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Originally the Chengbei students were not convinced that only I could mop the floor with He Yu. So the many students at the school who recorded videos, uploaded it to the internet, and created a ruckus. In that way they showed them irrefutable proof of what had happened, and they also let a little of their dissatisfaction escape by making them feel dissatisfied now.

In addition, there were many other people from other schools who joined in the fun, pretending to be San High students. Which caused a lot of anger among Chengbei students; and the superiority that existed in Chengbei on the part of its third-grade students for being known as thugs, now seemed to go unnoticed.

As he got out of the car, w.a.n.g Xiaopang immediately approached with a smile as he extended an umbrella in his hand to block the sun's rays.

“What are you doing?” I asked him in confusion.

“He, He. Right now you're a G.o.d to a lot of people, boss. Everybody's talking about a little evil in you, you wouldn't look bad. In addition, the sun is harmful to the skin, and if the girls at school see you a little burnt they will get sad.” explained the little fat man.

Before I can answer something, Liu Jie grumbles. “If that's the case, then come and cover me, for, if my skin tans, then your boss will skin all your skin.”

“What are you looking at, do you expect Saozi to hold the umbrella to cover himself. “Xiaopang looked at me with a begging face, but I said nothing. Who was the one saying things about not worrying about *Meizi´s and covering myself with an umbrella.

NT: younger sister; girl

“By the way, I hope you didn't forget to bring me a present. Unlike your boss who lets these things pa.s.s as if nothing and does not care about you little thing, I'll make you foam out of your mouth. “The little phrases that came out of Liu Jie's mouth were prominent and full of complaint.

When I finished speaking, Waopiang pushed me from behind and placed my lips on Liu Jie's unintentionally. Laughing, he said, “Saozi, I hope you can cheerfully accept this little improvised gift. "

Liu Jie's cheeks immediately blushed. The beautiful scenery shown in front of the school due to such flirting became so evident that it it itched all over my body.

After all, most couples are always looking for a hidden place where they can hold hands and kiss without being seen. During the cla.s.s review, the teacher surrendered to Liu Jie, seeing that she seemed to be in her world thinking about what had happened previously.

Anyway, in front of this Baifumei, a mere teacher can only be helpless. So he turned a blind eye.

“eiya, you can't stop causing discomfort. “Next to me I heard the cacophony of a couple of students pointing at me. Unable to bear his chatter any longer, I opened my mouth.

“Boo, Boo, you can stop guessing and stop talking about other people's pests. Before I could speak, Liu Jie looked at them with his big, bright eyes and told them the same thing he planned to say. They immediately stopped their temper tantrum.

Xiaopang looked at me with a face of envy and said: “It is certainly too impressive Chief. Letting Saozi take care of them is enough to keep everyone quiet.”

I know I am innocent, but I can not stop worrying about Saozi, the events that happened earlier with Liu Jie in front of her, happened as if nothing and was not right. Besides, I like Saozi and I don't know if he's bothered or indifferent to such an issue.

The first two cla.s.ses in the morning were with Professor Liu. From his expressions, everything seemed normal. When the noon bell arrived at the end of the cla.s.s, I was asked to go to the princ.i.p.al's office.

On the way to the princ.i.p.al's office, I felt depressed by my behavior. I'm too impulsive and hot-minded. I thought my fight with He Yu was only seen by the hundred or two hundred people who were spectators. However, things are more problematic, and now there are almost no local students who don't know about it.

The behavior of San High students is practically the opposite of what I've done. Originally a student of good behavior, however after these two consecutive fights it is like *shooting the bird that comes out, and can no longer cause more problems within the school.
NT: A person should not stand out too much or else it will easily bring disaster. a.n.a.logy a person who takes the lead is vulnerable to receiving more blows.

Finally, in front of the director's door, I felt sad. I remembered the events that happened last time when I hit Guo Tao's (dumb) pig's head for bothering Saozi and when she was called later to support me with the money.

Looking inside, I was surprised to see two bills: “Director, what are you doing?”

“he, he, I want to apologize for what I did before, I didn't know what I was doing, and I took the money from your relatives, I hope you don't take it so hard. “when I looked at him, I noticed that he said it honestly.

I don't know what medication this crazy old man took, but I won't sell myself. “Director don't expel me, and as for this money I won't take it.”

“No, no, no, Zhuang Feng, we're part of the same school, so you don't need to act low profile. In addition, the Director General called me and asked me to take care of you personally, not to mention also that he is inclined to support the school to have a larger number of students. To think that we originally had the least amount in San High, but thanks to your current accomplishments, there are more than a thousand people who want to enter our school the following year. Thanks to you, we've made a name for ourselves. Well done! “As he patted me on the shoulder, the director's face couldn't hide the emotion on his face.

Suddenly remembering how I behaved like a gentleman and was generous with the Director, as well as everything I said and thought about coming walking to this place I felt like a fool. Not only did he not even bother to scold me, on the contrary he unexpectedly thanked me for everything. d.a.m.n it, it's all this, let's get it over with!

“Cough, Director, aren't you kidding me, are you?” I scratched my head and asked.

“Of course not. Watch the call log and the screenshots I take from the talk. Now, many students have the goal of getting into San High School,” the princ.i.p.al said seriously.

“Hey! Even stunned, unable to catch up with what happened, I asked.

“Like why? You're Liu Jie's boyfriend, his father used to be a soldier and he's an old comrade in arms to the CEO. “The director rolled his eyes as he finished speaking

Suddenly I remembered how Liu Jie had been all the time with his phone in the morning. He seemed to have been talking to someone on WeChat, even if he didn't pay attention. So he begged his father to intercede for me. So even though I hit He Yu I wouldn't have any problems.

d.a.m.n, as I thought having someone with connections is a privilege. I thought it would all be over. But a call from the director general and a few shouts were enough for the director to take the initiative to reimburse the money and take care of me. I forget all the problems I had at school even though I caused them.

Originally he didn't want to owe his father anything and play with her feelings. However, when I took out the money earlier, I felt a little pain when I remembered how Saozi came and took over the situation with the director and persuaded him not to expel me.

Today the director's look as if he were seeing his boss, is thanks to me and Liu Jie can not tell the truth of our relationship.

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