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Chapter 283
Chapter 283: Little Liar

Yun Shishi told him that the man was her professor. So, he said a few flattering words on the surface. But, he is not a three-year-old child ah!

He knew Yun Shishi was deliberately concealing something from him!

But, even if he doesn’t know who exactly that man is. He can see the resemblance of Youyou to that man.

Thus, he can clearly guess that man’s real ident.i.ty.

He is that mysterious employer six years ago!

In fear of Yun Shishi’s embarra.s.sment, he didn’t say anything about it.

Yun Yecheng accompanied Yun Tianyou to go to the VIP ICU room on the 15th floor. But before he left, he didn’t forget to say to Yun Shishi to returned to her apartment to rest. He will take care of Youyou

in her place.

Yun Shishi pondered for a moment but then she nodded her head. She will go back to get some clothes for Youyou to change.

In front of the elevator, Yun Shishi opens her mouth and say: “Mu Yazhe, it’s very late, you should leave now.”

Mu Yazhe looks at her with some irritation, he raises an eyebrow, then asked: “Are you driving me away?”

“No, I saw you didn’t sleep the whole night. I’m afraid you were tired.”

Mu Yazhe’s face eased instantly, and his eyes twinkled: “Oh, it turned out you were worried about me huh?”

“What are you saying!” Yun Shishi felt annoyed and said in anger: “Don’t blame me if you don’t have the energy to go to work.”

Mu Yazhe smiled and put away his hands

hands in his pocket. Then, he leans over to Yun Shishi and whispered to her ears: “I am always energetic. Haven’t you notice it yet?”

He is clearly indicating something!

Yun Shishi bites her lips, as her cheeks become red. She shyly looked at the man and said: “I don’t know what you are talking about!”


The elevator doors open.

Yun Shishi took a step into the elevator, but she was suddenly pushed into the corner and crushed to the cold walls.

Yun Shishi was startled. She hasn’t had time to react, but a man’s tall body leaned on her.

It was to block the CCTV camera. He definitely has an ulterior motive!

The elevator door closed. And at the moment, only the two of them are inside.

Yun Shishi was shocked and looked up

looked up at him in horror. Mu Yazhe lowered his head and prop up Yun Shishi’s chin.

Mu Yazhe couldn’t help but laugh, after seeing her helpless look. Then, he opens his mouth and said in a low voice: “You are a very funny, little liar!”

“You … what are you saying?”

Yun Shishi moves to the side in a panic. But, she was forced to stay in the same place.

“Well, you always look cute and well behaved. So, I didn’t expect that you were a good liar. Your mouth is very clever.”

Yun Shishi bowed her head, as her cheeks flushed!

She was forced to lie! How can she introduce him to her father?

How can she tell the truth? If she tells the truth, she will definitely open an old wound.

Yun Yecheng old wound.

Yun Yecheng has always been blaming himself about that contract six years ago. He was angry with himself for letting his daughter become a surrogate mother.

So, if she tells him the truth. No need to think about it, Yun Yecheng, her father will definitely feel embarra.s.sed.

And originally, it was Mu Yazhe who suddenly came with her inside the hospital. Leaving her unprepared!

So, why is he accusing her now?

Yun Shishi didn’t look at Mu Yazhe’s face. She only bites her lips in anger. In the eyes of men, this small gesture is cute.

“I am a professor, huh?”

Mu Yazhe evilly smiles. He moves his fingers to her cheeks and pinched it. Then, he said with a lazy tone: “Little Liar, tell me, what did I teach you?”

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