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Arrival to the Capital (Part 2)

Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Mayonaize Shrimp

「…… Tsu!」

The King's words startled me.

And that was enough as an answer.

「So, that's true…

Well, don’t worry. I don’t mean any harm.

There was a legend conveyed only to the royal family. Sometimes G.o.d would bring a visitor from another world to this world. They brought useful knowledge with them, but that knowledge would be dangerous if held by evil people. A countermeasure is indeed necessary, but we can’t just arrest them out of the blue. Why? The reason is because the G.o.ds sent them onto this land to finish their duty. Therefore to make the G.o.ds' intention into reality, it was necessary to give them support.

However, they hold a different set of values from people in this world, so it’s hard for the country to win them over. Trying to a.s.sure their freedom as much as possible, while trying to give them support as much as you can.

ーThat is the tradition which has been handed down for generations」


But, perhaps it was not that odd.

There must be some reincarnated person sent by the G.o.ddess before. If that reincarnated person also entrusted with a mission like me, of course there would be some opportunity to meet important people in this world.

「That’s why, Edgar-yo. What do you need from us― no… from the Santamana kingdom? Tell me your wish」

Because I didn’t expect it would turn out like this, I can’t think anything if suddenly asked like this.

For now, let’s ask for information.

「Well…… On one hand, we have the Sonorat’s pillaging brigade, the infamous mercenary gang . On the other hand, we have the demon G.o.d worshipper, the a.s.sa.s.sination cult organization . These two organizations had the same objective at almost the same time, to usurp the Santamana Kingdom.

Isn’t it a bit too much to be a coincidence? I can’t help feeling that this is planned by a certain『someone』 from Sonorat or even further north」

I don’t know who that『someone』is, but I believe the possibility for it to be the reincarnation of that random attacker, Kizaki Toru, was low.

Kizaki should be reincarnated as a baby like me. It will be questionable if a baby holds an influence to that extent.

Even so, Gazaine said that he saw a mysterious child, which probably is Kizaki.

Although it can’t be said that it was Kizaki who lead the situation, there’s a possibility that he was involved somewhere.

But in that case, there’s a high possibility that an organization is protecting Kizaki and manipulate 〈Black Wolf Fang〉and 〈Yatagarasu〉.

「Fumu. I already sent a spy to find information about Sonorat situation.

In Alfred’s report, there is a 『Pastor-sama』 with the name Letishia Rudameia in 〈Yatagarasu〉. I wanted to arrange a search warrant containing her description, but it hasn’t bear any fruit」

「What kind of power does Sonorat have as a country?」

「What we understand is, it was a central city/state in the northern plateau. Even so, it’s hard to think for such a small country to reach not only Sonorat, but even Santamana which is farther to the south. And it’s also the same with the Empire on the northern border.  It’s not strange if their power cross over until the middle continent, but I don’t understand why they target Santamana which is in the southern tip of the continent」

「How about other influences besides the country?」

「Perhaps the evil G.o.d believer who worships the evil G.o.d is a dominant person. Or maybe, the demon that resides in Frostbite, the lizardman in the southern continent, there’s also a connection with trader from Sonorat that currently in isolation at eastern region, savage tribe who have a conflict with Santamana, or else the elves princ.i.p.ality with revolution ideologist…… the possibility is roughly in such place」

「What about that evil G.o.d believers?」

「I wasn’t able to grasp their situation either, but they scattered all over the continent, and they said they make a secret society to achieve the evil G.o.d intention. However, the most rumors about those heretics were about dominating by conspiracy and historical theories, and there are a lot of things that can't be grasped properly. In the superst.i.tious rural area, if you are doing somewhat suspicious things, you will be suspected as a heretic. People selfishly burn them to death even though it was prohibited by a royal decree……」

In short, it’s like the secret society in the previous world, it’s all about occult after all.

「About this heretic, please investigate them very carefully」

「Hou, is there any reason for it?」

「I have knowledge from my previous life granted by the power of G.o.ddess-samaー Atrazenek-sama, the G.o.d who ruled the samsara. I received a mission to pursue a man who was reincarnated to this world, a devil worshiper in the previous life」

「Fumu. Devil worshiper and evil G.o.d believer. It’s certainly bad.

I understand. I will try to investigate this evil G.o.d believer.

……Even so, if their activities are centered in Sonorat, then what we can do will be limited」

「I think those guys took an advantage from the instability politic in Sonorat」

「But, it’s a difficult thing to do for our country. I can’t possibly send a soldier just to subjugate Sonorat」

That’s right. There’s no way I would ask to invade them.

For the time being, I can’t do anything other than to request an investigation.

No, there was another thing that I can ask for…

I wonder will it be okay to say it, but perhaps it’s okay for me to be frank.

「Please, I beg you to give a generous treatment for the former member of 〈Yatagarasu〉」

As a person who unified the people inside 〈Yatagarasu〉 and the mastermind of the revolt, I have a responsibility to ask for this.

Because of my words, the king slightly opened his eyes and said.

「Hou…… Even though they kidnapped you? Why do you try to protect them?」

「I talked with them and I made them realize that their teachings are wrong.

In that process, they also mentioned various problems they had.

They said that they felt bad for doing it, so I don’t want them to be punished severely」

「But, it’s regrettable that I have to punish them.

There are circ.u.mstances which criminal become a victim, but it doesn’t mean they are all innocent. Although it seems horrible to punish people, it’s still necessary to maintain order. Kindness alone isn’t enough to be a ruler」

「Of course.  Even if they were deceived to kill a people, the fact that they killed people doesn’t disappear. However, 〈Yatagarasu〉used drugs as a brainwashing method.

I think it was difficult to get through that by their own power. If you think that way then probably most people will get brainwashed like them.

As for their murders, I think those who ordered them to kill people should be held responsible.」


The king was silent while put his finger on his chin.

And then,

「Alfred, your son’s opinion isn’t yours, right?」

「No, it’s not. For me, it's normal for those a.s.sa.s.sins who attacked our families to be punished.

According to the kingdom’s law, it’s not possible for them to escape from capital punishment. Even after take brainwashing into account, they still can’t be said not guilty.

Moreover, there is still a doubt whether they really change their heart or not」

What father said seems to be harsh, but in the prior discussion, as a n.o.ble, he should remain neutral, so he was not supposed to support my opinion.

According to father, 「His Majesty, The King is a wise person, he will reject prejudiced opinion」

The king nodded a few times to understand father’s opinion.

「True, it’s worrying. It’s dangerous to release those trained a.s.sa.s.sins to public」


「Umu. Normally, a boy’s opinion should be rejected.

However, it was this boy who will save the kingdom.

Therefore, I will hear this boy’s opinion. Consider it a compensation for hiding the fact that you are a reincarnated person」

The king clapped his hand to call a person.

The person who came in was an officer who guided us before.

「ーThe king of Santamana kingdom, Visgard the First, has made a decision regarding the former member of 〈Yatagarasu〉.

〈Yatagarasu〉former member will be sentenced to construct the castle wall without payment. The period is until the completion of the castle wall. During that time, those who caused trouble will be subjected to severe punishment as usual. Those who didn’t cause trouble will be freed after completion of the construction.

However, there is an obligation to report the address to the country after liberation, and if he commits a crime, additional penalties shall be imposed according to the weight of the crime. The decision of additional penalties will be judged by the king.

For the former members who are under 15 years old, they will be judged separately.

ーThat’s all, record it」

The officer recorded king’s statement to a wooden clipboard.

The officer finally handed the clipboard to the king, and the king signed after confirming the content of the clipboard.


I was standing alone while muttering that word.

「Probation? That’s a good way to call it.

Then, from now on this punishment will be called as probation. For the criminals who still have a room for sympathy shall be a.s.signed to probation.

However, in order to not to be abused, probation will need approval for the time being. 」

After the officer wrote down the king’s word once again, the king watched the officer leaving.

「What about those under the age of 15?」

Asked the queen.

「How many children are there in 〈Yatagarasu〉?」

「There are 29 people under 12 and 15 people around age 13 and 15」

Father replied the question of the king.

Father dealing with the after-process, we rented a building to be an inn and prepared a place for the accommodation for the children. Originally, it was because the owner kindness that the inn can become an inn and an orphanage, the inn was for children to get a job experience as well as for a way to feeding the children, it will be operated as a placed to encourage independence. Obviously, father will give a support to the inn as the lord of the territory.

Because of that, father was able to accurately grasp the number of children.

Father explained to the king about the present situation and future prospect of the children until the policy about labor and sociality of the inn.

「Hou……It’s quite an effort. Orphan often become a criminal or a b.u.m because there aren’t many opportunities to get a job.

Could it be an idea from the previous life knowledge of this boy?」

I answer the king’s question.

「Yes it is. In my previous life, there was a system of job training for those who are socially disadvantaged, such as orphan or handicapped person.

However, as a former envoy of 〈Yatagarasu〉, they have a certain combat technique, so I think it will be easy for them to become adventurer」

「So, why did you take such measure?」

「They didn’t receive any love from their parents and spend all their time being brainwashed and doing harsh combat training. If it continues as it is, I think they would have a hard time adapting to an ordinary life」

「Unable to adapt to ordinary life, is it? True, I heard a story from some of the knights and soldiers who taking part of a terrible war, they can’t adapt to ordinary life anymore」

In the previous life, probably it was a problem faced by every returning soldiers from Vietnam.

I was surprised I could grasp the civilization level of Marquekt.

「It would be fine if they eventually become an adventurer, but before that, I want them to know about ordinary life as well」

「Good point…… Boy, aside from battle, it seems you also suited to be internal affairs officer」

「No, that was…… it’s just because I have some knowledge in that matter」

As I humbled myself, the conversation broke off, and only the sound of the meal continued for a while.

Then, the king suddenly said.

「ーOh right, Alfred」

「What is it, your majesty」

「Don’t be so stiff here」


「That’s right, it reminds me of the time when we are together」

To my hesitated father, the queen said so and agreed with the king.

「…… But it’s only here okay?」

「Aah. I also didn’t want to make your position worse」

「No, even that Marquis was……」

Father switched the way he talks.

Because of father, the king smiled and laughed.

「From the beginning, everyone was against you to become Marquis. That’s why I pick a duke」

「I thought so…… really, you know that I can’t refuse it, that’s why you do that 」

「Hahaha, but, if I told you, it would be just the usual whim of the king. It’s to decrease the people who are openly attacking you」

「Yeah yeah…… I know you are trying to protect me」

「Yes, right, that’s the feeling! Chatting with Eriza is fun, but It’s really different when talking between a man」

「Ara, are you unhappy with me? Then, I’m sorry your majesty」

The Queenー Eriza-san? Turned away her face.

「I didn’t say that. But, for 4 peopleー no, it turned out to be 3 people……」

「You are the most who sad about that, Alfred」

「I know……I know, but it feels lonely」

「From the beginning, you only like Kanan, aren’t you?」

「Wha…… That’s not true! If you say that, then even you have an interest with Alfred aren’t you?」

「Fu fu fu. What do you think?」

「d.a.m.n, you always dodge the question like that」

「Anyway, Alfred, you and Kanan were in love with each other, there was even no s.p.a.ce for us to break you two」

「……You guys really don’t change」

Alfred-tousan mixed a wry smile with that words, but there was a happy feeling in his tone.

Julia-kaasan looked at father with a great interest.

「Oh yeah, Alfred」

Just now, the king looks like had come up with something and said.


「I will appoint you as the leader of the Royal Guard」


Father spat out.

「Your 【Leadership】 skill is high enough to lead the army and your 【Spearmanship】is enough as a guard at the emergency. There also no problem in terms of skill, achievement, personality, and appearance」

「Bu-but, I have a territory……」

「It’s okay to leave it to an officer right?」

「There also n.o.bles who hates half-elf……」

「I will shut them up」

「The current leader has more skill level in 【Swordsmanship】 than my 【Spearmanship】, right?」

「It’s true that he was skillful at sword, but he is too ambitious. He is a part of section who trying to interfere with the conflict between son to be the next king, also he didn’t care much about his subordinate.」

「Eh? Hasn’t it been decided that prince Ilfreed will be the heir?」

「Irenth’s illness is somehow getting better. That’s a good thing, but as the king, Irenth needs to regain his physical strength to work or the succession conflict that will happen again. As you know, Santamana kingdom choose successor to the throne based on ability and achievement」

「In return, the candidates who wanted to succeed the throne were given privilege and duty to a.s.sist the king by joining the 『Royal family』」

And father looks at me and said.

「Right. This method has the effect to reduce the conflict between the candidates to some extent, but if you want to be closer to those in power, the problem is whether or not you can be an aide for the king and become 『Royal family』. The size of the structure is different after all.

Well, that is why to support and protect a particular royal family, it’s impossible for the Royal Guards to leave royal family」

「But, to begin with, to become the leader of the Royal Guards, you need to be a n.o.ble or royalty, right?」

「Aren’t you a Marquis? If a Marquis isn’t enough then I don’t know anything else? You can even maneuver who would succeed the royal throne if you want to. If it’s possible then can you do something to the close aide of Royal Guards!」

「Ugh, so this peerage just for this after all……」

「That’s good right.  Besides, it will also protect you and your families」

「To protect us……?」

「Listen to me, looks like you are not aware of this, but right now, you provoke jealousy from those n.o.bles. There also a remnant from 〈Yatagarasu〉and 〈Black Wolf Fang〉right.

This is a measure to keep me safe and protect you and your family at the same time」

Father was silenced by the king who spoke with a serious expression.

「And there is that boy too.

If something happens, Corbette Village is way too far to reach from Imperial Capital.

Also, there are so many people in Imperial Capital, so the boy will be hard to be noticed.

Above all, this Imperial Capital is st.u.r.dy. Even those heretics and those G.o.d apostle can’t do whatever they want here」

「That is……」

「Beside, even I was called as the king of wisdom, if I do a reform, I’m sure someone will resent me.

Of course, Eriza will be with me. But the other 2 consort may be targeted. In such situation, it will be good if there was someone that I can rely on.

Alfred, I believe you can help me, will you lend me your power?」

After said that, the king turned toward Alfred-tousan and bow his head.

As a king, he should be able to appoint father as a royal guard with royal authority.

And yet, he bowed his head not to the Marquis Chrebl but to his old friend, Alfred Chrebl.

Father and Julia-kaasan look at each other.

Mother sweetly smiled and nodded.

Perhaps she said to father to do as he likes.

「P-please raise your head…… No, it’s wrong, please raise your head」(Tn: he change his way of talking from formal to informal)

Father said and sighed.

「Honestly, I feel like waiting for disaster and capital punishment for a half-elf…… but I understand. There is also a matter about Ed too, and it’s a request from Vis too.

ーI will take the job as the leader of the Royal Guard」

「……That was helpful」

The king said so and sighed with relief.

「But, I don’t have a mansion in Imperial Capital. As the leader of the Royal Guards, I think I need to have mansion in the old city, but there is no more land in old city, isn’t it?」

The land in the old city was limited because it was surrounded by a lake. That’s why, the residential area of the old city was already filled with the powerful royalty and aristocrat, my father explained it on the way here.

For that reason, having a mansion in the old city was needed as a status for n.o.bility in the Santamana Kingdom.

Even so, father was talking about mansion in the old city not because he wants a status suitable for the leader of Royal Family knight order. It’s simply because for his job as Royal Family guard, he can’t do something in a dangerous situation unless he lives in the old city.

The golden gate bridge was going up at night, it will be impossible to go back and forth between the old city and new city.

「Of course I’ll prepare a mansion in the old city. The initial costs are paid from Royal Family budget. The purchase cost of the mansion is a separate payment wage for the Royal Family knight order, it should be as an offset of that allowance.」

「In the old town……? But there was no vacant mansion in old city right?」

「The mansion of marquis Ferguson is vacant」

「Marquis Ferguson……」

Father was curious and frowned his eyebrows.

looking at the situation, the king bitterly smiled.

「It’s not like I didn’t know how you feel, but don’t make such a face.

I guess it must be inconvenient to you, but Ferguson who is a conservative leader was also famous as an artist-patron.

I already visited it, and it’s a pretty good house」

「But looks like there will be a grudge from marquis Ferguson」

「It seems that my head is getting cold as well, I admit that I was wrong at that time. Of course, maybe you will meet him face to face, but it will be okay」

「I will be grateful then. I will take over as soon as the next commander of the third division is decided and move to the Imperial capital」

「Please. As a king, it will help me a lot. It’s good to know a trusted person with an ability like you will be beside me.

Only those who have sat on the throne will know this feeling of loneliness……」

the king lonely smiled, it doesn’t suit someone with the nickname The Merry Monarch.

The queen who sat next to him stroked his hand gently.

Thus it has been decided, our family will be moved to the Imperial Capital of Santamana Kingdom, Monnocha.n.u.s.

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