top worst nightmares. JJ finally understood the terror of having one's mind and spirit imprisoned in their body. It was the scariest thing he had ever experienced. He did not want to experience it ever again, so his subconscious was doing everything to avoid facing such a fate once again. Feeling, Wyatt's gaze on him JJ void meeting his eyes and looked downwards. Praying that Wyatt would stop targeting him and choose a new target to a.s.sert his dominance, maybe Adriene could be his new target. After all, she did resist the effect of Wyatt's blood rule domain multiple times. Even now, she was free of Wyatt's domain's effect. …

Arriving at the air s.p.a.ce of the Sky Blossom City, the ten teams of the elite demiG.o.ds immediately looked above them sensing Wyatt's celestial blood fate domain. To their surprise, they could not explore the unknown blood rule domain. "The kids must be up there," One of the team leaders stated what every single one of them was thinking. "Should we try contacting the Field Marshal?" Another team leader asked. "No, let us just treat this as our usual mission and follow our usual routine," another a.s.serted. Receiving a nod from all the team leaders, he continued, "Good, team nine go protect the city, teams three, four, and five go check and establish the parameter, teams eight and seven go enter and explore the domain, and the rest of us will be on standby." The teams nodded understanding their individual tasks but before they could disperse, a figure appeared before them while a strong divine intent covered all of them. Sensing a familiarity from the divine intent, all ten teams immediately saluted in unison, "Madam Field Marshal!" The Field Marshal returned the salute and instructed, "Return back to your post, I have everything under control here." "..." The Ten teams of elite demiG.o.ds did not know how to respond to Field Marshal Heatsend because this development was unexpected.

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