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That day.

It was about 3 am! I remember the cold air touching my skin I was just strolling around in this hour I'm trying to ghost hunt in streets I'm planning to find my talent who knows maybe I can find it.

But I heard people talking or rather arguing at something it's in a dark alleyway no one is around at this time except for me and this people.

I heard two voices a young man's voice and a middle age man's voice. So I tried to activate my a.s.sasin mode and eavesdrop. And heard.

"Michael! Give me the inheritance! That your father give to you!" The middle age man said.

"I already told you! I don't have it! How many times will I tell you that I don't have it?" The young man said shouting.

"Tskk playing fool aren't we? Cooperate with us if you don't want something to happen to you! Hurry give it!!" The middle age man said with an orderly and forceful tone.

"Aren't you scared of my family? Do you really dare to hurt me??" The young man said but his voice is shaking.

"Hmpp too bad I was gonna let you live in the first place if you cooperate!"The middle age man said in a cold tone. Then he looks to his bodyguards beside him. And he said." Beat him to death then search his clothes." "Bye bye Michael Smith!"He said.

" Even If I have it! I wouldn't give it to the likes of you!"the young man said clearly not willing to give anything even if he dies.

This people don't even know that there is someone who witness all of this although it's just verbal.

'd.a.m.n what is this? From the looks of it, this is something that someone like me don't need to poke my nose of! Did he just say Smith? No way it must be coincidence! There's really no way' Nathan thought.

After a few moments a bunch of sounds can be heard its like how fist sound when it hits flesh and some noises of a person get beaten up, grunting in pain.

After a few minutes of beatings, the sounds finally subsided.

"Boss I think he is already dead!" Bodyguard 1 said.

"Yeah looks like he's not breathing anymore!" Bodyguard 2 said.

"Just like I said earlier check his entire body!" the middle age man said.

The two bodyguards check the body to the point of leaving him with no clothes and b.u.t.t naked. But to no avail there's nothing important in his persons they are only able to find a phone, wallet,ID's and pa.s.sport that's all.

"Boss I think this is all! We can't find anything connected about the inheritance!" Bodyguard 1 said.

"Yeah I think there's nothing worth of your attention boss!" Bodyguard 2 said.

"Dammit! Even if he do not have it! I will not give up on finding it!"The middle age man said and slightly infuriated. He continued." Let's Go now just leave him there, he is nothing special! Dead man tell no tales! "He said the bodyguards nodded.

They are walking away from the scene.

's.h.i.t! Where should I hide there's no hiding spot! I will just lay down here!' Nathan quickly lay his back and hid himself behind a trash can. It's hard to spot him because it is dark.

He can hear their footsteps getting out of the alleyway, Nathan want to see their faces so he lifted up his head a little bit and use his hand to support his lift but he accidentally slide his hand and cause for him to b.u.mp his head into a bottle.


The sound of a bottle colliding in the floor can be heard. And it quickly caught their attentions.

"Who is that?"Bodyguard 1

"Yeah who is there?" Bodyguard 2

"Go and check it!" The middle age man said.

Nathan at the moment.'s.h.i.t I'm doomed! I'll die for sure!' Nathan thought.'I would like to tell my family that I love all of you before I leave this world!' Nathan can hear the footsteps going near him.'No I haven't lived enough! It's not time for me yet! Nathan think.... I don't know if it will work but let's try it!' Nathan put all of his hope in this.

"Meow!"Nathan said.

"... "Bodyguard 1

"....."Bodyguard 2.

"........"The middle age man.

"Phew it's just a cat boss!" Bodyguard 1 said.

"Yeah it's a cat!" Bodyguard 2 said.

Bodyguard 1,"...."

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