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Skeleton VS Slime (Part 2)

At any rate, who was a low grade copper rank adventurer, I didn't have enough power to beat the slime in one strike.

But, what happened just now is...

Though I couldn't confirm it, maybe, my attack unexpectedly hit the core of the slime.

That aside, the raw material of the slime..
Because the part of the slime fluids that touched the ground has lost it's usefulness, I must collect what is still attached to the core introducing the container or it will be lost.

Fluids of a slime can only be obtained just after it's beaten, because if it's alive it will be rejected if I try to collect it, and if some time has pa.s.sed since dead, it's state changes. 

I'm taking out the container from my tool bag, cram it into the body of the slime that already melted and fill it.

Its body unexpectedly didn't carry any acids. The adventurers who entered their hands into the body of a slime retrieve them smooth and fine, so the fluids mostly are used as women cosmetics.

Since that way of using it fetches a higher price than using it as a lower grade recovery potion.

Women even make cosmetics from another monsters too..

Well, the materials taken from a monster, have a huge effect on the human body, like rejuvenation, some even have legends, as materials that are said to have the possibility of bestowing eternal youth, and other type of cosmetic medicines.

As I was thinking about it, I'm staring at the container that was filling with the liquid while ejecting the burbling air inside.

.. Mmm. If it's this much, it might fetch a high price.

The payment is worth a few days of hotel.

Nonetheless, I can't sell it in my current situation, and it doesn't have any meaning since there isn't a hotel that can receive a monster as me…


I'll have meat soon, I'll be able to sell it after all..

As for the lodging……. Well, whether they'll give me a shelter or not is still a mystery but, if it's at the level of a tavern, they might be willing to lend me a bed for a night or two.

I leave that place to hunt for the next monster while thinking about such a thing.

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