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。On Valentine’s day, there weren’t many talks about it so I felt at ease.

。Who would have thought that a landmine would be waiting for me three days later……

「Onii-chan, today, a girl from my school told me that she likes me!」

。This day has finally come……
。Too early. My brother, aren’t you still in first grade. Furthermore, weren’t you told ‘I love you’ a lot ever since you were in Kindergarten. You realized too late!
。Even though it’s already too late, to say it out means that it’s that! It’s still too early!

。……My blood pressure is going up and I can’t understand what I’m talking about myself either.

「W-what are you going to do? G-g-g-g-g-g-go out with her or something」
「Poke each other?¹」
「Sorry-- These days Onii-chan keeps on stuttering, ha, haha」

。I’m too shaken up.
。This is probably……that. Despite getting chocolate and receiving a confession and still not realising the meaning behind it, the girl probably told my brother out of impatience.

「You see, Ritsu, listen carefully. That girl wishes to get to know you better.」
「Yeah. More special than anyone else. She wants to go out with you..」

。Ritsu pondered over something, then lifts his head.

「Does it mean, more important than Onii-chan?」

。……That, seriously went right to my heart. Ritsu will have someone more important than me.
。I’m going to cry just thinking about it.
。I respond as I struggle to hold back my tears from spilling out.

「M…… Mhm. That’s right」
「Then, I can’t. No matter what everyone says, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who I’ll like more than Onii-chan. That’s why, that, go out or something? I can’t do it right?」

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。Ritsu. Onii-chan can die now.
。Even if it’s just during your childhood, it’s of absolute importance to me. I can’t help but be happy with your current feelings.

。Even if you say such things now, someday your big brother won’t matter anymore and you’ll find someone more important and you’ll go out with them instead.

Just thinking about it now is making me cry though……

。I hugged Ritsu tightly.

「Mhm. That’s right. Ritsu.. Going out with a girl you don’t even like means hurting them. That’s why, you should only go out with someone who will make your heart pound everytime you hug them like this..」
「I see.. Then I probably understand. Because, being hugged by Onii-chan like this, makes me feel very safe. That means it’s okay if this makes my heart pound, isn’t it?」
「Mhm, that’s right……」

。For Ritsu, I am a person who makes him feel safe. Isn’t that enough?
。Cute, cute, Ritsu. I’m begging you, G.o.d. Just for a little bit more, please let me monopolize Ritsu.

。It might not be for a long time.
。But, for a little bit more. One day, for one month, a year or more, may this smile be mine only.

¹It’s a pun I cannot translate well ToT Basically oniitama stuttered and messed up his words
Onii-chan: Tsu, tsu, tsu-tsu-tsu-tsukiau toka? (Tsukiau: To go out)
Otouto-kun: Tsutsukiau? (To poke ea other)


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