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October 23, 2018

7:30 AM

Nathan wake up early in the morning with an excited expression all over his face, today is the day that he will practice martial arts for the first time and he is really looking forward to it, because after the mission he can get those generous rewards, but what really makes him the happiest is the things that happens yesterday.

Till now he can't believe that he win his dream girl, he just couldn't help but think that must have an insane amount of karmic points in his previous life to deserve this, he personally think that nothing is special with him, but that is before and now that he have this strange system he can now change.

Nathan goes downstairs to check if there's breakfast to eat.

"Mom! Is there any food?"Nathan shout.

"it's about done!"His mom replied.

Nathan turned on the TV to watch a little bit,"Mom! Faster!"

"What are you hurrying for? Come here it's done!"his mom said while putting the dishes in the table.

"Im gonna go at Tiffany's place."Nathan said then sit in the chair.

"What will you gonna do there?"His mom ask.

"I'll try practicing martial arts!"Nathan said while picking up the dishes and rice.

"Really? Do you have a fever? Are you getting enough sleep lately?"His mom said.

"Mom! I'm serious! I'll just try, if I like it then I'll just keep doing it!"Nathan said.

"Okay! Then hurry and finish eating!"His mom said.

After eating breakfast Nathan take a bath then change his clothes, after he goes out of his room he saw his sister and father eating, then they ask him on where he will go after he said it his sister and dad is momentarily shock for a few seconds.

"Really??"His sister and dad said in unison, just by this reaction you can see how useless Nathan is, to his family this is like a miracle.

"Should I call an ambulance? Should I call a psychiatrist? Did you hit your head or something?"His dad said in worry.

"Do you want to sleep with me?"his sister said.(A/N:Oops... Nathan your sister is kind of suspicious...)

"Aiya! You people are overreacting! I'm gonna go now!"Nathan said then quickly left.

After going outside of their house Nathan check the time it's 7:50 currently then he give a call to Tiffany.


[What's up? Have you eaten yet? Where are you now?]

"Im wondering where will I go? At your house? Or at dojo?"Nathan ask.

[At dojo I'm here now! I'll wait here!]

"OK! Wait for me! Bye!"Nathan said.

[Bye! Lov--]Then Nathan cuts off.(A/N:Sue you Nathan! She will just gonna say something! Urghhh!)

Nathan take his bike then started pedaling.


8:05 AM

It took Nathan 15 minutes to finally arrive at his destination.

The gates are already open, Nathan saw a lot of people wearing the same training outfit, it must be the pract.i.tioners.

Nathan took his phone and call Tiffany to let her know that he already arrives.

"Nathan! Here! "Tiffany is standing at the gate while calling Nathan and waving her hands, with a bright smile, in her tone, a hint of happiness can be noticed. Nathan look at her direction then smile, it's just that he couldn't get tired of her beauty.

Tiffany ran at him and hold his hand.Then said."Let's go now! Don't just look at me!"

"Ok!"Nathan said then follow her while holding hands. A lot of people saw this then started gossiping.

"Who is that? Why is he holding master's hand?"Pract.i.tioner 1

"Don't know? Maybe a relative?" Pract.i.tioner 2

"Relative? No way! He is too ugly!" Pract.i.tioner 1

"Is he master's boyfriend?" Pract.i.tioner 3

"Are you stupid? Do you know that there are a lot of power houses that propose an arrange marriage but get turned down instead? Not just that there are also a lot of really handsome people that woo our master but in the end our master decline. I think he's just a new pract.i.tioner! Look he don't have training clothes yet!" Pract.i.tioner 4

"You have a point! That makes sense!" Pract.i.tioner 3

"Then why are they holding hands? Is it necessary? Did he think he can just hold our G.o.ddess hands if he wants? F*ck I haven't even touch master but he just hold her hand?" Pract.i.tioner 5

"Look! He is really skinny! He can't properly walk by himself so that our master support him! Phew our master is so kind! Even though she will hold a dirty hand she is willing to support him! I really admire master! I want to be like her in the future." Pract.i.tioner 6

"Yeah that must be it! Phew I'm scared for a second here! I thought they have some special relationship or something!" Pract.i.tioner 7

"Master is really kind! It motivates me!" Pract.i.tioner 8

"So master just want to help him? Master is really deserving of her t.i.tle!" Pract.i.tioner 9

After a few minutes they arrive at the private training ground, this is different from the one that used to teach the pract.i.tioners. This is only accessible for the masters and owner of the dojo. Currently no one are here except for them.(A/N:Tiffany? Are you scheming something? Hmm?...)

"Are you ready now?"Tiffany ask.

"Yes!"Nathan said with determination in his eyes.

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