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Chapter 1838 Courtesy

?Date- 17 April 2321

Time- 10:34

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, TSR Guild Headquarters, Blood Rock Caves gate dungeon, Seed World, VR Universe

Ignoring the bickering of the rest, Wyatt was lost in his thoughts. He did not believe that Anna's mother would approach him with nothing but a bluff. However, if a bluff was all that she had then he did not have anything to worry about because he knew the Southern Royal family hated sharing more than him. So they would not join hands with other forces over the Silver Milk Powder. The Freedom Fighters might have been desperate and dumb enough to look for that but he certainly was not besides their circ.u.mstance were different compared to Wyatt's. As the legal owner of the Silver Milk Powder Wyatt had nothing to worry about, unlike the Freedom Fighters who stole the D-rank Silver Beach Gate dungeon.

Reaching out to Aba, Wyatt learned a lot but Anna's mother's plans for him remained elusive to him. Now he finally understood why the Southern Royal family was so daring to openly build the Silver Milk Powder factories next to the Southern Capital. However, he still did not understand the big deal about Ann and Colleen not telling him while acting all secretive and suspicious about this. Wyatt did not understand how Anna's mother could use the world decree incident against him.

Anyway, Wyatt had dug deep all he could and prepared himself for his fateful meeting with Anna's mother. Hopefully, she doesn't come bearing any surprises forcing Wyatt to prepare a surprise for her.

"This can't be happening," Asong suddenly exclaimed. Surprising everyone in the vicinity.

"What's wrong?" Agatha inquired Asong in concern. However, Asong ignored Agatha and asked Wyatt, "Did you know about this?"

"About what?" Wyatt had no idea what Asong was talking about.

"About Gideon Grim, the world's new most wanted," Asong asked Wyatt believing that if he could know about the confidential deal between Anna's mother and Freedom Fighters then he would know about Gideon Grim.

"What do you mean if I knew? I was the one who pointed that p.r.i.c.k out to the Southern Royal family. He picked the target a few days ago and now he is facing the consequences," Wyatt answered nonchalantly.

However, Wyatt could not help but marvel at the efficiency of Anna's mother. She did exactly as the Field Marshal said, that Gideon Grim would be the most wanted in the world in the morning. No wonder even someone like Asong idolized Anna's mother.

"Why did you not inform me about this?"

"You did not ask nor did it come up."

"How could you keep something so important from me?"

"Wait, since when is it my job to keep you informed? Am I supposed to report everything to you now? Like for example Anna plans to beat Aba eighteen times on her 18th birthday," Wyatt was shocked to see Asong blame him for not telling her about Gideon Grim.

"Wait, why would Anna want to beat me eighteen times on my 18th birthday?" Aba finally tore her eyes from her father's card duel video and returned to reality.

"It is her present to you, I suppose," Wyatt said awkwardly, throwing his hands sideways as if saying 'How am I supposed to know what goes on in Anna's mind?'

"Y—," Aba wanted to ask more about it but was interrupted by angry Asong, "Aba, not now. Know what's important before opening your mouth." Then turning to Wyatt she continued, "Wyatt, I am not asking you to inform everything to me, but when it is something as important as this I expect to be informed as a courtesy. If I happen to know something important involving you, you would want me to inform you right? I expect the same from you, that is all."

"I hear you but how would I know that the news about Gideon Grim would interest you since it did not involve you," Wyatt understood where Asong was coming from but he strongly felt he did nothing wrong. After all, Asong knowing about Gideon Grim an hour earlier would make no difference.

"When a manic card demiG.o.d with an overpowered origin card is threatening to turn the talented population of the world into his hypnotized puppets in preparation for the second demon invasion it not only involves me but also interests me the most," Asong said sternly.

"It won't happen next time," Wyatt caved, knowing Asong might be on the edge just learning about Gideon Grim. Anyone who had experienced the devastation of the first demon invasion would be freaked out of their mind at the possibility of a second demon invasion.

"There should be a world left first. At speed this manic is converting talented card apprentices into his puppets, if he is really related to a devil faction from the dark realm planning to invade the card world, our days are numbered," Asong was not being alarmist but what she said was the truth.

The only reason they were able to put an end to the first demon invasion was because all the world powers came together, but now with Gideon Grim's origin card it would be hard for the world to unite against the second demon invasion.

"Holys.h.i.t, I was planning to retire and live the rest of my life as a rich lady but the world has other plans. I don't know if I will be able to survive the second demon invasion," Agatha who did her research on Gideon Grim with the help of the grimoire network finally spoke unable to hide her shock.

"Wait, they revealed everything about Gideon Grim on the grimoire network are they not worried about causing a ma.s.s panic?" Wyatt was surprised to learn that Agatha found all the information on Gideon Grim and what he was up to with a simple search on her grimoire network.

"Oh, boy, for someone smart you still do not know how our world's privilege system works, do you? The information accessibility is based on the privilege level of the person accessing it. I was only able to access all this information because of my high privilege level," Agatha explained.

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