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Why did she have to meet her nemesis, Ou Kexin, here? Does she want to be seen by her, as she is now? Her appearance had changed, but how did this woman, Ou Kexin still recognized her?

Ten thousand gra.s.s mud horses galloped through.

Now that she's recognized, Yu Shanshan knew that she could not refute it. After all, just ask someone else and it will be revealed anyway, so she had no choice but to pretend to be stupid: "Madam, and you are...? Do we know each other?"

Ou Kexin covered her mouth and looked at Yu Shanshan in disbelief: "Oh, my G.o.d, you're really Yu Shanshan? You.......”

She couldn't explain her emotions, she looked at Yu Shanshan's figure again and was surprised: "How did you become like this? G.o.d, I can't believe it."

Her words were too loud that she instantly attracted the attention of everyone in the room. They all looked at Shanshan, showing a clear look when they saw her fat figure, and even several women were discussing why she was so fat and why she can still work here despite her figure.

Feeling all kinds of eyes on herself, Yu Shanshan really want to kill Ou Kexin. Don't think that she can't see the glee in the woman's eyes, it was obviously intentional!

Just because she put on a little weight doesn't mean that woman has to be so surprised and so loud.

So what if I'm fat, I didn't eat your rice. It's none of your business.

But the she had to bow her head under the roof. For the sake of this job, although she did not like this woman, she had to continue to act, "Do you really know me? I'm sorry, I usually don't remember people I don't know very well, can I ask who you are?"

What could be more embarra.s.sing and irritating than remembering the other person but not being remembered yourself?

Ou Kexin's face was frozen stiff. The expression on his face could hardly be maintained.

She tugged at the corners of her mouth."I didn't expect that not only are you not as fit as you used to be, but your brain is not as good as well.
It's me, Ou Kexin. We were cla.s.smates in the university."

Yu Shanshan pretended to be surprised "Ah, so you're Ou Kexin" she said, "Your facial features have really changed a lot. No wonder I didn't recognize you."

Little guy, don't think I don't see that your nose and chin are padded.

Hearing the implication in her voice, Ou Kexin was so enraged that she gritted her teeth and forcefully continued: "No matter how much you've changed, you have not changed much. If you don't look closely, you can hardly be recognized. At the very least, you've grown a hundred pounds. You can't dance now, can you? what a pity, why don't you lose weight?"

Yu Shanshan did not smile and tried her best to show her respect. "I don't want to lose weight. It's good to be fat. I look blessed."

"Really." Ou Kexin sighed, "Although a woman can't be too thin, she can't be too fat. After all, fat destroys everything. Look at you, you can't see your fat features clearly, this is not a blessing. Which man nowadays won't prioritize faces? They don't like to talk to fat girls. How can you find someone when you're this fat?"

Seeing that Yu Shanshan's face had turned black, Ou Kexin smiled almost unexpectedly, but her face became more sincere, and took Yu Shanshan's hand and patted: "If I speak bluntly, don't be upset, I'm doing this for your own good. After all, it's very difficult for you to find a partner if you're like this. As a cla.s.smate, I also want you to have a good home."

Bah, who says she's looking for a partner, I have my son! n.o.body wants you!

It's a pity that she can't say this.

Yu Shanshan told her heart several times not to be angry. She pulled out her hand, It took the greatest restraint in her life not to spray this woman in public, and calmly said: "I'm sorry, it's working time now, and there are still many people waiting for consultation. It's not good to talk about personal matters, If you received a good consultation, we can let the people behind consult next, What do you think?"

Seeing that Yu Shanshan was holding her breath, Ou Kexin was satisfied and said no more. she picked up her niece "Since you're busy, we'll talk when you have time" She said with a smile "I can tell you more about weight loss techniques, which will definitely help you."

Yu Shanshan ignored her and asked the next person to approach for consultation.

When Ou Kexin turned to leave, n.o.body noticed a chubby little guy emerged from the rest room and ran away quietly.

Dudu stepped on his short legs and followed Oke's mind and body. Dudu is pouting, his full face looked quite unhappy.

Don't think he doesn't understand, he just heard everything at the back. This aunt spoke ill of her mother, saying that his mother is fat and that his mother's not pretty. This aunt is so bad, how can she laugh at his mother?

Although her mother has a bad temper and likes to beat him, she also likes to eat snacks with him, and sometimes she's very childish. But he still loves his mother very much. As the only man in the family, he should protect his mother from being bullied by others.

Strengthening his inner faith, Dudu clenched his small fist to quickened his pace, trying to keep up with the steps of the person in front of him.


So she took her to the bathroom. She was washing her hands at the sink and when she came out, suddenly she felt her skirt being pulled. She looked down questioningly and saw a plump little boy standing by her leg looking at her with his head tilted back.

Ou Kexin frowned slightly and asked: "What can I do for you, little friend?"

Dudu put his little hand behind his back and spoke solemnly:
"Auntie, I want to tell you the truth. The teacher said not to laugh at others, it's bad manners"

"What?" Ou Kexin frowned at the child's words. She felt uncomfortable and patiently said: "Little friend, you've mistaken me for someone else. I don't know you, so get out of here."

Dudu shook his head and continued to say seriously: "Auntie, I don't have the wrong person. I saw everything just now. You impolitely laughed at my mother for being fat and ugly. Auntie, you are also very ugly."

Ou Kexin's face turned dark. she's so angry and suspected the ident.i.ty of the child at the same time. Who is his mother?

Before Ou Kexin can ask questions, Dudu continued:
"Auntie, my mother is not ugly at all. I think my mother is much prettier than you, auntie, don't talk about other people like that next time, otherwise it will become uglier than now. Goodbye, auntie! "

After saying this, and not waiting for Ou Kexin's reaction, Dudu turned quickly and ran away with his short legs.

When he ran out of Ou Kexin's line of sight, Dudu covered his mouth and smiled secretly. Fortunately, he is witty, and that aunt doesn't look like a good aunt. If he didn't run away, It's likely he'll be caught and spanked.

He doesn't want to be spanked.


Ji Xian took his daughter's hand and got into the car with a cheerful smile on his face. When Yuen Long saw a too bright smile on his face, he was puzzled: "You got the money?"

Ji Xian shook his head with a smile, "I didn't pick up the money. I just saw a very funny thing. My stomach is smiling a lot, hahaha......"

There was no need for Yuen long to express curiosity, so Ji Xian said it himself: "I was carrying Lanlan to go sign up. As a result, in the consulting room, I saw a woman mocking one of the consulting teachers as ugly and fat, but the consulting teacher didn't get angry and just put up with it. But guess what, the counselor's son secretly followed the woman but it was blocked by the bathroom door, and talked sense into her......”

Ji Xian described the scene vividly to Yuen Long. "That little guy is so interesting," he said while laughing. "I really didn't expect that a child as young as a bean can be so filial and knows how to vent his anger for his mother."

With the Ji Xian's description, Yuen Long's mind could not help but see a three-and two-year-old boy reasoning with adults in a milky way. He could not help but feel a little softhearted, and the corners of his mouth followed with a smile. "It's indeed filial."

It is rare to see such a smile on Yuen Long. Ji Xian is surprised. When did this Grim Reaper smile for a child he had never met before? Is it possible that this injury had knocked out the brain?

However, he did not dare to ask him if there was something wrong with his brain. Although this is his cousin, he still cant compare with him in terms of skill. Even if he was injured now, he would not dare to casually pluck the hairs from the tiger.

Thinking of the injury, Ji Xian asked strangely: "Why did you come here instead of recovering from your injuries?"

Yuen Long was silent for a few seconds and replied: "The air here is good so it's easy to recover."

C City is indeed a well-known city with a good environment in the country. The air quality ranks first in the country. Many people will choose to spend their holidays or recuperate here. However, since this remark coming from Yuen Long, Ji Xian's first reaction was not to believe it. Since when did Yuen Long care about air quality?

But he couldn't figure out what else this man could do here, so he just picked his eyebrows and let go of the topic.

Even if you ask questions, you won't know what Yuen Long doesn't want to say, so don't ask.


At the end of a busy day, it was finally time to get off work. Yu Shanshan dragged his tired steps and took his fat son home.

Wu Jing started the car and asked: "I heard that you met an acquaintance today? What's going on?"

Yu Shanshan smiled and got angry when she talked about it.
"What acquaintance? That woman was Ou Kexin!"

"Ou Kexin?" Wu Jing was also surprised for a moment. Then she seemed to remember something and said: "Ou Kexin's family does seem to be from this side. no wonder she's here. Did she say anything today?"

"What else can she say? She mocked me of course. If I hadn't put up with it, I would've gone up and scratched her face."

Wu Jing immediately giggled, "At the beginning, you two didn't deal with each other at school and at that time you didn't beat her any less.  Now that she has caught you on the short board, she will definitely grab it and shake it. Who told you to have so many grudges with her, you deserve it."

Yu Shanshan felt very wronged, "Can you blame me? Ou Kexin's group was always jealous of me and slanders me behind my back. I can't bear it if I won't catch them. Can you blame me? Can I be blamed for being too good?"

Wu Jing: "......"

This woman has the nerve to say that Dudu is narcissistic. From whom did he inherit it? He he.

But Wu Jing also really knows the feud between Yu Shanshan and Europe. Ou Kexin is beautiful, the family background is not bad, plus the dance talent is very good, is also one of the best figures in the department.

It just happened that Yu Shanshan met such bad luck, her appearance and family background were crushed. Not to mention even her dancing has been crushed into the second place for ten thousand years.

No one is happy about it.

Not only that, there is another dispute between them a "deep enmity and great hatred". At the beginning, Ou Kexin liked the most handsome boy in their school and fell in love secretly for several years, but the guy was attracted to Shanshan, and he publicly rejected Ouke's confession and pursued Shanshan in a high profile.

Don't you think this won't result in a deep hatred?


草泥马 or "Cǎonímǎ" is a Chinese meme euphemism for Càonǐmā 肏你妈, which literally means "Motherf.u.c.ker"

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