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Chapter 2014 - Chapter 2014: Chapter 2014-Rockman appears

Chapter 2014: Chapter 2014-Rockman appears

Translator: 549690339


He Qian was sent flying. Lu Ming’s figure quickly followed and the celestial Emperor’s sword continued to slash.

At this moment, the energy erupting from the celestial Emperor’s sword had already surpa.s.sed he Qian’s.

Many people were shocked. The power of the celestial Emperor’s sword was too terrifying. Just now, it did not even unleash its full power. Now that it was unleashed, it actually suppressed he Qian.

The stone sword buzzed, and its sword Qi was shocking. It continued to slash down at he Qian.

He Qian gritted his teeth and controlled the monarch weapon. The small silver blade enlarged rapidly and he slashed out with it.


The stone sword and the silver saber clashed, causing sparks to fly. A hole appeared on the silver saber, but there was no trace of it on the stone sword.

He Qian was forced to retreat. Lu Ming followed closely behind and slashed his combat sword again.

He Qian could only wave his saber to block!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The two of them kept clashing, and the sky rumbled. The two figures exchanged more than a dozen moves in an instant, and their speed was astonishing.

Those with weaker cultivation could only see two afterimages.


After more than a dozen moves, the silver saber in he Qian’s hand shattered into pieces, flying everywhere.

A true Emperor weapon was broken just like that.


Lu Ming swung his sword again. He Qian could not care less about his heartache and controlled a sovereign Weapon Shield to block it.


Yet another loud boom rang out as the Emperor Weapon Shield was struck by a terrifying force and slammed heavily onto he Qian’s body. He Qian let out a blood-curdling shriek as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.


Lu Ming roared and manically activated the energy in the stone sword.

The light on the stone sword grew brighter and its power became greater.

He Qian’s expression changed drastically as if he felt a fatal crisis. His figure flickered wildly as he charged towards the he clan great emperor.

“Great emperor, save me!”

He Qian roared.

However, in the next moment, Lu Ming turned into a flash of sword light and charged at he Qian at an astonishing speed.

After the stone sword left the celestial Thearch’s body, it was under Lu Ming’s control. Although its power was shocking, it was limited. At this time, Lu Ming had pushed it to its limit. This sword was enough to threaten he Qian.

However, right at this moment, the great emperor of the he clan frowned and suddenly took a step forward.


Because of this step, the wind and clouds in the sky changed. A giant foot stepped down from the sky, stomping toward Lu Ming.


Huang Ling, Long Chen, and the others roared.

As a great emperor, not only did he attack Lu Ming, an absolute Saint, but he also attacked Lu Ming when he was fighting with someone else. He was too despicable.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The giant foot was completely made of energy. It was like the foot of a G.o.d. As it descended from the sky, Lu Ming felt that the s.p.a.ce around him had frozen.

The terrifying pressure made it difficult for Lu Ming to breathe.


Lu Ming shouted. He held the sword with both hands and slashed at the giant foot.


An earth-shattering boom was heard. Lu Ming’s sword gleam only lasted for a short while before it collapsed under the giant foot. The giant foot continued to stomp down at an astonishing speed.

Lu Ming held his sword horizontally in front of him. Thump! The giant foot stepped on the stone sword, and Lu Ming fell to the ground like a meteorite.


The ground within a radius of thousands of miles trembled and cracks that looked like cobwebs appeared. A deep, pitch-black pit appeared where Lu Ming had landed, its depth unfathomable.

“Lu Ming!”

Huang Ling, Long Chen, and the rest trembled in their hearts. How was Lu Ming?

Lu Ming had exchanged a blow with the great emperor!

That was a great emperor. If the heavenly Emperor didn’t appear, the great emperor would be at the peak.

In the entire Yuan mountain, how many people could take a single move from a great emperor? even a peak true Emperor would die.


Lu Xiangxiang’s eyes were already filled with tears and she was on the verge of tears.


Within the endless dark void, a violent disturbance could be heard. The sword howls could be heard without end. That was uncle Kong.

Uncle Kong was still fighting against Emperor Tian Luo.

Countless gazes looked at the pitch-black cave.

Was Lu Ming dead?

Even if the great emperor didn’t use much of his strength, he would probably be dead after a head-on clash with the great emperor.


He Qian arrived above the cave and revealed a ferocious smile.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so what if you have the celestial Emperor’s sword? After all, you’re just an ant at the absolute Saint realm. You don’t know your place if you want to fight with my he family!”

He Hao sneered.

“An absolute Saint realm ant? Who was the one that was beaten up by an absolute Saint realm ant?”

Huang Ling said sarcastically.

little girl, you have a sharp tongue. I’ll make you regret what you’re saying later!

He Xiao glanced at Feng Ling coldly. Then, the power of the world gathered and formed a spear, which was thrown into the dark cave.


The spear flew into the dark cave like a stone sinking into the sea.


He Qian’s expression changed and his body landed again. His eyes were filled with radiance as if he wanted to see clearly what was below.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, the ground suddenly began to shake and let out a deep rumble, as if a peerless beast had awakened from the depths of the earth.

“Quickly retreat!”

The expression of the he clan’s great emperor suddenly changed as he roared.

He Gao’s heart trembled, he was about to soar into the sky.


The ground exploded, and smoke and dust filled the air. An incomparably huge hand emerged from the depths of the ground and grabbed at he Qian.

This giant hand was made of stone. It was huge and boundless, covering the sky and emitting a terrifying aura. With a single grab, it sealed off all of he Qian’s escape routes.

He Qian was frightened and wanted to escape, but he found that he had no way to escape.

He was like a crawling worm that was about to be caught.


At this moment, the he clan’s great emperor made his move. With a palm strike, a huge palm print slammed down towards the giant stone hand. He wanted to save he Qian.

However, the ground rumbled again as another giant stone hand stretched out and punched at the great emperor of the he clan.


The giant stone hand shattered the palm print of the great emperor of the he clan.


When the giant hand closed in, he Qian erupted madly, but it was of no use. He was caught by the giant stone hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground rumbled and then collapsed. An extremely huge stone man rushed out from the ground.

“This is … Celestial Emperor’s corporeal body!”

Someone shouted in shock.

Here, many people had entered the Lotus World, entered the Ninth World, and seen the celestial Emperor’s corporeal body.

In the beginning, Celestial Emperor’s corporeal body was controlled by the eternal Star River. However, later on, when the void pa.s.sageway appeared, Celestial Emperor’s corporeal body and sword flew away to suppress the void pa.s.sageway, and then they disappeared.

He did not expect to appear here.

Could it be that Lu Ming had obtained the celestial Thearch’s body?

However, why was it Lu Ming and not the Galaxy? in the beginning, wasn’t the celestial Thearch’s body controlled by the Galaxy?

The experts of the Heng family, especially the Emperor, had bright lights in their eyes.


The people on Lu Ming’s side were stunned.

They could not figure out how Lu Ming had turned into a stone golem and rushed out after being blasted into the depths of the earth.

“He Qian, I said that you must die today!”

The giant Golem’s voice was buzzing, but from the tone, it was clearly Lu Ming.

Many people were dumbfounded!

Lu Ming and the celestial Thearch’s physical body had fused into one..

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