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Chapter 505

505 Cloud Heavenly Court Plan

The battle between the Magnetic Sword and the little caterpillar quickly ended.

The first to fall was Bear Treasure, followed by the little caterpillar. The scene of the end of the battle was a hundred mechanical swords fusing with the Magnetic Sword, turning into a huge sword that reached the sky and sent the little caterpillar and Bear Treasure flying.

As an experiment, the power was still effective.

Of course, they did not use their full strength.


“Ssss!” The little caterpillar ran over angrily and lectured the Magnetic Sword.

‘Sneak attack! This is wrong!’

The little caterpillar was still different from before.

After three years of seclusion and two years of cultivation, it no longer looked like a bug.

However, there were still traces of a bug on its round tail.

There was still a way to completely evolve into a True Dragon.

After coming out of seclusion, w.a.n.g Che began to let it cultivate the Five Elements Soul Pill, which was the Five Elements Golden Core.

The process of condensing soul essence into a soul pill was rather long.

In the past two years, the little caterpillar had barely condensed its most proficient fire soul essence into a soul pill.

As for cultivating this, even if it really began to cultivate the Five Elements Profound Clarity Era Record, when it cultivated all the Five Elements Soul Pills, it would be considered a small success.

After cultivating the Five Elements Soul Nascent, it would be considered to have reached Greater Mastery.

At that time, there would be five different colored Soul Nascent little caterpillars that each had different powers. With a flick of their tails and threads, they could control the power of heaven and earth.

w.a.n.g Che estimated that the Five Elements Soul Pill could be cultivated within 20 to 30 years on the Black Jade Star.

The Five Elements Soul Nascent might be able to succeed in about sixty to eighty years. At that time, it would have almost reached a million years of cultivation and the Black Jade Star would almost be exhausted.


The Magnetic Sword flickered and emitted a very proud sizzling sound.

‘w.a.n.g Che asked me to do it!’

The little caterpillar immediately looked at w.a.n.g Che.

“This is not called a sneak attack,” w.a.n.g Che said. “This is to test your ability to deal with situations on the spot. Look, how many times have you inexplicably died in Little Firefly’s Divine Will s.p.a.ce? The reality hasn’t improved much. Now that the Magnetic Sword’s Myriad Sword System is already more familiar with it, the mechanical sword released can sneak attack you from a certain angle silently. It’s also to let you live for a longer time in the Divine Will s.p.a.ce.”

“Think about it. Isn’t that so?”

The little caterpillar pondered and felt that it made sense. It called out to w.a.n.g Che.

w.a.n.g Che walked over and patted the little caterpillar’s head.

“It’s been a month since the four of you defeated a few small monsters in the Blood Sea Demon Prison. Have you thought about what happened?”

“As for you, as the boss, are there any problems with the main damage output in the team?”

“Ssss?” The little caterpillar hissed.

What problem?

“You’re not strong enough,” w.a.n.g Che said.

“…” The little caterpillar.

“You still have many weaknesses,” w.a.n.g Che said. “For example, the Magnetic Sword’s Dragon Slaying Talisman. Look, once the mechanical sword is out, I haven’t asked Bear Treasure to draw the Dragon Slaying Talisman for it. If a hundred swords are drawn with the Dragon Slaying Talisman, do you think you can beat the Magnetic Sword in the future?”

The little caterpillar seemed to have seen that scene and its tail suddenly trembled.

How could that do?!

“There are already more than a hundred thousand soul beasts on the Black Jade Star. However, these soul beasts’ cultivation levels are too high because the Black Jade Star’s energy is too strong. Coupled with the fact that they are innately extraordinary, they cultivate in silence. Therefore, their actual combat strength might not be stronger than yours. In the past two years, you’ve been roaming everywhere on the Black Jade Star. You’re very powerful.”

“But as long as you enter the Divine Will s.p.a.ce, almost everyone will be wiped out. Think about it, why can’t you beat your old enemy in the Worm Breaking Through the Heavens?”

“It’s because your weakness is too obvious,” w.a.n.g Che said seriously, “Dragons can’t have true weaknesses. The Dragon Slaying Talisman is only effective against ordinary dragons. You’re afraid, which means that you’re only an ordinary dragon now. You can’t even be considered one.”

“So next, you need to undergo special training…”

“Ssss?” The little caterpillar felt that it made sense.

How should it undergo special training?

The Black Jade Star… had no opponents for it!

“It’s very simple. Since you’re afraid of the Dragon Slaying Talisman, you just have to be attacked by it,” w.a.n.g Che said. “After your body is immune, the Dragon Slaying Talisman will naturally not be scary, right?”

The little caterpillar nodded.

“Very good!” w.a.n.g Che nodded, “Now, I’m only making the materials for the Dragon Slaying Talisman. It’s a little scarce. Fight Bear Treasure properly later and bleed a little. I’ll let Bear Treasure make a few more Dragon Slaying Talismans and let the Magnetic Sword and Bear Treasure meet. You guys train more.”

“After the special training, you might be able to beat your enemy in the Worm Breaking Through the Heavens. After fighting, you can still obtain some good things! After you bring your three little brothers to fight the Blood Sea Demon Prison, you’ll be the only designated boss in their hearts!”

“Ssss!” The little caterpillar shouted.

Good idea!

Bear Treasure scratched its head and felt a little strange.

( ¯? ¯)

“Yes, yes!” w.a.n.g Che patted the little caterpillar’s head.

It could not be helped. The dragons of the Black Jade Star developed too slowly. The Dragon Slaying Talisman made of materials from their bodies was probably useless.

The Mustard Mountain Dragon was fine, but w.a.n.g Che had already dealt with it once a year ago.

That guy had just broken through to a hundred thousand years. If it took some materials, its cultivation would probably decrease.

The little caterpillar ate too well every day. It had to bleed a little to prevent these little guys from running around every day.

“Oh right, there’s another very important thing!” w.a.n.g Che said seriously, “The Black Jade Star is very big, but you also have the ability to teleport now. However, you can’t bring your little brother around the Black Jade Star and those soul beast cubs.”

“Do you want to be the boss of more soul beasts?”

“Ssss!” The little caterpillar shouted again.

‘Yes, yes, yes!’

A boss would not mind having more underlings!

Moreover, the soul beast cubs of the Black Jade Star were obedient and not strong. It felt a sense of achievement to be the boss!

“Very good!” w.a.n.g Che nodded, “But the Black Jade Star is very big. If you want to be the boss of so many soul beast cubs, you and your underlings have to often come to the five major domains of the Black Jade Star and the various complicated terrain.”

“Your little brother can’t do it. Among the soul skills of the Sky G.o.d Dragon, there’s a group spatial teleportation soul skill, but it’s very troublesome. You won’t use it often. After all, you haven’t reached a hundred thousand years.”

“Therefore, I have a set of blueprints for a spatial teleportation array that can be built in various locations on the Black Jade Star.”

“What we lack now is a rare spatial ore material. The Black Jade Star doesn’t have this material. At the same time, you’re the only soul beast with powerful spatial power. Therefore, you’re the only soul beast that can create spatial teleportation materials!”

“How is it? Are you very happy?”

The little caterpillar thumped its tail against the floor.

“Very good!” w.a.n.g Che smiled, “The process of making it is actually very simple. If you have nothing to do, go to those soul crystal mines and use the power of the Sky G.o.d to contaminate those crystal mines. It will be even better if you bleed a little more. In a few years, with the development speed of the Black Jade Star, these mines will quickly form special spatial crystals.”

“At that time, we’ll build a large teleportation array on the Black Jade Star and let the soul beast cubs of the five regions become your underlings.”

The little caterpillar became excited and felt that w.a.n.g Che’s suggestion was very good.

At the thought of the soul beast cubs of the Black Jade Star calling it boss, the little caterpillar was excited.

w.a.n.g Che nodded.

Sigh, spatial resources were really scarce. w.a.n.g Che could find some soul plants that contained spatial power. They were already planted in the spiritual fields.

However, there were fewer ores, metals, or other spatial resources.

He could only let the soul beasts help create it.

With the explosive speed of the Black Jade Star and the help of the little caterpillar, it should be able to quickly form a large number of spatial resources.

With the teleportation array, it would not be a problem to transport resources to build the Cloud Heavenly Court Mothership.

“Go!” w.a.n.g Che patted the little caterpillar, “Train with the Magnetic Sword more. Oh right, the little skeleton’s body is very firm. It can directly paste the Dragon Slaying Talisman and even absorb dragon blood. It has special effects on dragons. Add it to the special training.”

The little caterpillar left obediently.

Then, w.a.n.g Che began to teach Bear Treasure some profound spirit talismans and Dao talismans.

Bear Treasure had begun drawing talismans under w.a.n.g Che’s guidance before the King’s Cup. In the past few years, it had not been left behind and its level had been getting higher and higher.

It had an incomparably perfect grasp of every inch of its body and had very good talent in drawing talismans.

After that, w.a.n.g Che found the Firefly Dream Spirit that was patrolling the Black Jade Star. It had already found the Ancient Fiend and the Divine Light Whale and explained to them his idea of creating the Heavenly Court Mothership.

“Is this mothership you’re talking about really that powerful? There are already thousands of soul beasts on the Black Jade Star.”

“In a few decades, there will be at least tens of thousands of fourth-generation soul beasts.”

“A mere mothership can take away so many soul beasts?”

“Even if you let the Sky G.o.d Dragon come, it can’t take away so many soul beasts at once?”

The Ancient Fiend had doubts about w.a.n.g Che’s plan.

They felt that it was good that humans did not come to the Black Jade Star.

As the number of Black Jade Star soul beasts increased, under the lead of the second and third-generation soul beasts, the soul beast cubs born on their own were educated from birth. After their intelligence was developed, they almost worshiped the two Beast G.o.ds. Coupled with w.a.n.g Che’s guidance in cultivation, the faith power was naturally given to the two endlessly.

“No, if your Human Federation’s technology was that high…” The Divine Light Whale was even more direct, “You wouldn’t have been almost extinct by those foreign races back then, right… Moreover, I don’t remember such powerful technology in the Remote Antiquity Era…”

“Yes,” w.a.n.g Che said. “The Cloud Heavenly Court Mothership is equivalent to a spatial small world. If it’s built with the resources of the Black Jade Star, it can naturally take these soul beasts away.”

“It’s not a problem at all.”

These words were not bragging. The technology mothership of the immortal cultivation civilization was similar to his true Myriad Treasures Dao Palace or some spatial immortal artifacts and Dharma treasures. They were profound and endless.

In fact, if it was only resources, w.a.n.g Che might not be able to forge it with the blueprint because it took too long.

However, the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul had a sword furnace. He could constantly produce various tools. He only needed to spend some time and use the Divine Light Whale and the Ancient Fiend as a.s.sistants to a.s.semble and refine it.

The Beggar’s Version Mothership did not need to be too complicated.

“Alright, tell me what you need.” The Divine Light Whale and the Ancient Fiend nodded.

In the future, the Black Jade Star would definitely be exhausted. At that time, regardless of whether they became million-year soul beasts or not, they had to bring these soul beasts away.

It seemed that the war zone would not come, so they could only rely on themselves.

w.a.n.g Che nodded slightly. The plan was set. Next, he just had to execute every step accurately.

The process of forging such a mothership was actually not complicated. It was fine as long as there were blueprints and a core drive.

Originally, the mothership was powered by the star source.

Now, the Beggar’s Version Mothership could be driven by the martial soul. When it was forged, w.a.n.g Che estimated that he would almost reach Level 90.

With the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace, even the Essence Soul martial soul could be used.

After Level 90, w.a.n.g Che could almost restart his cultivation path. As long as his Essence Soul martial soul could cultivate the Primordial Sacred Soul and fuse with it, w.a.n.g Che could break through the rules of the martial soul world and restart his cultivation path.

Then, he discussed the details with the Divine Light Whale, the Ancient Fiend, and the Firefly Dream Spirit and officially began the plan.

The first step of the plan was to build a teleportation array.

In the first year, w.a.n.g Che brought the little caterpillar to the various resource areas of the Black Jade Star and used the power of the Sky G.o.d Dragon’s bloodline to contaminate the various mineral veins.

From the second to the third year, spatial resources gradually formed under the origin energy of the Black Jade Star. Although it was not much, it was enough to build a teleportation array.

In the fourth year, thousands of spatial teleportation arrays began to be built in the five regions of the Black Jade Star. The little caterpillar was in charge of maintenance.

In the fifth year, the little skeleton’s body advanced and it officially began to cultivate the Divine Tomb h.e.l.l Suppression Technique. Its cultivation exceeded 50,000 years and it began to master the power of time contained in the crown. Although the effect was not strong, it had also awakened several time-type soul skills. Although it could not affect the entire Black Jade Star, a small area of time was enough to accelerate the growth of more resources.

In the sixth year, the little caterpillar officially broke through to a hundred thousand years and controlled the power of s.p.a.ce. It perfectly pa.s.sed the Worm Breaking Through the Heavens in the Divine Will s.p.a.ce and condensed the Five Essence Soul Pills. At the same time, this year, the little caterpillar could add a second soul ring to w.a.n.g Che’s Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul to break through to Level 60.

In the seventh year, the Magnetic Sword broke through to a hundred thousand years and attached a second soul ring to w.a.n.g Che. A hundred thousand-year soul pet could attach a second soul ring to the Contract Soul Master to break through the upper limit. w.a.n.g Che’s martial soul level broke through to Level 70.

In the ninth year, Bear Treasure broke through to a hundred thousand years and could add a second soul ring to w.a.n.g Che. w.a.n.g Che’s martial soul level broke through to 80. At the same time, in this year, among the second-generation soul beasts, the Water Demon Beast broke through to 200,000 years of cultivation… To w.a.n.g Che’s surprise, after the Water Demon Beast broke through to 200,000 years, it attracted a Heavenly Tribulation.

Under the Heavenly Tribulation, it meant that the Black Jade Star also had some rules of the martial soul world.

Or perhaps, such rules existed in this universe, regardless of size.

In the tenth year, a spatial teleportation array was set up in every corner of the Black Jade Star. Under w.a.n.g Che’s plan, the second-generation soul beasts began to lead all the soul beasts on the Black Jade Star to collect the various resources.

In the eleventh year, the little guy, Firefly Dream Spirit, also successfully broke through to a hundred thousand years. It awakened the overlord’s power, the Power of Divine Will. After possessing the Power of Divine Will, the Firefly Dream Spirit’s mental strength could cover any region of the five great regions of the Black Jade Star. As long as the Divine Will s.p.a.ce created could be constructed, it could even let hundreds or even thousands of soul beasts train in the Divine Will s.p.a.ce, deduce and calculate their future growth potential, and formulate a detailed plan. With w.a.n.g Che’s help, it became a little beast nurturing expert even more powerful than w.a.n.g Che.

That same year, w.a.n.g Che’s soul power cultivation broke through to Level 90 and he began to cultivate his second martial soul.

In the twelfth year, after discussing with the Divine Light Whale and Ancient Fiend, w.a.n.g Che discussed with the second-generation soul beasts, the Water Demon Beast, and the other five soul beasts. They were very willing to become w.a.n.g Che’s second martial soul’s soul pets and attach soul rings to temporarily break through the limit.

w.a.n.g Che began to cultivate the Primordial Sacred Soul.

In the 15th year of the Cloud Heavenly Court Mothership plan, w.a.n.g Che released the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul true body that covered a radius of more than a thousand meters. The Myriad Treasures Dao Palace was glorious and vast. Countless resources were transported from all directions by soul beasts and fused into the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace, turning into countless mothership equipment in the sword furnace…


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