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“How can I do that? You are my friend.”

“If I am a friend, then you have less reason to be embarra.s.sed.”

Of course, it was nonsensical, but Vivian was confident.

“No, even then. W… wait, Vivian?”

Vivian made her sit down and flipped up the light cream-colored dress. Underskirts filled completely with lace were revealed.

Carden's resistance was even less effective than a young child's tantrum. Her flushed face that didn't hold even the hint of displeasure remained silent as if to give permission. Honestly, there was very little difference in her personality than when they had been younger.

Naive unlike an aristocratic lady and pushed around by her surroundings…….

What would it look like if a dense person attempted to read her emotions? It was clear how the Emperor and the Duke had looked at her until now.

In the first place, her position was rather questionable.

The lover of the Emperor or the Duke? A plaything?

If it was the former, it was questionable whether they sincerely thought of a lady of a Viscount Household as a partner, but if it was the latter, as her friend, she felt rather displeased. So displeased that she would follow Carden around all day as she tried to convince her to stop this dangerous play immediately.

However, Vivian wasn't meddlesome enough to interfere with another's life without knowledge of their specific circ.u.mstances. Just like how she stood bystander every day to Thatcher's complicated love life.

Vivian wetted the cloth and started to wipe her clean. She decided to ignore the fact that she wasn't wearing underclothes. The Duke had probably ripped it into pieces. In fact, even her entrance was slightly swollen. It was fortunate that there was no blood.

Wow, it must hurt.

Tsk…How they had rammed into her like a beast. Vivian muttered inside of herself with pity and opened the medicine bottle and carefully smeared some medicine. Even at this time, her addiction to her job filled her mind unconsciously with several different possible plot developments for her novel.

The male protagonist would roughly enjoy the female protagonist and then pull her into the bathroom in a sweet embrace.

More sweetly than anyone else. Then the female lead would become drunk in the sweetness and while she let down her guard, using the bath as an excuse, he would make her c.u.m with just the technique of his fingers. Then the atmosphere would once more become sensual and they would pa.s.sionately…….


“Oh, sorry.”

Her habit of staring blankly into s.p.a.ce with a person in front of her seemed to have no thought of correction. Rather than improvement, it seemed to have grown increasingly worse.

Vivian smiled warmly and pretended to be indifferent as she lowered the skirts. She smoothed out the wrinkles of the clothes and neatly brushed out her hair. In any case, she seemed to be in a good mood because she started to hum as she brushed.

At Vivian's unique relaxed and leisurely att.i.tude, Carden also slowly released the nervousness and relaxed her body.

“Why are you not asking about anything?”

At that question, Vivian thought to herself.

I can roughly tell what happened just from the conversation during their s.e.x.

However, she made no hobby of asking further into the personal circ.u.mstances of others. The only thing she could earn by doing so would be to make not only the other person, but also herself, awkward.

“I'm not going to ask. I'll just wait till you feel like talking.”

“You can tell me whenever you want. Whether it be a h.e.l.lish worry, a fun memory, or the same old small talk. I like listening to stories whenever.”

That way, it'll become material for my novels.

“There, that's all.”

After Vivian had tied the covetous golden hair with a ribbon, she handed her a new dress and underclothes that seemed to appear from nowhere.

As Carden took the clothes she felt a little stunned. It was an expression that asked why she packed away things like this.

It's extra clothes for my deadline.

When her deadline approached, she would be so busy that it was hard for her to return home. And the publishing company wouldn't be able to enter the Royal Library to chase after her while they demanded a ma.n.u.script.

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