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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:49:54 PM Chapter 308

Millions of people around the world viewed the wedding . It was reported that the generated income for the Pay-per-view subscriptions surpa.s.sed the amount expected .

The amount of money that would be donated to the country to help the poor and help boost the economy is more than fifty-million dollars . Everyone praised the couple for the good deed they had done for the country and its people .

Then it was time for the after wedding party . The food was superb, delicacies after delicacies would be served . Rita had outdone herself, everything arranged magnificently . She received praises after praises from a job well done . The RRWP becomes the number one wedding planner in the country .


All the guest proceeded to the wedding hall while the bride and groom were taking wedding pictures . While they were waiting for the couple, a band was playing, and they even have a mini concert for their enjoyment as they remain for the guest of honor .

While everyone was enjoying themselves, the light dimmed . Suddenly a voice was heard, ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause to our bride and groom . Mr . and Mrs . Jeffrey Go!"

Music started playing while they were walking towards the middle of the dancing floor . Everyone was in awe; the bride and groom was a perfect picture .

Jeff and Ann walked in hand and hand with the most beautiful smile plastered on their faces . . . Then a voice so beautiful was heard, the singer was none other than . . . Her Idol, the lovely Ms . C . D .


For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made me see

For all the joy you brought to my life

For all the wrong that you made right

For every dream, you made come true

For all the love I found in you

I'll be forever thankful baby





You gave me faith 'cause you believed

I'm everything I am

Because you loved me




You said no star was out of reach

Because you loved me .

Jeff and Ann danced to the tune of her favorite song, and it was sung live by the famous singer itself . No one could see where the voice was coming from . Therefore no one knows if the original singer or someone else were singing it .

"Nah! Is she not here right? She's too famous, and it's even hard to get tickets for her show . "

"I know right, the last time I was in Las Vegas, I tried so hard and unable to get a ticket . Her concert and shows been sold out for many years in advance . "

"Well, if she's here then it's our lucky day, we got a free show . Hahaha!"

The guest was speculating if impact the original singer was there in person or is just someone that could copy her .

Once the song ended, another spotlight was lit up, and someone came walking while speaking in the microphone with a French accent . "Congratulation to our bride and groom, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your love story . "

"OMG, it's her!"

"Oh! I'm in heaven, and I could die with a smile on my face . "

C . D . went towards the couple and congratulated them once again . Ann was awestruck after seeing her idol once again . She was speechless, unable to utter a word of thanks . Tears started flowing on her beautiful face . She hides her face to her husband chest, full of embarra.s.sment for crying .

"Hahaha! I'm sorry everyone, let me a.s.sure you that I did not fly seventeen-hours only to make the bride cry . Hahaha!"

"N-N-No! I'm sorry, I'm just thrilled that you came to our wedding . You don't know how much I adored you, 'Idol' "

C . D . gave Ann and Jeff a light embrace and congratulated them once again . She then faced the guest before speaking . " The last time we had a duet at one of my show, I was truly blown away with her voice . " She turned and faced Ann and took her hand before continuing . "Would you do me the honor once again and sing a duet with me?"

Ann's eye widen in shock, 'did I hear it right?' she was not sure and asked, "could you repeat that please!" Looking embarra.s.sed .

"Hahaha! Which part, the one when I said I was blown away by your voice or . . . " She was cut off by Ann's stammering .

"N-n-no! The part about you wanting us to sing a duet . "

C . D . Once again repeated her words, "Mrs . Go, would you do me the honor and sing a duet?"

Jeff was grinning from ear to ear, and his wife exact age was so visible . She's so innocent and lovable and fangirling at the same time .

Sophia who's seating at the head table got up and walked proudly toward the trio at the center of the dancing floor . She walked like the Diva she is, elegantly and beautifully .

The onlooker was at awe seeing the Diva of the country proudly walking with her head high up . Once she reaches trio, her demeanor suddenly changed . " Hi! I'm the mother of the bride, Sophia Wen Tan, " She stretches her hand hoping for a handshake .

What surprised her was, D . C . embraces her lightly instead of a handshake . "Nice to meet you, Mum! let me guess; she got the musical talent from you? "

Sophia blushed and nodded slightly with a half smile on her face . "About the duet, do you think . . . " She was not able to finish her word . C . D . cut her off halfway . "It would be my pleasure to sing a song with both of you . " She informs Sophia while speaking loudly in the microphone for everyone to hear .

Everyone cheered along with the whole world of people that watching the live broadcast . . .


The trio sang their heart out for the whole world to hear and the wedding ended with everyone enjoying to the fullest .

"What do you mean I can't enter? Do you know who I am? I'm Prince Alexander of Estonasia, and this is Lady Antella . We are cordially invited to this wedding . "

"Sir, kindly accept our apology, we have strict order that if you don't have an invitation card, you cannot enter even if you are from a Royal family . The head of the security was explaining to Prince Alexander apologetically .

Prince Alexander was ready to go berserk when Rita suddenly showed up . "It's alright! I got this one; let them in . " She ordered the head of security .

"But, Ms . Robles . . . " The head of security was going to argue, but Rita stopped him .

"Who's in charge here? Wasn't it me? If I say they are invited, it means they are, so let them in . " She said it a little sternly that the head of the security had no choice but to comply .

"This way please, your highness, lady miss . " Rita ushered Prince Alexander and Lady Antella and guided them to the wedding venue .

Prince Alexander couldn't believe that the people having a wedding were more important than him . If not for him being afraid of his father, he would not even be bothered coming . He has a more important thing to do than attend a wedding, and his future wife is currently having a date with another man .


The wedding of the Century had finally ended with a Bang-bang!, Jeff and Ann took off for their most antic.i.p.ated honeymoon .

Ethan was left temporarily in charge of Mega World Intl . Group of Company while Ronald became his temporary a.s.sistant .

In the meantime, Sophia retired from singing and instead was given a position at Mega World Entertainment Agency as President .

Lea also took a position within the company as Manager of new talents . Her first trainee was Eva who decided to have a career in show business .

Grandfather Go and Grandmother Tan took the boys to America where they would be attending school at one of the prestigious preparatory school for boys .

Albert Tan merged his company with Mega World Intl . Group of Company . Waiting for the time when he could turn the company over to Ann, and he could fully retire .

Jeff and Ann decided to take a six-month-long vacation, and they toured around the world on board the new yacht Jeff had gifted his wife . M/V "A . J . "


Six-month later:

"G.o.d Dang It! Breathe . . . Heh-he, hah-ha, heh-heh, hah-ha!" Jeff was out of his mind, and his wife is having terrible pain and nothing he could do about it to help ease the pain .

Ann lays there without saying a word . The intensity of the labor pain is getting higher and higher by the minute . However, she kept on holding it and doing her best not to cry out due to pain .

However, no matter how hard she tries, the pain still shows clearly on her beautiful face, and Jeff could feel it just from looking at her .

The nurse that was a.s.sisting them was secretly smiling . "Don't worry CEO Go, it won't be long now, the twins are cooperating very well, and it should only be a matter of time . " She's trying to console Jeff and hoping he would be less anxious .

"Where's the Doctor? Why isn't she here yet? Can't you give her any pain killer or something? " He's shouting now, looking all fl.u.s.tered .

Ann, hold on to Jeff's arm . . . A sharp pain was coming very intense, and it was hard for her to hold it . "Ahhhh! G.o.d dang it, Jeff Go!!! I'm going to struggle you once I'm done with this, it was you who done this to me! Ahhhh!!!!" Ann shouted while grabbing jeff's collar almost choking him in return .

Jeff tried to turn his head toward the nurse who's about ready to laugh at loud from the sight she's seeing . "Get the Doctor right now!!! Hurry! "

He turned his attention to his wife once again . "G.o.d Dang It! Breathe . . . Heh-he, hah-ha, heh-heh, hah-ha!" Jeff is about to hyperventilate for all the coaching his doing .

Finally, the Doctor came; she secretly smiles after seeing the way Jeff's was losing his composure .

"Don't worry CEO Go, everything is on schedule, the twins will meet us very very soon . "

"Make it sooner, or I would be able to stick around much longer . " Jeff felt like he's about to pa.s.s out, he's afraid he would do so before the twins decided to come out in the world .

The Doctor lifted the sheet that was covering Ann's below . She was happy to see that the baby's head was already crowning .

"The twins are ready to meet us, and I can see the head of the first one . Let's do it, CEO Go, help her with the breathing . Mrs . Go when I say push, push as hard as you can, alright!"

Without waiting for a reply, the Doctor said . . . "PUSH!!!"

Ann gave all her might and pushed as hard as she can, and . . . the first one of the twin came out without a hitch .

The Doctor gave the baby to the nurse to clean up without announcing if its a boy or a girl . She then continued, "Here comes the second one, whey I said push . . you know what to do . You're doing a wonderful job, a little longer more . "

"Alright, Mrs . Go . . . " PUSH!!!"

"Ahhh!!!!" Ann's pushed as hard as she can while holding on Jeff's neck . "Ahhh!" The second baby came out, and Ann's arms let go of Jeff's neck . She was exhausted and pa.s.sed out right after .

When Jeff saw Ann pa.s.sed out, he couldn't handle it either, and he fell to the ground pa.s.sed out . . .

The Doctor and Nurses started laughing from the sight . They couldn't believe that Jeff pa.s.sed out .



"Hurry up! We're going to be late; you know how Mother and Father are if you're a minute late, there would be h.e.l.l to pay . " Ava shouted to her twin brother Jeffrey .

"Alright! You don't need to shout . I heard you!" Jeffrey mumbles back trying to put one shoe on while holding the shoelace of the other pair by his mouth . He hurriedly got up and almost tripped due to the untied shoelace .

"One minute! If both of you were not down here, you know the consequences . " Jeff shouted to the twins Ava and Jeffrey .

"Coming!" Ava shouted back while descending the staircase with her two huge suitcases, followed by Jeffrey with one shoe on and one still biting the shoelace with his mouth . "Coming!" He mumbles .

Ann was watching the whole commotion from the parlor where Eva, Ethan, Ronald, Lea, all the elders, along with Ben and Don was happily chatting .



Eighteen years later after the biggest wedding of the history in the Country, Ann and Jeff's twins Ava and Jeffrey were to start their college life in America .

This is their story . . .


Author's note:

Thank you to all the wonderful readers that had supported this book, I hope you had fun reading and had enjoyed it till the end . Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

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