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“Sir, please give me another chance. My daughter is still young and I don't want to go to jail, sir!”  A middle-aged man knelt on the ground and wept bitterly. His hands trembled on the ground, but he dared not touch the wheelchair in front of him.

Tao Yu saw this scene when she entered the door. Under the eyes of the housekeeper, she stood in the corner and looked at the handsome man sitting in the wheelchair.

 He was the target this time, Yue Linze.

Yue Linze looked at the sobbing man on the ground calmly. The steward behind him frowned: “You leaked the company's bid price to the opposing company, but also want to be forgiven?” The steward said, and called security to come in.

Seeing that the security guard was coming, the middle-aged man desperately grasped his wheelchair: “Sir, please give me another chance. I promise I will never betray the company again, sir!”

Yue Linze pressed the remote control of the wheelchair with an expressionless face. The wheelchair ran over the man's finger, and the man cried out repeatedly.  Tao Yu frowned. The design of the wheelchair showed that in order to steadily increase the cha.s.sis, plus Yue Linze's weight, she was afraid the man's hand would not get better.

 Sure enough, after the security guard dragged the man away like a dead dog, she saw a small drop of blood on the ground where the man laid.

“Who are you?” Yue Linze asked calmly, as if he had not just injured a man.

Tao Lu quietly looked at the person in front of her, his appearance and body was naturally superior, coupled with the natural n.o.ble spirit and indifference, even sitting in a wheelchair, brought endless oppressive feelings.

He was a blackened target. Tao Yu smiled: “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Yue. I'm Tao Yu, a new rehabilitation teacher. I'll be in charge of your rehabilitation in the future until you get well.”

Yue Linze looked at the housekeeper with a cold look, and the housekeeper looked embarra.s.sed: “Sir, this was an appointment, so…..”

“Roll.” Yue Linze thinly opened his lips, and his eyes narrowed into a sharp angle. The steward sighed and nodded towards the security just outside the door.

Tao Yu hesitated for a moment, frowning and began to persuade him: “Mr Yue, I'm here to help you. you shouldn't reject me. Believe me, if you do a good job with rehabilitation, your leg injury will be fine.”

 Yue Linze looked at her coldly. Those words had been heard countless times since he woke up from a car accident, but the fact was that no matter how hard he tried, he could no longer be like a normal person.  Those so-called doctors who took his money but failed to treat him were all liars.

   Tao Yu saw that the security guard had come, and she could not help speaking quickly: “Mr. Yue, please believe in my ability. I am different from those doctors before. I am a doctor specializing in leg rehabilitation. With my help….. Ah, let go! “

Before she finished her words, the two tall and mighty security guards started dragging her out, Tao Yu was so anxious. This time she entered the world as a doctor, because she thought that a doctor was the most likely person to approach a patient, but she did not expect that Yue Linze would be so exclusive.

She couldn't be kicked out. If she was kicked out, she would never be able to approach Yue Linze again. How could she carry out the task?

Tao Yu thought of this and began to struggle hard. She still said in a calm voice: “Mr Yue, it is not advisable for you to do this. I am a doctor and you are a patient. We should cooperate with each other in a friendly way, instead of making such an embarra.s.sing scene.”

Yue Linze looked at her state of confusion, laughed at her words and looked at her with indifference.

When Tao Yu saw that she was about to be dragged out, her voice rose immediately: “Mr Yue, as long as you let me stay, I promise I can cure your leg!  I promise! If I can't cure it, I'll raise my head and cut it off for you! “

Because of her last words, Yue Linze's eyes finally showed a hint of interest, and the housekeeper who knew him most immediately waved to the security guards, both of whom were well trained and released her.

Tao Yu had been struggling to free herself. After being released suddenly, her body fell forward because of inactivity, and then she desperately watched as she got closer to Yue Linze. Until she fell on the ground, her head hitting his solid belly, and her entire face was buried in the upper part of his thigh. The world became quiet.

 Nice shape. After being forced to feel Tao Yu for a while, he thought expressionlessly.

 The atmosphere was stiff for three seconds. As if nothing had happened, she straightened up, took out a lollipop from her carry-on bag, and calmly said, “Mr Yue, do you eat sugar?”

The butler next to him immediately showed an expression of horror. Wasn't this doctor a bit eccentric, would Mr. Yue let her stay?

Yue Linze did not react angrily, but slowly asked, “What did you just say?”

 Tao Yu immediately came to her senses, stood up and pretended that nothing had happened just now, and returned to the face of a professional doctor: “I can cure you, Mr Yue. As long as you let me stay, I can cure you.”

 ”I meant the latter sentence.”  Yue Linze indifferently looked at her.

 Tao Yu froze for a moment. Yue Linze looked at the security guard calmly.

“If it doesn't cure you, I'll bring my head! Cut it from the neck!” Tao You replied immediately.

Yue Linze's lips slightly hooked up and he waved to her. Tao You took a deep breath and bent down. His long fingers immediately pinched her jaw. The cold touch instinctively made her uncomfortable.

Yue Linze appreciated the innocent eyebrows and eyes on her face, and murmured in a voice that only she could hear: “It seems that I need to think about what to do with your head.”

“Unfortunately, Mr. Yue will not have this opportunity, because I can definitely cure you.”  Tao Yu insisted firmly.

The two people looked at each other for a long time, and there was something firm in their eyes. After a while, Yue Linze opened his hand and took the towel from the housekeeper to wipe his fingers carefully, as if he had touched something dirty.

 Tao Yu straightened up with a chuckle and asked the housekeeper, “Mr butler, where is my room?”

“… This way, please.” The housekeeper took a look at Yue Linze, and immediately began walking a step ahead of Tao Yu. 

“Second floor.” Yue Linze said lightly.

The housekeeper was stunned for a moment, and immediately answered in a proper way.

Tao Yu followed him out, paused when she walked to the door, turned back and said solemnly, “By the way, Mr Yue, I think you should take a bath. After all, it wasn't just your fingers that was accidentally touched.”

After that, she immediately walked out, and the next second a cup smashed against the door behind her. Tao Yu smiled and followed the housekeeper if nothing happened.

  At the door of her temporary room, the housekeeper stopped at once: “Here you are, Dr. Tao.”

“Thank you, Mr butler.”

Tao Yu nodded, pushed open the door and was about to enter. the housekeeper could not help but ask, “Doctor Tao, can you really cure Mr. Tao's leg?  I'm talking about completely curing it. “

Tao Yu said with a smile: “Of course.” It's impossible. She was just trying to use an excuse. When the task was successful, who cared if he was healed.

The butler laughed: “I look forward to your wonderful hand, have a good rest.”  He turned and left.

 Tao Yu smiled and nodded. After he left, she closed the door behind her and went straight to the bed. She quivered two times before she began to think.

A month ago, Yue Linze, a city boss, was. .h.i.t in the brain by a robber's bullet. Although he recovered gradually after waking up, he began to suffer from schizophrenia due to stress disorder, but his symptoms were even more rare.

Different from the general schizophrenic main personality and sub-personality fighting for the sovereignty of the body, Yue Linze's sub-personalities did not know the existence of the main personality and the body, but only lived in a separate world in their minds.

But even so, it also caused a lot of trouble to the main personality. Because the body suffered a lot when the sub personality came into being, every sub personality had an uncontrollable rage inside. This rage forced the main personality's brain to be active 24/7. Over time, it may cause permanent brain injury and cause the body to enter an irreversible vegetative state.

  Tao Yu, who is in urgent need of money, needed this reward very much. After expressing her idea of accepting the task, the doctor made an a.s.sessment and concluded that she had the ability to complete it, so he asked her to return with the most advanced equipment in her name. After she returned, she connected her brain wave with the hypnotized Yue Linze.

The place where she was now was the first world in Yue Linze's mind, and it was also a sub personality closest to his own ident.i.ty…. If Yue Linze himself was a business tyc.o.o.n, then this was the standard domineering president.

However, this Yue Linze was different from the main personality in that, his leg was disabled after being injured in a car accident, and his character also became eccentric and alert.

Such a person was undoubtedly difficult to approach, and the purpose of her coming was to dissolve the hostility in the sub personality.  Only when the hostility of the sub-personality was dissolved would the world disappear and the activity of the brain and skull of the main personality decrease.

 Tao Yu narrowed her eyes, then thought of Yue Linze's repulsion towards her. She sighed and pinched her forehead.

   Her experience was so shallow that she only wanted to come in with the most convenient ident.i.ty, but she never thought that Yue Linze here would be so exclusive to doctors. Now the most convenient had become the most inconvenient, and the simple mode had become the h.e.l.l mode.

“What to do ah ~ ~ ~ ~”  Not able to stay still, she finally showed her nature, anxiously rolling  on the bed.

In the room, the TV screen was showing her silly look of rolling and humming. The housekeeper carefully looked at Yue Linze's face and said, “This doctor seems to be very special.”

“…” Yue Linze stared at the grinning woman on the screen for a long time before he said indifferently, “I'm not sure this can be cured, butler, immediately draw up a waiver contract for her to sign and send her to the sharks after a while. “

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