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Chapter 2015 - Chapter 2015: Killing he Qian, battling the great emperor

Chapter 2015: Killing he Qian, battling the great emperor

Translator: 549690339

He Qian was gripped in Lu Ming’s hand. He was terrified. He struggled frantically, trying to break free. However, this was the celestial Thearch’s physical body. No matter how he struggled, it was useless.

“Release him!”

The he clan’s great emperor looked at Lu Ming, or more accurately, at the celestial Thearch’s physical body. His eyes flashed with greed.

The celestial Thearch’s corporeal body and combat sword were both Supreme treasures.


Lu Ming said indifferently. The stone golem’s indifferent eyes swept towards the he clan Thearch. Then, it squeezed with force. The terrifying force almost crushed he Qian, causing him to scream in pain.


The he clan’s great emperor made his move. His entire body was enshrouded in endless multicolored light. Wisps of multicolored light were like divine swords as they charged towards Lu Ming.

That was the light of the world, incomparably terrifying!


The stone sword had been stuck in the back of the celestial Thearch’s physical body. At this moment, with a thought from Lu Ming, the stone sword buzzed and flew out. It enlarged rapidly and swept out.

After the stone sword merged with Celestial Emperor’s corporeal body, its power increased dramatically. It slashed out horizontally and took all the attacks from the he clan’s great emperor.

“He Xiao, send you on your way!”

Lu Ming’s cold voice was heard.

“Don’t… No…”

He Qian shouted in fear. He didn’t want to die. He had exhausted all his efforts to survive the Great Tribulation and continue to be carefree.

But now, he was about to die before he even crossed the Great Tribulation. He was extremely frightened.


Lu Ming clenched his fist and a terrifying force gushed towards he Qian. He Qian could not withstand this force at all. In Lu Ming’s palm, his body exploded inch by inch, leaving only his head.

He wasn’t dead yet, and his soul was still there. At this moment, he was constantly shouting,” spare me, spare me!


A stream of energy rushed into he Qian’s sea of consciousness and destroyed his soul.

Then, Lu Ming threw he Qian’s head and it flew out. It landed in front of a large tomb on a mountain.

It was the tomb of the Ice Dragon Valley master.

Back then, Lu Ming had sworn to offer he Qian’s head as a sacrifice to the master of Ice Dragon Valley. Now, he had done it.

Many people were shocked. A true Emperor had been killed just like that.

He was killed mercilessly by Lu Ming in front of the great emperor.


At this moment, the great emperor of the he clan was furious. His long hair was dancing in the air and his Qi was shocking.


He took a step forward, and a terrifying aura surged toward Lu Ming.

“If you want to fight, I’ll fight with you. Let’s go up!”

let’s go! Lu Ming said as he soared into the sky.

The great emperor of the he clan followed closely behind and soared into the sky as well. At the same time, an extremely bright blade light burst out from his hand. It was as if the entire world was going to be split apart by this blade. Buzzzzzz!

At this moment, Lu Ming was integrated into the celestial Thearch’s physical body. He controlled the celestial Thearch’s physical body, held the stone sword, and slashed.


A deafening boom resounded, as if the world had exploded. The entire world shook.

The people below only felt a bright light burst out in the endless sky, as if the sun had exploded.

The two of them exchanged a blow, and their bodies swayed as they retreated a few steps.

The he clan Emperor’s face turned gloomy. As he moved his body, his body also grew rapidly. In the end, he turned into a giant that was as big as the heavenly Emperor’s physical body.

Great emperors controlled great DAOs, and the little worlds within their bodies were close to perfection. They could give birth to living beings, and the power of their worlds allowed them to freely expand or shrink their bodies.

The he clan’s great emperor clenched his hand in the air as if he was holding a great Dao in his hand and it had turned into a battle blade.

The great Dao turned into a saber, emitting a brilliant light. With a slash, endless power gathered and slashed at Lu Ming.

With a thought from Lu Ming, the energy in the celestial Thearch’s physical body exploded wildly, covering the celestial Thearch’s physical body with a layer of multicolored light. The stone sword’s multicolored light was even more intense.


Lu Ming swung his sword again and it collided with the he clan great emperor.

This time, the two of them were still forced back, and the void trembled under their feet.

But the next moment, the two of them continued to collide.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Their attacks were very simple, but each of them contained terrifying power. Each of their attacks shook the earth. If they had landed on the ground, no one knew what would have happened.

After becoming a great emperor, one could control a great Dao and return to their original state. A battle might seem simple, but it was even more dangerous.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged dozens of moves, and it was difficult to determine the winner.

I have to end this quickly. My energy can’t last that long!

Lu Ming had many thoughts in his mind.

Bang! Bang!

Lu Ming stepped on the void and dashed towards the great emperor of the he family at top speed. The great emperor of the he family then slashed again. However, this time, Lu Ming did not resist!

He was betting that the celestial Emperor’s corporeal body could withstand the opponent’s attack.


The saber of the he clan’s Thearch slashed at Lu Ming’s body. Lu Ming’s body trembled violently but he managed to block the attack. There was not even a trace of a mark on his body.

Lu Ming was overjoyed. After all, this was the celestial Thearch’s physical body. The celestial Thearch was so powerful that he was much stronger than a great emperor.

Their bodies were naturally st.u.r.dy and immortal. Ordinary great emperors couldn’t even break through the bodies of heavenly emperors.


Lu Ming roared and the stone sword slashed towards the he clan great emperor.

“Not good!”

The great emperor of the he clan was shocked as he retreated.

However, he was still a step too late. His body was swept by the stone sword’s sharp light, and a b.l.o.o.d.y wound appeared.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Lu Ming bellowed and his attacks were like a storm, blasting towards the he clan great emperor.

The he clan’s great emperor also launched his counterattack. However, Lu Ming completely ignored his own defense and allowed the he clan’s great Emperor’s attacks to land on his body. All he had to do was to attack crazily.

For a moment, the great emperor of the he family was completely on the pa.s.sive side and was being suppressed by Lu Ming.

Below, many Emperor-level experts could see the battle in the sky through the vast void.

At this moment, they were all dumbfounded.

The he family Thearch was actually at a disadvantage and was being suppressed by Lu Ming.

what a powerful force. The celestial Thearch’s physical body is so powerful. It’s a complete waste for Lu Ming to control it. If it were controlled by the great emperor of my clan, wouldn’t he be able to sweep the world?”

The eyes of the Heng family’s powerhouses were filled with greed, and they wanted to take the celestial Emperor’s body for themselves.

As for the Emperor realm experts from the yuan mountain sacred Academy, they were ecstatic.

“How’s it going? how’s the battle above?”

Huang Ling asked anxiously.

Those below the Emperor rank did not have the strength to see the battle above.

“Lu Ming has the upper hand!”

Said Emperor formless. He had been confronting the Emperor from the Heng family all this time and hadn’t made a move. At this moment, he waved his hand and an image appeared in the sky. It was the image of Lu Ming and the Emperor from the he family fighting in the sky.

At this moment, the great emperor of the he clan had been completely suppressed and could only defend pa.s.sively.


In a moment of carelessness, Lu Ming’s other hand landed a punch on the face of the he clan’s great emperor, sending him flying.

“Nice, nice beating!”

“Beat him up!”

When desolate li and the other youths of the desolate race saw this, they cried out in excitement and joy.

The experts of the he family were ashen-faced as they glared at Huang Li and the others..

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