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Chapter 1253 Being Oneself

1253  Being Oneself

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 11:55

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Sky Blossom City, Guild a.s.sociation Mall, Corey's Warehouse

Hearing the screams of Joe's goons and feeling their desperation, Corey turned to look at them, and then a smirk formed on her face as she threw Joe's head at them before jumping from the shoulders of Joe's headless body towards the only source of her agony, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who was trying to harm her mother, her evil boss, Dalton Wyatt.

When Corey was in the mid-air a few meters from her target, three floating heads and six arms appeared behind her aiming to restrain her. Corey wanted to dodge the hands but to no avail, four out of six floating arms, each, grabbed one of her hands or legs, and they not only managed to stop her advance but also hung her in the air with her arms and legs spread apart. Corey made use of all of the strength she could muster to struggle free from the arms retraining her but her strength was not enough. She felt like a small creek trying to go against the river. However, she still did not give up struggling as she was prepared to break her arms and legs to free herself from the restraints. Fearing that she would snap her neck in her fierce struggle the boy had no choice but to make use of his remaining floating arms to restrain her head.

Seeing Corey's condition, Susan and Aba were shocked the most not understanding what was happening. Aba could not help but mutter, "d.a.m.n, I was just kidding when I called her psycho but she is living up to her nickname isn't she?"

After a failed struggle, Corey stopped glaring at the boy and turned her gaze to look into the eyes of the woman next to him. Susan did not avoid eye contact with Corey. Instead, she slowly walked toward Corey. Looking into Susan's eyes Corey began to calm down however a voice began to whisper in her ears advising her, 'The only way you can save her is by handing her to death. Death is pure and untainted…"

"Noooo!" Corey yelled rejecting the whispers in her ears, showing that she had not lost her reason. Then she addressed Susan saying, "Big sis, sorry that you had to see me like this."

"Since you call me sister why are you afraid to be yourself in front of me?" Susan's said raising her right hand and creasing Corey's left cheek.

Looking into Susan's eyes, Corey did not find bias or judgment but a warmth that accepted the darkness in her. Seeing this Corey slowly gained control of the darkness that had taken over her t.i.tle demon core, her hair returned to normal and stopped emitting dark smoke. Soon she freed her ego fire, Corey Park.

Corey was no longer making use of the dark as a tool to gain strength but she had accepted it as a part of her. She was no longer rejecting the power of her origin card, she accepted them all. The sins of her past selves along with their gifts. Understanding that the sins of her reincarnations were a part of her inheritance from them.

'Congrats,' Corey Park congratulated Corey for having come to peace with the darkness within her. Though her plans for Corey had not succeeded, Park was very satisfied with the results of this duel. She planned to use it to help Corey break past the limits of her physical body instead it helped Corey become comfortable with her skin. This was unexpected.

Though Corey had managed to subdue the darkness in her for now, this was not the last time she will have to address the darkness in her because as she continues to live on, she will keep growing and changing. Similarly, the darkness in her will keep growing and changing. Today it was about accepting the darkness in her tomorrow it could be about something less. The darkness has many faces, it was ever-changing and growing, and it was up to Corey to keep it in check. Or she could do what the demons do, just give into the darkness.

"Interesting," I blurted watching the darkness in Corey's t.i.tled demon core be pushed by Corey with her sheer will unaware that my words gained the attention of everyone in the warehouse. Becoming ever of my surrounding, I began to give out orders because thanks to Corey I had struck a gold mine and needed to act on it as soon as possible to control all the elements of the thoughts running through my mind.

"Laura Hill stays back, as for you goons from the central capital, fetch your friends from the Sun blossom city, return to your family, and tell your patriarch that the sword slave is now the property of the southern royal family and if he whats to get revenge for his son, he can discuss it with demiG.o.d Windsor," Hearing me suddenly bark orders everyone looked at me in astonishment but I did not spare my breath and signaled Agatha with my eyes.

Agatha was not bothered by me ordering her around instead she was more than happy to throw Joe's goon and his corpse out of the warehouse. While Agatha got busy I said, "Please make sure they and their friends in the sun blossom city leave the southern region peacefully."

Then I turned to look at Aba and Susan saying, "Laura is our customer, bring her up to speed and entertain her in our warehouse."

"..." Aba wanted to argue but Susan stopped her and dragged her as she invited confused Laura back into our warehouse having understood that I was getting rid of everyone to discuss something important with Anna and Ann.

"Hey pervert, I am gained control of myself. Now you can let go of me," Corey who was hung in the air by my floating arms in an awkward position asked seeing that I was sending everyone away.

"Nope, like it or not you are a part of this now. So you are going to stay here for while. My advice to you get comfortable," Saying that I turned to look at Ann and asked, "What happened to the dungeon relocation apparatus? Do you guys still have it?"


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