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Translator: SumTLMan

His whole morning, besides fighting with Shepherd Fox, he still had Another Match.

His opponent is Parasitic Mother.

Yesterday, Angel knew nothing about Parasitic Mother. Besides knowing she was David's G.o.ddess, he did not have much information. When David came to see him in the morning, Angel learned a bit more about Parasitic Mother from him.

Parasitic Mother, whose name is ominous and strength astonishing, has experienced several battles against Third Level Apprentices. Although she has only reached the peak of Second Level Apprentice. At present, she is first place for the Sky Tower Ranking Table on the thirteenth floor. She has completely crushed second place with a score of 197 points and earned the t.i.tle of first place.

David is not very clear about Parasitic Mother's fighting tactics. Every time Parasitic Mother wins a match, it ends very strangely. Either the opponent voluntarily admits defeat, or the opponent stands stills and gets struck down by Parasitic Mother.

David's personal speculation is Parasitic Mother was so beautiful that contestants indulge in her beauty during the match, preferring to surrender rather than hurt her.

This statement is basically the widespread common belief, but is that really the case? Angel doesn't know, but he doesn't believe a wizard will be confused by her beauty. Unless this Parasitic Mother is an abyss succubus.

This speculation is also possible. Perhaps Parasitic Mother transplanted the bloodline of an abyss succubus.

It's no use speculating. Only when he's experienced it, can he know it.

If she really does have the charm of a succubus, she will still need a bit of time for preparation. At this thought, Angel whispered to Toby: "If I'm stunned or become speechless during the next match; don't wait for my orders, take the initiative to take the opponent out."

Angel did not believe that the world outlook and aesthetic standards of Toby was similar to humans. So, he believes Toby will not be charmed by human beauty standards.

Angel's match with Parasitic Mother was his fourth match.

Sky Tower has three battle arenas on the thirteenth floor, and the three battle arenas start their matches at the same time. Angel's match with Shepherd Fox has ended, and the other two battle arenas are also nearing completion. Angel guesses that it will take up to half an hour for the organizers to clean up the arena a little bit. Then it will be his match against Parasitic Mother.

Angel is still looking forward to this match.

The Three Floors of Death's first place! She is basically equivalent to the leader of the middle and low-level apprentices! Angel also wants to know how far away he is from the leader of these elites.

The wait time for his next match was not long. As Angel predicted, he continued to his next battle arena in less than half an hour.

As soon as he came out of the contestant channel, Angel felt the hot atmosphere around the battle arena. This kind of atmosphere which was almost full of substance is far different from Angel's previous matches.

Angel looked around the audience stands and even saw the sight of Third Level Apprentices. These were some of the elite contestants on the upper floors who came downstairs from the fourteenth and fifteenth floors to watch this match.

Unlike the match with Shepherd Fox, this time there were men and women in the audience stands. All of whom were looking at the channel at the opposite end to Angel's channel.

When a figure in a white witch robe swayed out of the contestant channel. The atmosphere of the whole scene was like oil being lit on fire as it burns wildly. In the audience stands, regardless of man or woman, old or young. At this moment, they were madly showing their infatuation to the white-robed figure.

Some wizard apprentices were even violating the Sky Tower regulations, throwing delicate roses at Parasitic Mother.

However, Parasitic Mother did not even look at the roses that fell on the ground at all. She just stepped on them with her high-heeled boots and crushed the rose petals to pieces.

Angel has been so far away from Parasitic Mother that he can't even see what the other person looks like for the time being.

When the confrontation phase began, and the two competing contestants came on stage. Only then did Angel see the appearance of Parasitic Mother for the first time.

Angel has seen many beautiful women, such as Irene's loveliness, Flora's charm, Nausica's s.e.xiness, the delicate beauty of Aubrey, and so on… These women are already regarded as beautiful women in the eyes of many, even considered as top beauties. But if he were to really compare them with Parasitic Mother, then they are really a little worse.

Parasitic Mother's appearance does indeed correspond to the hot atmosphere at the scene. Her beauty makes people suffocate and this beauty makes people in the stands go crazy for her.

Her beauty can't even be described in words. She is beyond description.

Even Angel, a little boy who has yet to begin learning about the wonders of women, is a little shy in the face of such striking beauty.

He kind of understands now why David was so crazy about Parasitic Mother.

Angel's eyes are full of appreciation. Beautiful things can keep one's eyes open and keep one's honest attention. But is her beauty enough to make people throw in the towel? Angel feels she has not yet reached that point.

Therefore, there should be something else odd about… Parasitic Mother's victories.

"Are you Milk Baron?" Parasitic Mother's voice is crisp and melodious, and her questioning was tinged with a sense of "dissatisfaction and disappointment."

Angel didn't open his mouth. He was still wondering about Parasitic Mother's tone. Does she know him from somewhere?

"What? In the face of this young lady's beauty, are you still unwilling to face me with your true face? Is it because you are ashamed of yourself?" Parasitic Mother's tone is both narcissistic and sarcastic.

"Only bugs that survive in dark ditches will hide behind masks and be ashamed to show their face." Parasitic Mother's voice fluctuated with an inexplicable twist: "So, are you a bug?"

Although this is the confrontation phase, and it is normal to speak rubbish about the opponent. But Angel still has some doubts. How can so many people like this narcissistic and poisonous person? Does everyone enjoy masochism?

"Bug, why don't you stay in a ditch? That's where you belong."

People began cursing and chanting bug at this time. Even Angel, who has a good temper, frowned at this moment.

Milk Baron's low and cold voice then appeared: "Originally, one of your admirers asked me not to let you lose too badly, but I think this should be unnecessary."

Parasitic Mother sneered: "My honourable Lord let this young lady battle with you. My benefactor has allowed this young lady to let you live. I thought you were a great person, but you turned out to be just a bug. In order to not disappoint my benefactor, I will keep you alive. But don't think about walking out of the arena with all four limbs."

This was the first time Angel had so much t.i.t-for-tat during the confrontation phase. He doesn't know who Parasitic Mother calls her "Lord" or "benefactor," but presumably it is one of the reasons why Parasitic Mother is so outspoken.

The match begins.—

Angel was about to start fighting but when he starts his casting, his whole body was suddenly frozen.

In the eyes of the audience, he is like an admirer who is shocked by Parasitic Mother's beauty and cannot extricate himself.

Parasitic Mother begins taking a swaying posture and moves step by step towards Angel. When she is near Angel's side, Parasitic Mother takes out a dagger and raises it high above.

Angel is now in a state of lethargy, his eyes and body were motionless. Just standing there and watching as Parasitic Mother was about to stab him with a dagger.

But at this moment, Toby started his attack.

He flew directly from Angel's shoulder, and dove at Parasitic Mother coupled with his own change in gravity and slammed into her shoulder.

A huge roar accompanied by blood and dust flying up, making those who witnessed the whole scene appear silent for a moment.

Toby's performed technique is like the power of a huge lump of iron smashing down from several hundred meters above. This is far exceeding the upper limit of what a Second Level Apprentice can withstand.

When Toby had knocked, the audience members couldn't even see the situation clearly in the arena. By this time, Toby returned to Angel's shoulders.

"What's wrong? What happened just now?"

"Is this a repeat of Selena's defeat?"

"Oh, no! My G.o.ddess! Is she going to be okay? If she is injured, even if it is a scratch, I will fight Milk Baron!"

"I'm sure she's okay… Parasitic Mother is first on the list! How can a junior apprentice win against the leader of the Ranking Table!"

The only ones in the audience stand who can see the situation are two Third Level Apprentices. One of the two Third Level Apprentices is Promi, and the other is Promi's companion. They cannot clearly say what had happened, they only saw a shadow appear and disappear in an instant, but this was enough.

The sudden roar and dust were caused by that tiny bird?!

Promi once saw Toby's speed, but now when he sees Toby's explosive power, he can also make a contrast in his mind. He has reached the level of Third Level Apprentice and can vaguely see Toby's actions, but it was impossible for him to avoid Toby's move just now.

So, if he fights against Toby, he's afraid he'll lose in a face-to-face conflict.

"Well, had I known David's little friend had such a powerful pet, I would have not gone out of my way to talk with Parasitic Mother." Promi shook his head and sighed in his heart.

When the dust settles, all the spectators were eager to see if their G.o.ddess was injured.

They were afraid of a repeat of Selena's defeat.

But the more they fear, the more likely it was to come true.

When the audiences' line of sight became clear, they saw the situation on the arena floor.—

A b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared on Parasitic Mother's shoulder, from the shoulder blade to clavicle. All were crushed into a paste.

"Parasitic Mother!!"

"My G.o.ddess!!"

"I can't believe he really repeated what happened yesterday. d.a.m.n it! Why didn't Selena tell us what caused her defeat? If she did, maybe Parasitic Mother would have a countermeasure!"

"This Milk Baron must die!"

"Daring to hurt my Parasitic Mother, Milk Baron, you must die!"

It was only a matter of seconds before the audience members went from sorrow to condemnation of Milk Baron.

At present, it seems that Parasitic Mother should be doomed to defeat.

However, what makes everyone confused is even though the officials saw Parasitic Mother in a coma and dying. Shouldn't they announce the end of the match? But there was no movement on the arena floor at all.

"Does Parasitic Mother have to personally throw in the towel? The organizers are not human at all!"

"Milk Baron was initially bewildered by Parasitic Mother, so he should have lost."

"If Milk Baron was really confused, then why is Parasitic Mother injured like this?"

The onlookers were not lower than the median IQ. Seeing that Milk Baron was still stunned on the arena while Parasitic Mother was in a coma on the other side, they thought something was obviously protecting Milk Baron.

Maybe it's some kind of automatic protection alchemy item, maybe some kind of pet hidden in the shadows, or… The bird perched on Milk Baron's shoulder!

As for what kind of thing is guarding Milk Baron? Although it's not clear yet… But the bird on his shoulder seems the most likely culprit, especially when the bird is still swaggering and holding its head up high. Making people feel like they want to teach it a lesson!

After another minute, all the staff members outside the stadium were somewhat confused. Why didn't the big screen announce the end of the match?

According to Sky Tower's compet.i.tion rules, under such special circ.u.mstances, Milk Baron should have been judged the victor?

When a staff member came to Baroque, they asked what they should do in this situation.

But Baroque laughed and just said: "Is the match over? Of course not. The battle we cannot see is still going on fiercely, maybe it is even fiercer than before…"

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