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In a certain high school in Tokyo, on a sunny Monday morning, the day that all students hate, a young man was on the roof.

This young man was reading a light novel in a carefree manner with an arm behind his head and earphones in his ears.

This young man was Shinmei Tatsuya. Tatsuya is a rather handsome person with dark hair and soft amber eyes. For a j.a.panese, Tatsuya was exceptionally tall, he was 184 cm tall, which made him one of the tallest boys in high school. His school uniform consists of the black school jacket draped over his shoulders and a dark blue sweater with a slightly unb.u.t.toned white shirt. He wears it with black uniform pants and black shoes. His dress style was nonchalant.

Tatsuya is a relaxed, carefree and calm staff. He is also a bit stoic because he finds everything boring, for this reason he spends his time sleeping and daily other students can see him sleeping on campus or in cla.s.s. The only thing he finds fun in his life are the light novels, manga and movies he watches because he finds them innovative and full of dreams.

As he calmly read his light novel, his light novel was s.n.a.t.c.hed from his hands and a scream followed.

"Toriumi-kun! You get up now or do 40 rounds of land when we get back from Kyoto!"

Recognizing the voice, Tatsuya jumped up and sweat appeared on his forehead. Before him stood Yuko-sensei, alias "Hannya".

With a furious look, Hasegawa Yuko was the teacher in charge of Tatsuya's cla.s.s. Yuko-sensei was 28 years old and she was a social science teacher and very popular among the students. Yuko-sensei is a beautiful tall woman measuring approximately 1.70 meters with a slim waist. She has purple eyes, raven black hair tied in a long braid placed on her right shoulder and square gla.s.ses with a mole at the corner of her left eye. She wears a black cardigan and black pants highlighting her figure, in particular her "phenomenal a.s.s" according to the boys. Under her waistcoat, she wears a white shirt which she cannot close because of her chest with a wide neckline and a pair of black heels. Due to her enormous rack, the males of her cla.s.s obtained photos of her cleavage and worship her, however, they live in fear of being discovered by her.

Yuko-sensei is an incredibly kind, friendly and responsible teacher who is open-minded and believes in the future of each of her students. She cares about all of her students, even problematic students like Tatsuya, who is a lazy man. She also likes to have fun with her students and observe their interactions, which makes her very accessible to students. She is quite wise and gives advice when needed. She is always ready to give advice and guidance to her students like a loving mother.

However, she is also feared throughout the school because of her other side. Yuko-sensei can be incredibly authoritarian, strict and violent, especially since she is an expert in martial arts. She is the advisor to the Kendo and martial arts club and offers "lessons" to students who end up crying in pain at the end. The taboo with her is her age and marital status, you should never tell her about her age and her status as a bachelor if not ...

Looking at Yuko-sensei, Tatsuya, who was not afraid of anyone except his parents, had cold sweats. Yuko-sensei was one of the few people who could put pressure on him.

"Yuko-sensei! I'm standing, what do you want me to do?"

Tatsuya didn't want to p.i.s.s off his teacher because the last time it happened, she forced him to go around the soccer field 50 times. As a result, he fell asleep on the beds of the high school infirmary when he was finished, his clothes were dusty and torn.

"Toriumi-kun! Did you forget ?! We have to go to Kyoto today and because of you, we had to delay the start by 30 minutes! The whole cla.s.s is looking for you!"

Hearing Yuko-sensei's words, Tatsuya remembered that his cla.s.s had an excursion to Kyoto and he cursed himself for having forgotten it. He swallowed because he knew he was going to be in trouble. Tatsuya took a sip of saliva and with an awkward smile, he rubbed his head and with a nervous voice he spoke.

"Ha ... Hahaha ... It looks like I forgot about it ... It's incredible, isn't it? ..."

Yuko-sensei looked at Tatsuya with a deadly expression and she grabbed Tatsuya's ear to forcibly drag him to the school parking lot where the bus was waiting. All along the road, Tatsuya exclaimed in pain with tears in his eyes.

"Ouch! Ouch! Stop Yuko-sensei! You're going to rip my ear off! Please, let go of my ear!"

"Hmph! That will teach you to be on time, this is your punishment."

"It's not a punishment! It's mistreatment!"

Tatsuya was dragged by Yuko-sensei over three floors. All along the way, Tatsuya had the impression that his ear would come off. The worst was dragged before everyone's eyes towards the bus.

When they finally arrived, Yuko-sensei let go of Tatsuya's ear before looking at him coldly. Tatsuya quickly grabbed his aching ear and looked at Yuko-sensei with revenge. The other students watched the exchange with humor because it was a routine for them. Since the beginning of the year, Yuko-sensei and Tatsuya have been playing this cat and mouse game.

As Tatsuya watched Yuko-sensei go talk to the bus driver to sort out the final arrangements, Tatsuya was approached by the handsome guys from high school.

"Toriumi. You should be more serious and responsible."

"Hahaha! Tatsuya, you're really fun. I can't wait for our next fight!"

"Toriumi, you should be more responsible. You annoy the cla.s.s and you take advantage of their kindness."

The first to speak was Yajima Reiji, a very handsome and attractive young man. He has burgundy, messy hair that falls on his forehead. He wears square gla.s.ses which give him a wise look despite his wild look. Reiji is a calm, almost cold young man with a sophisticated and polite manner of speaking, however, each of his words is harsh. Despite his rigid appearance, he still has a sense of humor, although dry.

Reiji has always considered Tatsuya a nuisance because he spends his time hanging around instead of working seriously. He finds Tatsuya a mess. However, he does not deny Tatsuya's abilities and calls him a "lost genius".

The second to speak in an amused tone was Tanaka Yuujiro. Yuujiro is an extremely muscular young man and generally stands at least one head higher than most of the other characters, he measures 190 cm. His hair is reddish-orange in color pushed out of his face.

Despite his wild appearance, Yuujiro generally behaves very calmly and on the contrary, he is in the Top 75 in high school exams. However, he is known for his love of good fights. For his battles, Yuujiro will think very little of the consequences that his actions could have, that Tatsuya has personally experienced.

One day, Tatsuya confronted delinquents who hara.s.sed a young girl of her cla.s.s, Yuujiro who pa.s.sed by there was frozen when he saw the force of Tatsuya which demolished the delinquents one after the other. The next day, at the entrance to the school, Yuujiro attacked Tatsuya. During the fight, Yuujiro laughed happily and enjoyed the battle when everyone was worried. Finally, the teachers had to intervene and Yuko-sensei showed that his t.i.tle "Hannya" was justified. The two had to clean the toilet for the next two weeks. Tatsuya found himself crying in the face of the injustice committed, he had asked nothing.

Reiji and Yuujiro's best friend is Sakamaki Akira. He is a young man with dark blue hair generally separated with a lock reaching his nose and the tip of his hair reaching the top of his ears. The back of her hair covers her neck. His height was 1.80 meters and he had a toned physique. He has turquoise blue eyes that almost match his hair color. He wears his uniform in a strict and neat manner as would a model student showing his perfectionist att.i.tude. There were at least a few dozen girls who fell in love with him and confessed, but he rejected them all.

Akira has an idealistic, determined and flamboyant personality. He says that just helping is a reward in itself. It helps everyone who needs it. This mentality makes him very manipulative and prevents him from having self-esteem. Akira is extremely stubborn when he begins to accomplish something, such as protecting a cla.s.smate constantly hara.s.sed by other high school students. In the end, the bullies lowered their hands and gave up. Akira is nicknamed "the Hero" by the girls of the school because of his personality coupled with his beauty.

Seeing the handsome guys from high school talking to him, Tatsuya sighed in his heart and replied casually.

"Ai! Ai! Now I'm just going to sleep. Wake me up when we get to Kyoto. In the meantime don't bother me."

Tatsuya went to sit on a bench away from the crowd, waiting to board the bus. Tatsuya put his earphones in his ears and crossed his arms in front of his chest before closing his eyes. Seeing Tatsuya strolling for the umpteenth time, the other students sigh.

Suddenly while Tatsuya was relaxed, a pleasant voice awoke him.

"Hi ~ Toriumi-kun. You sleep as usual. Moo ~ you have to wake up, it's bad to always sleep."

Opening his eyes, before him was a pretty girl in front of him.

The girl in front of Tatsuya was Yoshikawa Yui. She is the high school princess. Yui is a very beautiful young woman, she is so beautiful and so pure that she is known as "the Princess". She has a very frail appearance, she has long bronze hair which has two long spiral strands at the front, reaching her belly, with her separate bangs on the left and bright golden eyes, she has a very beautiful and attractive appearance. She also wore a red jewelry necklace and a light pink lipstick. Yui is a shy person, with a soft voice, eager to please, gentle and very calm, however she can be determined and very stubborn.

Yui is above everyone, she is famous all over j.a.pan because of her artistic talent. She is able to create works that can attract the soul of spectators. For this reason, their school has won the t.i.tle of "best art school" for two consecutive years. She is the undisputed pride of the school. Yui has a serious but clumsy personality, however, she cares for everyone without instinct. She is very popular and a fan club is dedicated to her.

Yui cares a lot about Tatsuya for a reason unknown to everyone. A beautiful girl with a successful life close to a sleeper is a strange situation.

Because of her, Tatsuya was often annoyed by the others, often by the other boys, however, all those who tried to attack him physically found himself in the infirmary without exception. In response, they could only stare at him with a murderous look, wondering "why this guy ?!".

Seeing the crowd around, staring at him with a killer look, Tatsuya sighed. He is not dense, so he has an idea of Yui's feelings but he finds it troublesome, because it would disrupt his lifestyle: sleeping, reading light novels and manga, then sleeping again.

(What a bore.)

"h.e.l.lo, Yoshikawsan. How are you?"

Hearing Tatsuya's response, Yui smiled thinly but cheerfully. Seeing Yui's expression, Tatsuya felt problems coming.

"I'm fine, thank you. ... Toriumi-kun, I-I have a question? ..."

Yui looked at Tatsuya with a nervous look full of expectations. Instantly Tatsuya felt cold sweats flowing from his forehead.

"What is it?"

"Etoo ~ ... After finishing school visits ... I would like you ... to accompany me to Kyoto ... alone ...

Tatsuya broke out in cold sweat. He knew that if he went out alone with Yui in Kyoto, the guys in the cla.s.s would make his life h.e.l.lish, he couldn't relax in high school. For someone like Tatsuya who favors his hobbies rather than his social life, it is a nightmare. Tatsuya didn't have to use a second to think.

"Sorry, but no. I have ... other plans in Kyoto..."

Hearing Tatsuya's response, Yui's eyes were sad. However, she did not give up.

"Then I can go with you. Anyway, I didn't have a program."

"Sorry but no. It's ... quite private."

"I could wait for you. Besides, I won't bother you, I'll help you if you have a problem."

(You're the problem!)

The crowd around looked Tatsuya with dislike and looked at him with those eyes "You dare to reject her? Huh! ". Tatsuya knew he couldn't speak now. If he did, it would only create problems for him. Suddenly the handsome guys from before intervened.

(Thanks, guys! Sacrifice yourself for me! I choose you!)

"Yoshikawsan, why don't you come with me. I have been to Kyoto before and I know many charming places unknown."

Akira spoke to Yui with a bright smile, all that was missing was the flickering of her teeth. Akira was a friend of Yui from college, because the two were exceptional among their cla.s.smates, they became friends during their college years.

"Sorry Akirkun, but I want to take a walk with Toriumi-kun. After all, if I don't encourage him, he will spend all his time in the hotel sleeping or reading his light novels and manga."

Akira smiles awkwardly, with an indescribable expression. For him, Yui had to accept after all they had been friends for a long time. Tatsuya, on the other hand, felt bad, after all, what Yui said was rather humiliating, she treated him like a lonely otaku, which is not wrong.

"Seriously ... You are too nice Yui ..."

From Akira's point of view, Yui is only kind and worried about Tatsuya. After all, how an excellent girl like Yui can have feelings for someone useless like Tatsuya who spends his time sleeping or lounging. For Akira, Yui only wastes her time. On the other side, Akira's two friends had different reactions.

"Ohoh ~ It looks like our little sleeper is quite popular ~. Hahaha."

"Yoshikawsan is not suitable for Toriumi. After all, Yoshikawsan is serious and very good at studying while Toriumi is still irresponsible."

Yuujiro took everything with humor, especially since his muscular brain was not thinking enough. Reiji, on the other hand, is always logical. However, Tatsuya ignored their words like the wind and pretended to be nothing. All he thought was "leave me alone !!".

Tatsuya looked up and prayed "Please, make this group disappear before I die in frustration.".

When Tatsuya was desperate, another person added to the mix.

"Enough! Don't you see we have to go! Go get your things and get on the bus!"

The person who spoke was Azuma Hanae. Hanae is the cla.s.s delegate and head of the Naginata club. Hanae is a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair and enchanting black eyes. Her hair is usually tied in a long ponytail, with two strands framing the two votes of her gorgeous face. Hanae is the very embodiment of an ideal «Yamato Nadeshiko» and she also has the combativeness of the legendary warrior, «Tomoe Gozen». A True traditional j.a.panese beauty.

Hanae is a strict girl as a martial artist, she is also very organized with an expression always serious.

At Hanae's words, Akira's group nodded and after a few words, they left to pick up their things before getting on the bus. Yui, on the other hand, fixed Hanae with defiant eyes however Hanae looked at her without emotion. Yui eventually gave up and left after glancing at Tatsuya.

Seeing the problematic group leave, Tatsuya sighed in relief and looked at Hanae like the messiah surrounded by a golden light.

"Thank you, Hanae-chan. You are a saint."

Seeing Tatsuya's grateful gaze, Hanae turned her head and sniffled.

"Hmph! Don't call me Hanae-chan at school, call me Azumsan or Kaichou. I don't want others to know that we are childhood friends."

The boys who got on the bus, looked at Tatsuya as the number 1 public enemy, thinking "Don't talk to Hanae-sama, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" and the girls thought "Don't defile Onee-sama!" However, the two ignored the others because over the years the two have grown accustomed to these reactions since elementary school. The reason for their reaction is that Hanae is adulated by girls because she is their model and for boys, she is one of the two beauty of the cla.s.s and one of the few in high school and that Tatsuya rubs shoulders with the two beauties frequently.

"Eh ~? Why ~?"

"Kuh ?! Because you would make me ashamed! I am the cla.s.s representative and I must remain respectable in front of our comrades."

"It's true. After all, Hanae-chan's dream is to become the first female prime minister of j.a.pan, right?"

"That's right. So don't disclose my past."

"Eh ~ Like what? Your maid outfit? Or the day you promised to marry me- ?!"

Hanae grabbed Tatsuya's shoulders and looked at him with a cold expression and with a scary aura she said to him with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

"H-HHanae-chan ... You scare me ..."

"You shouldn't say anything. U-N-D-E-R-S-T-O-O-D?"

Tatsuya nodded his head continuously with cold sweats.

"Good. Now get on the bus and next time come on time and don't keep us waiting."

When Hanae released Tatsuya, he fled. Watching Tatsuya's back get on the bus, Hanae pouted and whispered "... Idiot".

He quickly got on the bus to escape and relax. When he got on the bus, he saw Yuko-sensei looking at him with dangerous eyes. Tatsuya dodged his gaze and in the bus, he sat in the back where the seats are larger and the rays of the sun are scarce.

(I'm tired. I want to sleep ~.)

Tatsuya put his earphones on his ears and crossed his arms before closing his eyes to fall asleep. A serene expression was on Tatsuya's face.

(Ah ~ Peace is the best thing.)

Finally, after a while, everyone got on the bus and they left for Kyoto. In the front of the bus, Yuko-sensei explained the program of their visit to Kyoto, but out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Tatsuya sitting in the back of the bus, eyes closed and earphones on his ears, ignoring her words. Yuko-sensei clenched his teeth in frustration when she saw Tatsuya ignore everyone for the hundredth time.

(Tch! This idiot ... I hope he will get lost in Kyoto and come back crying.)


In the middle of the journey to Kyoto, Tatsuya was awakened by screams. Opening his eyes the first thing he noticed was that everyone on the bus was enveloped in blue light. Looking at his hands, Tatsuya noticed that he too was enveloped in this mysterious light. Taking off his earphones, his ears were overwhelmed by the panicked cries of his cla.s.smates.

"What's going on ?! I'm scared!"
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"Yuko-sensei! What's going on ?!"

"What is happening to us ?! Why is everyone shining ?!"

"Help me! I don't want to be kidnapped by aliens!"

Among all these screams, Tatsuya was relatively calm despite the nervousness. "What is this light? It looks like something supernatural ..." However as the seconds pa.s.sed, the light surrounding them became brighter. As everyone continued to panic, the light soon became blinding and everyone closed their eyes because of the intensity of the light. When the light disappeared which disappeared after a few seconds, the bus was empty, the only things still present were the objects of the students and the bus which continued its journey.

A pa.s.sing driver was shocked to see a bus on the road with no driver or pa.s.sengers. He thought he saw a haunted bus and he accelerated to sow this scary bus as quickly as possible.


The next day, all j.a.panese television was shaken.

A bus full of students was going to Kyoto, but pa.s.sing near Mount Akaishi, the bus capsized and fell on the cliff. However, it was not the most shocking, the most shocking was the disappearance of the 23 students and 2 adults, their teacher, and their driver, in total 25 people disappeared.

This event caused a huge outcry around the world because the incident left no trace of the missing.

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