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That day, was my 18th birthday… A big party was held in our house.

Gourmet food and wine. Gentlemen dressed with formal attires… The host is a poor baron family but a great number of people gathered for the party.

But even if that day was my birthday, I was not the host. My sister Anastasia was the host and main person of the night. The party held was for my sister.

"How nice! What a beautiful dress! Thank you father and mother!"

Anastasia dances around while holding her pink skirt happily. A really nice and elegant party dress.

High cla.s.s ornaments adorned her blonde hair that shined like gold. She was a princess no matter how you saw her.

I couldn't complain. The dress suits her. 

On the other hand, I'm wearing a gray outworn dress with old embroidery that looks shabby to the extent where one would feel sorry seeing it.

Can this be called a dress? Of course, it was not material for a n.o.ble daughter's wear, much less, for a party.

Although my red hair has been washed, for many years it has not been treated and with the hard work in the fields and cleaning, you can imagine. Now, it's full or hairb.a.l.l.s and in a very poor condition.

Looking me in the eyes, my parents sighed.

"Patience Marie, because we're poor, we could only prepare the outfit for your sister."

"That's right, we're sorry. I know it doesn't make sense to you. But cute dresses will not look good on you."

I can't comment anything regarding that…

"Marie, do you want to wear my dress? We can share it"

My elder sister speaks gentle at me. Surely, she isn't a bad sister. But anyways, I can't. 

I shook my head at her.

"I'm too tall to wear your clothes sister."

"But fixing it a little… somehow…"

"Anastasia, Marie is not cute like you. It doesn't suit her."

My mother shut my mouth. Well, it's true… it's a fact that I don't really look good, so embarra.s.sed, I lowered my head.

Anastasia looked at me who was silent, and eventually smiled.

" Your clothes are nice too Marie. It makes you look like an adult."

"Thank you, sister. You're really beautiful."

It wasn't flattery. Anastasia was really beautiful. A very popular woman.

We're children born from the same parents, but we're nothing alike.

My sister has fluffy blonde hair and natural light curls, while I have red unkempt hair that always makes me look like a boy. Anastasia was delicate and extremely thin, like a flower that could disappear any moment. While I was tall, and strong like a boy. She was sociable and bright, always surrounded by people, while I was always alone as my presence was hardly noticed.

So, our very foundations are different. She's a bright, nice, delicate and beautiful child. I can't do anything about it. 

Buying me clothes would be wasting money we don't have. So, I always wore the same outfit.

In that sense, today's outfit is new, although terribly plain. My hair was washed with soap, so I can't ask for much.

However, as always, my presence went unnoticed by my surroundings. n.o.body was aware that it was my birthday party today.

Anastasia was surrounded by a sea of people like a "n.o.ble daughter in her birthday party" at the buffet venue. I was throw out like a maid.

For some reason, my parents didn't say anything. They even reached Anastasia and made her not correct the invitee's mistake.

She smiled at the guests, thanking them for coming.

An aristocratic young man kneels in front of her.

"It's nice to see you for the first time today Anastasia. As the rumors said, you're very beautiful."

"Thank you very much for the compliment."

"Please dance with me. We crossed paths today and that's a cause for delight."

I realize now a sad truth.

It was not a party for my birthday from the start.

From the beginning, all was for Anastasia.

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