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It was already late, so we decided to stay at mansion.

And from the next morning until noon, I will interview Moria-san, Huffman-san, Miguel, Donna, and beck.

Although Only Ganash-jii declined because of old age, but the remaining has become a member.

I was told that Elemia want to talk to me later, so I made it so she would be  last.

Even so, the direction that they need to aim for is clear to those 5 people.

Moria-san who uses two swords and combines speed and firepower so she aims to be vanguard, Huffman-san and Beck are shield users, Miguel is melee fighter using 【Ki Gong】, Donna is using Ganash-jii 【Pharmacist】 group skill so she is support.

Moria-san has learned not only 【Twin Blade Technique】 but also 【Danger Perception】 and 【Stealth Step】, and the skill composition doesn’t have too many gaps.  As expected of A rank adventurer who has 2 t.i.tles, it seems I can’t say anything great as the loser of the mock battle.

Although not much was added, I recommended learning 【Steel Thread Technique】to snare enemies in the dark and because she has apt.i.tude for it, I told her to train 【Dark magic】 as a reconnaissance group skill. Also to get at least a low level skill of 【Shuriken Technique】, I’ll give some her barrier fragments which are abundant  in Melby’s dimension storage as a present.

Moria-san checks the fragments curiously, and then say thanks.

“If there’s a good time, is it okay to ask you to teach me 【Twin Blade Technique】?”

When she heard that, she immediately gives her consent.

It’s too bad because it seems she can’t teach 【Twin Blade Technique】 to her son because of his fighting style is hand to hand combat I think.

For Huffman-san who has the fighting style that uses a shield and a one-handed axe, I recommended learning  【earth magic】 which was useful in  fighting fire dragons. And asked some question on how to use the shield.

Huffman-san gave information about skills that work against monsters like 【Intimidation】 or 【Provocation】.

In addition to the former boys group Miguel, Donna and Beck, In addition to the 【Lightning Magic】 that I taught earlier, Gave advice to improve their magic, fire for Miguel, water for Donna, and earth for Beck. (Tn: wait, so Donna is a boy? I seriously check it 4 times and it says moto ‘shonen’ han… really!?)(Ed: it’s a trap!!)

Although each specialty is clear, the kids weren’t familiar with magic so they’re still not flexible, but in the future the range of tactics will widen after all.

About this point, Moria-san and Huffman-san gave affirmation as their guardian.

Other than that, Miguel recently  get 【Acrobatic】, Ganash-jii teach Donna about perception skill group, and I promised to teach 【Hook Technique】 to Beck.

“Well, how about your fundamental Ed?”

After I finished interviewing everyone, Alfred tou-san come and ask that. (Tn: isn’t it time for Elemia interview?)

“It will take a long time If I explain it, is it alright?”

“Of course”

Julia kaa-san is also asking, and so I will explained my plans about my skill composition from now on until I reach adulthood.(Ed: he forgot elemia… )

◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆ (Watermark: read this translation only at shinku. xiaoxiaonovels.com)

Do you remember about 【Skill Magic】 that I got from G.o.ddess –sama when I’m in the growth sleep the other day?

In exchange of sealing the unnecessary skill, According to the G.o.ddess I get “Magical skill that can organize and integrate skill”.

After I settle in the Fono city, I will immediately go to samsara temple in the city. (Tn: in raw it say rinne or in English samsara. It’s about endless cycle of death and rebirth)

I heard 【Skill Magic】 is the same as 【Prayer】I can’t use it unless there’s a way to communicate with a G.o.d in samsara temple.

The samsara temple in Fono city is located in the center of the city, so it takes only about ten minutes to walk from the feudal lord Chrebl mansion.

If talking about temples, then the image should be a temple should ones from Greece, but no matter what I see, this has the appearance similar to a medieval church in Europe.

The building is made of stone with a gothic appearance, the wall is thick and the window are small, even the inside is dim and feels pleasant.

The atmosphere inside is so bold, because there’s a line of the adventurer here, they’re free to come in to receive divination, then we decide to leave the door and come in.

“…Ara, are you lost?”

The person who came and talked was a young female who had a priest-like appearance.

It’s a priest style, or rather, that attire atmosphere usually is for solo priest style, but it’s no doubt that she is a priest.

“No, I came here to pray”

As expected I can’t foolishly say that I want to use 【Skill Magic】.

However, I didn’t lie because I want to try learning 【Pray】 skill as well.

“you already have interest in this even though you are still so young. Do you know how to pray?”

When I shake my head,

“You see there’s an altar over there right? You kneel in front of that, then call out Atrazenec-sama the G.o.ddess that govern samsara. If you do it right, G.o.ddess-sama will give you a response”

“Response? Beside, how I call out…?”

Even in the previous life, I didn’t know how to pray to G.o.d.

“It will be okay if you say your wish and praise G.o.ddess-sama”

After that, I was kneeling in the altar, then the imagine G.o.ddess-sama appearance in my mind ,

“Oh, beautiful, wise, and merciful, G.o.ddess Atrazenec who govern samsara, please listen to my prayer. Etto, please tell me how to use 【Skill Magic】”

I try to keep pray in silent, and it succeeds in one go.

“—blessing for you my devout believer”

When I hear the familiar voice of G.o.ddess-sama, my body was wrapped in light.

I 【Appraisal】 myself.

《Edgar Chrebl, status: G.o.ddess of Virtue Blessing (Growth skill acceleration, effect: half a day). Skill 【Pray】 1 (NEW!)》

【Pray】 has been added in【Appraisal】status.

《【Pray】: able to offer pray to the G.o.d. However, it’s not effective outside the effective range of the altar. Depending on the subject prayed and the content of prayer, there will be “talisman” that can give support buff like HP · MP recovery speed increase, maximum HP temporary increase, monster avoidance, growth promotion etc. sometime rarely the G.o.d will give a word. In the case that the connection with G.o.d is strong, there are times when it is possible to exchange words with G.o.d in a very short time》

Ooh… this is convenient.

It’s a talisman this time, but I can use this to contact G.o.ddess-sama in the case of emergency.

Even though it’s the first time I used 【Pray】it’s really like that G.o.ddess. It’s only a word of blessing, and I don’t have the freedom to speak.

“—how is it? Were you able to pray?”

The girl from before came and asked.

“Eh, when I thought I heard G.o.ddess-sama voice, there was a light wrapping my body”

“Eeeh!? Did you get a word from Atrazenec-sama!?”

Oops. Looks like it was rare.

“E, eeh… it just said ‘blessing for you my devout believer’ ”

“Even so , that was amazing! Usually it the priest need to keep training for so many years to finally received those words you know!?”

The priest told me with glittering eyes.

I’m sorry but if this person is here, I can’t experiment on 【Skill Magic】.

“Etto, if it’s like that then I think I’d like to give a grateful prayer to the G.o.ddess but…”

“A, ah, sorry! I become too excited just now… I’m disturbing your prayer aren’t I?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m really grateful for getting various information.But I think I want to pray a little longer, …”

“If that’s the case, then do you want to use a room with private altar?”

Private room! So that thing exists.

“Certainly, please. Are there any requirement…?”

“There’s none, but if you have money, there’s a donation box in the private room, it will be helpful no matter how much”

If I have money, that’s what I heard, that’s probably because I look like a child.

I don’t know whether it’s alright for a priest to talk so politely with a child.

I enter a private room guided by the priest.

The size of the private room is more or less a karaoke room.

Even if I say so, there’s no table, and there is only a chair in the center of the room.

There’s small altar inside, and there’s donation box in front of it

“Please enjoy yourself”(ed: what are you telling a boy inside an empty room to enjoy?)

I wait for the priest to leave and then I sit in the chair and look the altar.

Look… it’s troubling.

I don’t know how to use 【Skill Magic】.

For now I opened the status with 【appraisal】, and vaguely look at the skill I have.

And the lined up skill are cla.s.sified in 3 colors.

The colors are, gray, white, and beige, the gray one is dark but the white and beige looks like it’s slightly shining.

And then I focus my consciousness on the name status, and that part become so shiny.

As a test, I try to focus on the white 【covert Art】.

… but nothing happened by that alone.

However, when I change my focus to other skills, most of the skills greyed out while the 【covert Art】 keep shining.

The few survivor… I look toward 【Stealth Step】 which had a shining beige color.

Suddenly there’s a pon-like sound.

Because I was surprised, a window was in front of my eyes.

《【Covert Art】5+【Stealth Step】9→ 【Concealment】 1

Do you want to synthesis the skill? Yes/no? 》

I see, so this is how this work.(ed: white + beige = skill  gray = not viable)

I thought for a while in the front of the window.

Is there a demerit for synthesis?

I think there’s none.

Then the【Concealment】 shown as the synthesis result, at the time when I fought with Gazaine, Gazlo the one who became Yatagarasu’s executive used this skill. Elemia who was suddenly hit by this skill, became a hostage.  This skill is good enough to hit Elemia who is good at detecting presence. I can say that this skill is superior than 【Covert Art】

I focus my consciousness to the letter “Yes”.

I heard a sound like jakishi.

Etto, is it done?

I use 【Appraisal】 on myself.

《Edgar Chrebl。skill:【Concealment】1(NEW!)。》

Un, I can get it properly.

With this I can use synthesis I think.

I open my status once again, I confirm that the letter will be shining when I focus on the white letter.

I take out a note, and make a memo about the synthesis formula and the window display.

There’s also impossible combination Inside the synthesis formula.

For example,

《【Fire Spirit Magic】5+【Fire Magic】9→【Fire Spirit Magic???】5(Rename acceptable)》

This formula and,

《【Fire Magic】9+【Water Magic】9+【Wind Magic】9+【Earth Magic】9→【4 Standard Attribute Magic???】7(Rename acceptable)》

For this formula, both required 【Fire Magic】, so I can’t possibly synthesis this.

The story will change if I can re-master 【Fire Magic】after using it for synthesis, but if you think the skill after synthesis contains elements of 【Fire Magic】, re-learning it probably impossible.

And then, I can only master either 【Fire Spirit Magic???】5(Rename acceptable)or 【4 Standard Attribute Magic???】7(Rename acceptable).

When I think about it, is it too early to make the decision to synthesize 【Concealment】?

When I think about that, I try to focus on 【Concealment】.

《Do you want to disa.s.semble 【Concealment】 skill? (at the time of disa.s.sembly, a slight lost that can’t be predicted will occurred on the skill) Yes/No》

The display was shown along with pon tone.

Fumu, it’s possible to get back the original skill, but at a cost.

Well then, after knowing that will I disa.s.semble 【Concealment】 or not… let’s disa.s.semble it.

There’s also the possibility that 【Covert Art】 and 【Stealth Step】 can be combined with other skills, so I would like to return it to the original skill for confirmation, it’s a bit wasteful, but I’d like to know how much loss I get from disa.s.sembly is.

Because of that, I focus on the “yes” to disa.s.sembly.

Jakishi… I hear a sound like dropping the tension.


《Edgar Chrebl. Skill【Covert Art】5(NEW!)、【Stealth Step】8(NEW!)。》

【Covert Art】 didn’t go down, but the skill level of 【Stealth Step】 is fell by 1.

It feels disappointing, it turn out that there was no other skill that can be synthesized, but it can’t be confirmed after synthesized it.

Focus, put the formula on the memo, cancel, and repeat it again and again.

“—has you finished your “pray”? The day is already dark you know?”

I began to notice because of the tact words from the priest.

Although I come at noon, when I went out to the corridor it was already evening.

“You prayed with a lot enthusiasm. To pray like that at such an age… in case you’re troubled by something, or want to consult about something, don’t hesitate to tell me okay? ”

You can’t be worried for only 1 person you know, while my relationship with this stuttering female priest became strange , I place a silver coin into the donation box.

◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆(Watermark: read this translation only at shinku. xiaoxiaonovels.com)

“—so, in the end, what’s with that skill synthesis?”

Alfred tou-san asked after listening to my long story.

I say “It’s like this” and show my father the page of the note used for trial and error of skill synthesis.

When tou-san see the note, I use 【Appraisal】 on myself.

 HP 94/94

 ・Mythical Cla.s.s

 【Instant Interpretation】-

 【Psychokinesis + 2】5

 【Danger Perception】1


 【a.n.a.lysis】1(NEW!)(【Appraisal】can a.n.a.lyze in detail.)

 【Mana Detection】1(NEW!)(Acquired through skill synthesis)

 【Concealment】1(NEW!)( Acquired through skill synthesis)

 【Throwing Art+3】7

 【Steel Thread art+1】5


 【Water Spirit Magic】1(NEW!)

 【Wind Spirit Magic】3

 【Dark Spirit Magic】1(NEW!)

 【Enchant Magic】6

 【Sense Presence+1】5

(Tn: there’s some skill missing like Letterless Invocation, Mana control, etc. maybe it’s synthesized into Sorcery)

 【Dagger Technique】5

 【6 Basic Attribute Magic】5(NEW!)(Acquired through skill synthesis)


 《G.o.ddess of Virtue’s Blessing+1(Atrazenec)》

It’s long as usual, but hasn’t it become a little neat?

Because of the synthesis, the number of the skill has been greatly reduced from 71 to 37.

According to the G.o.ddess-sama, it seems too many skill have a bad influence in raising skilsl, so I decide to use  synthesis the skills that can be synthesized as much as possible and seal the skill that I do not use.

The + in the skill is based on how many l I synthesized to strengthen the skill

For 【Psychokinesis + 2】, the power is increased about 30% by vertically synthesis 【Telekinesis】and  【Physics Magic】 which are inferior skills of 【Psychokinesis】. It became difficult to control, but thanks to 【Sorcery】, magic control became dramatically easier, so the balance is easier to control.

“Acquired through skill synthesis” is a skill that acquired from synthesized skill, so it’s different skill from before due to synthesize. Therefore, unlike the enhanced synthesis, the nature of skills has changed before and after synthesis.

For example, 【Acrobatic】 isn’t simply the skill that combined 【Leap】 and 【Triangle Kick】 but has the effect to raising the whole physical ability. I think it’s interesting to make Miguel and Elemia learn this skill, I made a promised to teach Miguel at the time of interview. In return I plan to learn 【Ki Gong】 from Miguel. It looks like a difficult skill, so I don’t know if I can learn it or not…

Furthermore, I need to counter stop 【Water Magic】and 【Dark Magic】 to get 【Water Spirit Magic】and 【Dark spirit Magic】 from counter stop bonus to synthesis 【6 Basic Attribute Magic】.

I chose horizontal synthesis rather than vertical synthesis (for example 【Fire Magic】 + 【Fire Spirit Magic】), and the result is I acquired 【6 Basic Attribute Magic】 skill with the level of 5. Apparently, it seems that technique to multiply different magic of different attributes hasn’t been learned yet.

In short, 【6 Basic Attribute Magic】 isn’t simply to attached 【Fire Magic】 skill. Maybe this is an interesting way to raised the synthesis skill For now.

The sealed skills are as bellow.

【Dragon Claw Techniques】 2, 【Dragon Scale Defense】 5, 【Crypta.n.a.lysis】 2, 【Carving】 7, 【Echolocation】 3, 【Grappling Hook Techniques】 4, 【Woodcraft】 9. 

Even if I seal it, I can get it again by rehabilitation so, I leave 【Crypta.n.a.lysis】, 【Echolocation】, 【Grappling Hook Techniques】 in this state somehow, and I will keep it sealed until the time I need to use it.

— Oh yeah, maybe there are some people who want to know, so I will put my suitability table.

S: None

A+: Thunder, Gun, Throwing

A: Almost all

B+: Close Combat

C: None

Z: None

This has been revised by G.o.ddess-sama

Now you know which are strange in my family (+Melby).

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