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Back in his room, Angel continued his work and started to accelerate the study of the problems left by his mentor, sometimes even missing his meal.

More than ten days had pa.s.sed, during the time, Angel heard more about the details regarding the feud between Eastley and Dev: The story follows, the aristocrat insulted a girl to death, and the girl's childhood friend turned his grief and indignation into strength, endured a humiliating life of servitude, and finally saw an opportunity and to kill the aristocrat responsible.

It's a b.l.o.o.d.y tale, and it also really happened. In a world where the law is only meant to restrict the poor, there will always be exceptions to what the aristocracy does. Fairness exists only when the strength of both parties are equal.

Angel heard the story, and also sympathized with Eastley, although he is an aristocrat, but after receiving an education from Jon's world, the concept towards cla.s.s is very indifferent. But Angel then heard something else that greatly reduced his opinion of Eastley.

Although Angel was not pleased with such a cruel act, he did not have a bad impression of Eastley, but he only lost a bit of sympathy and felt a little more vigilant.

When Dev headed to the restaurant that day, he did not have a single follower because Eastley had killed all his followers. Some of these followers were young family members from the Central Empire who was hoping to climb the ladder of power, some were just newly a.s.signed attendants who came as the ship had docked, and some were even talented beauties that have been captured by Dev. The attendants of the former not to mention having no conflicts between the latter of the two, Easley, there was even some sympathy for each other, but all of them were killed by Eastley and not one spared at all. No mercy, none given at all.

The world of wizards is even more cruel than he thought.

As time went by, the ship peacefully pa.s.sed the Whale Sea, and the Bauhinia entered the rumored area which was mostly filled with terrifying monsters, the devil's sea.

This part of the sea is full of evil pirates, giant sea monsters, strange weather phenomena, and even the legendary undead ships.

For regular civilian ships, the devil's sea is a graben that cannot be pa.s.sed. But the Bauhinia is different, with wizards sitting on board, the devil sea is an easier journey.

Halfway through the devil's sea, Irene, who had disappeared for nearly a month and a half, came to Angel's room.

Irene, pale and a little depressed, sat listlessly on a stool by the window.

“Brother Pat, I feel so stupid now. I don't know who to turn to, my brother has already felt the source the day before yesterday. But I, for more than a month, didn't feel it at all when I meditated. Not to mention magic, not even a shadow of mental power. ”

Irene tells him about her meditating experience for the month, whether Angel listened or not. She continued speaking behind his back, her nose was red, tears dripping from her eyes, mouth sniveling, which made her look very aggrieved.

Angel sighed, and did not know how to comfort the girl, he can only say repeatedly: “You will be successful, the question to when is sooner or later it will happen.”

The more he repeated that phrase, the more Irene cried, and in contrast to Alan, Eastley, shone more brilliantly a couple of days ago, which made it even more difficult for Irene to keep herself from crying. Not only did she cry more, but she began accusing the boredom of the meditation to confuse her mind. Fortunately, Irene is still a little rational, and did not divulge the core secrets of the triangle guidance method.

But even so, Angel gained a lot of perspective, and kept in mind the possible drawbacks of meditation.

When the crying session was over, Irene dried her tears and blushed with embarra.s.sment. Just now when she was feeling aggrieved and crying, she used Angel like a kicking stump to vent. When she relaxed, she remembered that her behavior was a very unladylike. Will Angel think that she's conceited in the future?

The atmosphere became a little quiet. Irene clenched her hand and rolling her eyes to look around, thinking about how to ease the atmosphere and make this less of an awkward situation, and in the best case scenario, have Angel forget her prior crying session.

“Brother Pat, what are you writing?” Irene saw a pile of written doc.u.ments on his desk, which she curiously saw with her eyes. She had seen it before at Pat Manor at the entrance, remembering it being called ‘Chinese characters'.
“My diary, these days in addition to reading and sleeping, there was nothing else to relieve my boredom. I kept this diary and to write in to pa.s.s the time. ” Angel lied a little. He was actually solving a problem, but it was too troublesome to explain, and it might involve the secrets of his mentor. Fortunately, in this side of the world, except for his mentor and him, no one will know Chinese, he is not afraid that his lie will be exposed.

Irene stares at it for a while, but she really couldn't understand a word. She just put it down for later. Finding other topics to ease the mood.

Irene went to other topics but still had difficulty escaping topics that centered around what was important to aristocratic girls her age. Angel could not stand listening to it after after a while, and when she was about to continue on, she was interrupted, the hull of the ship shook suddenly and violently.

The two did not panic, but quickly grasped the iron railing affixed on the walls to prevent the body from shaking.

It is impossible after all, to sail the sea without a little wind and wave. Coupled with their entry into the most treacherous waters of the devil's sea, they have long been accustomed to what was happening this month, small waves every three days and a big wave every five days, and because of this characteristic, there is nothing placed on Angel's table besides some paper and a pen.

The wave lasted around five minutes, a short storm from more than a month's worth of experience.

Because of this storm, the original awkward atmosphere, had therefore been eliminated, Irene fixed some of her loose silk, Angel stretched to reveal some abdominal muscles underneath his wrinkled brown shirt, the two looked at each other and smiled.

The relaxed atmosphere did not last long, and before the two people reacted, there were “Pa -” sound of footsteps on the wooden ceiling, messy and complicated shuffling, as if many people were running around.

“What's happening upstairs?” Both of them held doubts in their minds.

Irene leaned over to the windowsill and looked out curiously, suddenly exclaiming, “Brother Angel, come and take a look!”

Angel heard her voice and leaned over to look out.

It was dark outside, the blue sky was blocked by a giant creature. Angel wanted to take a closer look at what it was, but the creature was so ma.s.sive that it's body could not be separated from the view of the sky.

Angel was surprised and said quickly, “Let's go out and take a look!”

Such a huge creature, if it attacks the Bauhinia, hiding in the cabin will only make them die quicker. Irene also knew this and did not hesitate to keep up with Angel.

After they went out and headed toward the deck, they saw that the other doors of the rooms in the hall were all open, and each of people looked nervous and some even panicked and ran in the opposite direction of the deck.

By the time they reached the deck, it was now full of people, and each of the talents, the handymen, and the sailors, huddled together, all staring at the huge creature floating in the sky.

By now Angel had less worry and more horror on his face, but after observing the sailors and handymen on the Bauhinia showing curious and amazed expressions, without a trace of fear.

His mind eased, Angel's original apprehension turned to relief, and since the sailors who had been on board all year round were not afraid, he believed that the giant creature would not threaten their lives.

With this thought, Angel truly calmed down and carefully observed the giant in the sky-.

He could not see the whole of it in the cabin, but when he reached the deck, Angel was finally able to catch a glimpse of what it really was.

It was a huge whale at least two hundred meters long, floating in the sky. The two huge fins on the side acted as wings, and each beat brought up a whirlwind. Was the previous huge wave set of by the whirlwind it created, is that possible?

The whale's eyes are like blue gems, with bright ripples. On the streamlined forehead, there is a towering sharp horn. With its back against the blue sky and white clouds, there are even some inexplicable clouds surrounding the sharp horn of the beast.

“I didn't expect the legendary cloud whale to exist in the devil's sea!” Some people surprisingly exclaimed.

“The cloud whale has always been a gentle giant, but just in case, we must take measures against the worst-case scenario.” Not far away, the adjutant of the Bauhinia loudly directed at the sailors, and then turned to look at the three lords behind him.

“I humbly request that your excellency activate the mirror Illusion on the Bauhinia, and I hope your excellency will give us some aid.” The adjutant was a armored knight half kneeling in front of his Lord.

These three ‘lords' were the escorts of the three great wizard organizations who sat on the Bauhinia. A woman, and two men, the woman who was dressed gracefully, was Mrs. Merlin, a level three wizard apprentice from Hurricane Tower, whom Angel had seen the other day.

One of the other two men, looked young and handsome, with dark brown eyes, dressed in his soft leather armour, a second level wizard apprentice from Gravity Forest, Lord Comorne.

There was also a gray-bearded old man with an kind face and sparkling eyes, who was the escort for Angel's group going to White Coral Floating Island College: a third level wizard apprentice, Lord Florian.

Behind Lord Florian stood an old man in black and a chubby youngster. At first sight, Irene's eyes lit up and she waved her arms at them.

This pair of old and young men are Morrow and Alan, whom they haven't seem for a long time.

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