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Chapter 6 - Part 1

The overbearing patriarch fell in love with me

      On the other side, Mo Yitao is also doing the same thing as Mo Qi, even doing a lot more.

  "Boss, this is the information sent by the bank."

  The a.s.sistant handed a thick stack of information to Mo Yitao.

  The head of Mo family isn't a false t.i.tle*. In fact, as the family head, he has the right to know the confidential secret information of all members of the Mo family, even the bank has to give him the green light.

*undeserved reputation

  Mo Qi's bank card transaction details, Mo Tiangao and his wife, and even Mo Lanyu's bank card transaction details and financial status.

  Mo Yitao looked at it page by page. As an old fox who went through arduous hard work over the years in the business world, it's impossible to not discover something shady. The more he looked, the more unsightly his expression became.

  "Currently, it's known that Mo Lanyu lost a large sum of money in the stock market, and with Mo Lanyu’s family financial status, it's absolutely impossible to come up with this amount of money. In fact, the money was due two months ago, someone named 'Chen Fengyue' was on Mo Lanyu's account, and this person is Chen Cuiwei's cousin*." The a.s.sistant summed it all up with due diligence, "Owing such a huge external debt, Mo Tiangao's family must really need money right now."

*tang ge - older male patrilineal cousin

  "So they turned their thoughts to Mo Qi who has a large inheritance." Mo Yitao closed the folder's clip and threw it on to to the table. He continued coldly, "What's the result of the drug's identification?"

  a.s.sistant: "It's a new type of special drug. Although the drug itself has no problem, the effect is too strong and it's not suitable for the physically weak young master Mo. Long term use will cause great damage to young master Mo's body functions."

  Mo Yitao’s face instantly darkened like he wants to kill someone.

  In his heart, the a.s.sistant secretly gulped and lit three candles for Mo Tiangao's family. Mo Yitao is truly angry, even when Mo Yitao just took over the Mo family and faced a bunch of unwilling family members who deliberately caused difficulties by all means, he also never revealed an expression as unsightly as this.

  Looks like that young master Mo is a lot more important to the boss than he imagined.

  Mo Yitao took a deep breath and said: "Look for someone to keep an eye on Mo Tiangao's family and report to me anytime when something happens."

  The a.s.sistant nodded with a serious face and left the office quickly.

  Although Mo Yitao wants to dispose Mo Tiangao's family that harbour evil intention toward the teenager right now, those information are not enough evidence for conviction. Secondly, he doesn't want to simply put those people in jail.

  After calming down a little, Mo Yitao resumed processing doc.u.ments submitted by various departments.

  Recently, the economy has been chaotic and the stock market fluctuated. Many companies have declared bankruptcy and closed down, many of which are renowned companies. The Mo family underwent two years of adjustment and successfully transformed. In this crisis, it hasn't suffered any major losses, but it was a sensitive period after all, Mo Yitao had no choice but keep an eye on the company often to prevent any mistakes.

  Fortunately, the situation is getting better. After busying today, he can take some time out later.

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