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Amy turned to look at Rachel. "It's true we'll meet this weekend. So it's ok." She convinced herself in his mind.

However, her thought process was interrupted by Rachel.

"Moreover you have worry about your work here. It's not easy..you know."

Amy looked at Rachel who is smiling widely. Suddenly warning bells started ringing in her mind. Rachel's smile is so pleasant but Amy felt that something is amiss.

After reaching Amy's new room Rachel said: "Take a good rest today, tomorrow you have so much to do." She left with loud laugh.

"Why does it feel like that I have ended up in the hand of a witch?" Thinking this, Amy was not able to be at ease at her new room.

Next day morning after having their breakfast, Rachel asked Amy to be present at the study.

When Amy entered the study, she was stunned. The table in the study was filled the books and files. Near the table sat Rachel with a wide smile. In her mind Amy clearly felt that something bad is gonna happen today. She swallowed her saliva in fear and looked at Rachel.

"These books and files.. I'll give you one month..finish them before that." Rachel's voice sounded as an order.

"But I'm here to work." Amy confronted her.

"Of course!! you're here to work. But before that study these."

"I've experience." As a person who had seen two lives, Amy refused to accept this.

"Experience?" Rachel frowned. "Who cares?? If you're not willing to follow my rules..then you're free to leave."

Shocked, Amy again glanced at the table. There are some business related books. She took a file and read it. It has all the details of a famous company.

"This..." Why does a company's information are here? Amy is totally confused.

Noticing Amy's confusion Rachel answered: "All the files there contain the details of the top companies. Know your enemies and half the war is won."

"But how did you get them?"

" I have my means."

Noticing that Rachel is not willing to share more information, Amy focused on the books. Seeing some books on etiquette, Amy is amused.

"Do I have to learn these too?"

"Mmm..Of course."

"But I'm just an a.s.sistant!"

"So what? An a.s.sistant's behavior will affect the boss." Rachel answered nonchalantly. "If not at least a wife's behavior will affect the husband." She told to herself in her mind.

"Ok.. I'll leave you to study. Use your time wisely. If you don't reach my expectation within these three months, you can stop thinking about leaving."

Rachel said leaving a shocked Amy. "Witch!! She's definitely a witch!!!" Amy screamed in her mind.

The following days are hectic for Amy. Apart from taking her food, most of her time was spent in the study.

As a result when Ryan came to meet her at the weekend, he saw his wife at the verge of collapsing. Moreover as soon as she saw him, she cling unto him like a child crying: "Save me!!!"

Shocked Ryan looked at Rachel, who is acting as if she has nothing to do with it.

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