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Translator: SumTLMan

No one knows when Melanctha appeared beside Baroque.

After Melanctha had asked the staff member to leave, her expression suddenly became grim with a hint of questioning:

"Lord Baroque, can you tell me why Boyi, the abandoned daughter, had directly infected him with her Mother Body?"

Parasitic Mother's real name is unknown to outsiders, but Melanctha happens to know it. Parasitic Mother, whose name is Boyi, is part of the elemental branch wood system special variation direction - Parasitism.

Through Parasitism, Boyi can almost completely grasp the whole situation of another person's body and even directly… Replace the original owner's body.

In addition, Melanctha knows even more about this topic.

For example, Boyi seems to have joined the Savage Grottoes, but she is actually a sleeper agent for Sky Machinery City who remains undercover in the Savage Grottoes.

Of course, there can be no harmonious and friendly relations among the various Wizard Organization for long. Even if they have friends or relatives in each organization. However, even if two Wizard Organization are close, there are very likely sleeper agents between them.

Although Sky Machinery City and the Savage Grottoes are not allied, they are indeed relatively close trading partner organizations. But even so, Melanctha also knows that several Sky Machinery City personnel were sent to lurk as sleeper agents in the Savage Grottoes.

Boyi just happens to be the weakest one among them.

Melanctha is also very concerned about Boyi infecting her target because she knows his true ident.i.ty.

In normal matches, Boyi uses Parasitism to directly infect the other party with sporozoites. After winning the match, the sporozoites will remain in the contestant for a short time, ranging from a few days to several months or so.

But if Boyi uses the Parasitism—Mother Body, then things will be very different.

If Boyi uses Mother Body, then this only means she is getting ready to permanently gain control of the new body.

When Mother Body is in someone else's body, as long as Boyi doesn't replace them with Parasitism body, Mother Body will never disappear from the body.

Today, Boyi plans to use her Mother Body Infection. It is clear Angel's body will be taken as a new Parasitism body. Once the Mother Body infection is successful. If Boyi wants to take control of Angel or even replace Angel, it is just a small matter between thoughts.

After hearing Melanctha's near-interrogative questioning, Baroque still replied with a smile: "How would I know? Maybe she's tired of that body and might want to change to a male body."

Melanctha's face was expressionless as a trace of anger flashed through her eyes: "Did you think I would believe this story?"

"Why can't you believe it? Angel's appearance is also very much in line with her aesthetic standards, maybe Boyi just wants to experience a male body." Baroque was still smiling, but there is a cold glint in his eyes.

"Lord Baroque, Boyi can use her Mother Body to infect whomever she wants, which is her freedom. But before infecting, can she consider Angel's ident.i.ty?!" Melanctha's remarks almost came out as a roar. She did not want to know what the consequences would be if she occupied the body of Sanders disciple.

Sanders accepting Angel as a disciple has always been very suspicious. The two men's personalities are totally different, but Sanders still accepted him. So Melanctha speculated there must be something fishy going on.

Regardless of what it was, Melanctha just came to Sky Tower to relax and look for her path of true knowledge. She doesn't want to go around causing issues!

One has to know a Second Level Wizard's anger is not what she can bear!

If they set foot on the path of true knowledge, even Sky Machinery City will consider giving concessions at their own discretion!

Sanders, the name of the Southern Region's G.o.d of War, does not have to open his mouth to shout his name.

Baroque looked at Melanctha with a smile as he comforted: "Don't worry, will the predecessor come to end the struggles between younger generations?"

When Baroque spoke of this, it was as if he were saying the clouds were blown by a light wind, but Melanctha was still well aware of the implications that would be involved after this match.

This is likely to involve the mutual trust between two Wizard Organization.

"Lord Baroque, can you tell me your true purpose?" Melanctha resisted her grievances and asked Baroque.

"True purpose? I don't have any purpose. Boyi chose to use Parasitism on Angel on her own accord and decided to use him as her host body. I didn't request her to do so." Baroque was very single-minded and pushed everything aside. Seeing that Melanctha's expression was slightly distorted, he shrugged and added: "I just 'accidentally' revealed Angel's ident.i.ty to her."

"Accidentally?" Melanctha gave a supercilious look. Boyi, as a sleeper agent. In fact, n.o.body really wanted to send her any messages. They just want to leave her as a backdoor. However, Boyi's personality is stubborn. It was Sky Machinery City that pulled her out of her despair. She wanted to repay the organization, so she came to the Savage Grottoes as a sleeper agent. Over the years, it was very difficult for her to meet a person who might come into contact with the "core cla.s.s" of the Savage Grottoes. With this opportunity in front of her, how could she let it go?

"Her Parasitism is too obvious to hide from the Wizard Lord." Melanctha said it flatly, as if laying down a straight board.

"It doesn't matter if she gets caught. You should know how ruthless Sanders is." When Baroque said this, Melanctha also knew the hidden implications behind his words.

In addition to Angel, Sanders has two other disciples. One is in another plane for the time being, and the other is Flora, whose exposure to danger is extremely high and inherits Sanders ferocity. But when Flora was on the verge of death many times and even asked Sanders for help, he never came.

With Sanders cold and ruthless heart, he is also known for his "decisive" personality.

"I expect when Angel is in danger. It will bear no weight in Sanders mind at all." Melanctha's response today already carries a hint of self-abandonment.

Baroque laughed: "In fact, it may not necessarily happen. Maybe Boyi's Parasitism will fail."

"Really?" Melanctha knew that Baroque himself did not believe Boyi would fail.

A second level peak wizard apprentice being unable to even infect the body of a junior wizard apprentice? If someone suggests this, who will believe it?

Back in the arena, there was a lot of angry shouts in the audience stands, all of which were thundering against Milk Baron.

Even David, who was sitting in a corner, wrinkled his face and looked heart ached at the sight of bleeding on the arena floor. He saw Parasitic Mother was about to fall and was dying in the arena.

"What the h.e.l.l is Angel doing? Didn't I tell him to be gentle?" David complained in his heart.

At that moment, someone suddenly shouted in the audience stands:

"Look, Milk Baron has fallen!"

Sure enough, Milk Baron, who was in the middle of the battle arena. Threw himself on the floor and lay down on the battle arena. Looking as if he had lost all mobility.

"What's going on? How could he have fallen down!" The sounds of discussion came from all sides.

"What's going on? Organizers quickly come out and say something? Both contestants have fallen. Who has won and who has lost?"

"Why isn't the match over yet? Are the tickets we paid for just to watch contestants fall to the ground and act like corpses?"

Some of the hot-headed youths with poetic feelings for Parasitic Mother also said: "Yes, organizers hasten to announce the results of the match. Even if the G.o.ddess lost, it doesn't matter! If she continues bleeding, she may really die!"

However, no matter how the audience members shouted, the staff members standing on the edge of the battle arena still remained motionless. They received a notice from their superiors, only saying that the match was not over yet, and no result would be announced.

Such indifferent behaviour completely angered the audience members. Everyone began cursing the Sky Tower organizers. Of course, the most cursed is the main culprit, Milk Baron.

Few people throughout the audience stands were worried about Milk Baron.

However, at one of the VIP seats, a man wearing a hood looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y Parasitic Mother on the battle arena with fierce eyes: "Keep bleeding, come on!" Drain all the blood! Dare to hurt my precious treasure. I will make your life worse than death! After your blood dries up and you die, I will pull your soul into the smelting furnace, never to see the light of day again!"

Toby fluttered his wings and circled Angel anxiously. What's going on now? Why didn't my little master wake up when he had clearly defeated that strange and smelly woman?

Toby dived into Angel's hood and gently pecked Angel on the cheek with the point of his beak.

There was a lot of incessant "mumbling" coming from his beak.

But no matter how much he calls, Angel's eyes remained closed and unresponsive. Like… a corpse.

For the first time since birth, Toby felt a sense of panic.

Despite his usual bickering with Angel, Toby knows very well how much he likes spending time with Angel.

Even though today's situation was not caused by Toby, but Toby blames himself for being too weak. Otherwise, Angel would not have ended up being so hurt.

In the past, Toby seldom really thought about whether he was strong or weak because he was born without any natural enemies since he birth. In addition, n.o.body had any intention of killing him. Therefore, when it comes to enhancing his own strength. He holds an att.i.tude of being "strong, normal, or weak" not really mattering.

But at this moment, Toby is desperate and extremely eager for more power to protect the people he wants to protect.

Angel doesn't know about the audience members' comments, David's grievance, the attention of some pervert, and Toby's psychological shift.

As Baroque said, he is still on the battlefield. But not an actual battlefield, only a battlefield that he had never thought possible.

** struggling in the battlefield of the soul!

To find the cause of everything, one has to go back to the moment when the match started.

When the countdown to the start of the match was displayed on the big screen, Angel immediately moves to cast a defensive spell on himself.

But at that moment, he vaguely saw a shadow composed of green particles appearing on his retina.

Not in front of his eyes, but directly into his mind's eye.

The shadowy figure looks like a woman.

While Angel was still thinking about what was going on, he suddenly found himself unable to control his own body and fell into a strange environment.

It seemed to be like his dark and chaotic mental s.p.a.ce, but there was no Universal Axis or mental force model in this mental s.p.a.ce.

Angel could not feel his body, as if he had become an unknown ent.i.ty.

At that moment, in the dark mental s.p.a.ce, the green light suddenly clumped up. A long green flat plant appeared in front of his eyes. At last, these lights surrounded him and crossed to arch into a green flower bud.

In the instant the green bud appeared, it began to blossom in a dazzling manner. When the bud thoroughly opened, it finally became a green flower that looked like a rose stacked on top on a green bud.

In the middle of the flower, a lithe and graceful woman slowly rose.

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