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Originally I was worried, thinking about how I could return the money to Saozi as soon as possible. However, now the problem is solved. No doubt this incident further increased the impression I had of Liu Jie, I know that the relationship he has with his father is not very good, even seems to be worn out. But she was willing to beg her father to help me get out of trouble. That shows how much weight your feelings for me are in in his heart.

Besides, Liu Jie didn't even complain earlier that I didn't give him a gift. Since I can remember from beginning to end I've even been getting his help, I'm a complete loser. Well, now that the princ.i.p.al sent me to call his office, I don't need to urgently go back to cla.s.s.

Soon I snuck sneaking out of school. Generally speaking, Liu Jie receives all sorts of valuable gifts for being a Baifumei, so the gift I can give her must be something original to demonstrate the good intentions I have towards her.

After careful thought and selection, buy 10 packs of Weilong (spicy candy strips), 10 packs of spicy chicken strips, a box of mung bean pastries, and a bag full of coconut candy. The shopkeeper gleefully looked at me as I packed everything in the plastic bag.

When I got back to school, I ran at full speed to the cla.s.sroom, probably is the first time I had not rested at noon. When he arrived, he gently tapped the shoulder of Liu Jie, who had his eyes closed. “Feng-ge, you're back again.” Liu Jie was happy to see me in front of her.

“Of course, and I bring you a surprise,” Soon everyone's attention was focused on us, by the mysterious way in which he spoke.

Originally, Liu Jie was like a pure and beautiful flower, but with Saozi's teaching and makeup, her femininity increased a little more, so wherever she goes, it is enough to make her the focus of attention.

“What do you think is the gift Zhuang Feng will give him?”

“I think maybe it's a big ring of multi-carat diamonds. Only a diamond ring would match such beauty.”

That's more than impossible, his background is anyone's, even if he sold everything he had, he couldn't afford to buy a diamond ring.”

I was like a scared rabbit not knowing what to do.

Soon the room was completely muted, before bursting into noise.

“Somebody tell me this is a lie, how can this be happening?”

“As it turns out, just one packet of spicy strips was enough to reduce the distance to my G.o.ddess!”

“For heaven's sake, spicy suspenders alone are enough to have a girlfriend! “

“So it's true, Zhuang Feng likes Liu Jie from the bottom of his heart. My EQ* is in negative points. Even if people send out smelly socks, everything will be fragrant and pleasant around them. And you don't care if you arrive in a car with spicy strips you won't be able to find a girlfriend, you'll deservedly be single!”
NT: emotional quotient

“It's like a stab wound to the heart, Big Sister! “

Liu Jie, full of joy said: “In the school cafeteria there are delicious appetizers. And father always told me I couldn't eat things like this. But to think that they would be so addictive and tasty, brother Feng-ge, I would hate to have to give away all the packages you bought, come let's eat them together.”

This way Liu Jie and I ended up eating with great enthusiasm. The students who snuck out of other cla.s.srooms to come and look at Liu Jie ended up giving him a new nickname. The Burning G.o.ddess.

After afternoon cla.s.ses, Liu Jie asked me to accompany her to the playground for a walk. Since he helped me solve my problems and recovered the 20,000 yen I will return to Saozi, I did not refuse his request.

“Feng-ge, how's the wound on your head, are you better?” asked Liu Jie.

“Ah, if it's better, it doesn't hurt anymore.” I remembered how I told Liu Jie that I accidentally fell down the stairs. If she knew the wound was caused by Tangge, there'd definitely be trouble.

“Hey, won't it affect recovery to have eaten spicy strips a moment ago, will it?”

“None of that, at most I'll only have one scar left. And if the worst happens and I can't move, you'll help me, won't you? ” Before you finish talking, don't forget to close with a joke. The way she behaved and talked, I realized that she is still worried about me.

“Oh yes, but you no longer have Meizi-jie to take care of you” Liu Jie frowned sourly. Indeed, he had already realized my feelings for Saozi. After all when we were eating at the restaurant I dropped a bomb and maybe also already she deciphered Tangge's physical condition and problems with Saozi.

“She's just my Saozi, not my wife. “I said no more, so as not to aggravate the situation.

“Humhp, humhp, it's good that you're aware of it. “Liu Jie's eyes showed joy and satisfaction. Sometimes it is better not to say too many words to exaggerate something and just be concise, to have a good result.

Under the bright moonlight, Liu Jie looked really beautiful and seductive, like a fairy. His black vest squeezing his chest, so that it looks bulky, and his white and beautiful legs walked on the road, filtered an air of sensuality.

Can't help but remember what happened in the morning when you explore your intimate area. Liu Jie did not wake me immediately, on the contrary, he waited, until I entered his coc.o.o.n. So it looks like she enjoyed it, too.

Teenagers are really full of thoughts about the opposite s.e.x. Walking side by side, shoulder by shoulder, in this darkness with only a little light in front of this indescribable environment, I could not say a word, but only take Liu Jie's hands, who had his head bent and did not dare to look at me.

We walked that way to a corner of the schoolyard. It was the place where the physical education cla.s.s was held. The place where I found Liu Jie. The gra.s.s was thick and swayed with strange sounds even though there was not much wind.

“It looks like there's someone in that place. “

“I'm not good at handling this sort of thing. "

“And if he's just a school guard, then what happens, huh?”

That short but quiet conversation, in such an atmosphere, was extraordinarily stimulating. At school, there is an unwritten rule: if a man and a woman go to that place at night, there is no problem, since there is a tacit understanding of what is going on there. But, if a man alone, goes alone to look, and they discover him, he will be beaten up.

“Come, let's take a look” Hold Liu Jie's hand tightly and I prepared to go there.

“Hey, you're disgusting, who wants to go see when you have this beauty” Liu Jie's cheeks were filled with a layer of blush. His appearance shy, but charming, left me a little tempted.

In fact, I'm also a little surprised, do you have so much desire that you can't wait until we go on holiday, and find a small hotel, safe and comfortable. You don't have a problem if an insect comes out of nowhere? Or even the fact that I'm not her boyfriend?.

Originally when an unmarried man and woman go for a walk at night, their atmosphere is normal. But when they encounter a situation by accident, it undoubtedly ignites their internal fuel.

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