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The arm of the priest moves quickly.
Each time it does so, the piece of paper on the table reveals a new part of the status.

I underwent the transference from the priest after the meal.

The results of one’s first transference is a record to be commemorated.
The piece of paper laid on the table was lavishly decorated with gold-leaf.

On that extravagant piece of paper, the priest was writing words down without any hesitant strokes.
His eyes were half-closed, and didn’t seem to be focusing on anything.

The priest’s arm suddenly stopped after writing the last line of the status.

He slowly opened his eyes.

He dropped his gaze to the paper on the table ――then, he opened his eyes wide.

“This, this is……!”

The priest leaned over the paper, moving his eyes and neck at an amazing speed, looking over the paper over and over again.
When he finished, he blinked tightly, pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head over and over, checked over the paper once more, before leaning back into his chair.

……Mn, thank you for the good reaction.

“Fa, Father……?

Alfred-tousan asked with a, as expected, worried face.

“O, oh……It’s complete.

My goodness, I thought it might have failed for a moment, but it succeeded without a doubt.

For now, take a look at this.”

The priest signed the paper and  displayed it in front of Dad.

“Well, then……huh?”

Dad freezes.

“Geez what’s with you two? Is there something strange in Edgar-kun’s status……ehh!?

Mum freezes as well.

I also try to take a peek at the paper.

The contents are like this.

『Trustee_Edgar Chrebl」


」No fatigue-_Instant Interpretation-」

」Physics Magic 8_Enchant Magic 3_Mana Control 6_Letterless Invocation 6_Magic Language 1」

I guarantee that there are no mistakes in the above results of the Oracle. Solow Atra Abbadon』

I suppose the ”」” at the beginning and end of each line and the ”_” that fill the s.p.a.ces were used to prevent false data from being written.

There’s only one other strange part, but that can wait until after I explain to Mum and Dad.

Putting that aside, I’ve been troubled for a while.

In regards to how much of my status I should show.

In the end, I decided to not hide any of it.

One of the reasons is that it would be hard to raise my skills if I continued to hide the characteristics of [No Fatigue].
But more than that, Alfred-tousan and Julia-kaasan are trying to protect me with all their might―― I don’t want to lie to those two.

……Although I say that, I did waver a bit when the priest said it was possible to hide my skills.

But since I knew that the priest had the abnormal condition of being unable to tell anyone about the status he saw here, I figured that showing all of it to see how big a reaction it would cause wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I got a bigger reaction than I had been expecting, so I do feel a little bad about it.

“……Err, so this is…… not a mistake, right?

Dad, who finally woke up from his stupor, said.

“……Yes. I can understand your feelings, but this is definitely the result of the Oracle.”

“The skills take up 4 lines, why is that?”

Mum asks.

“The skills in the bottom line represent his General skills. The second line from the bottom is for Master Cla.s.s skills.
This much you should already know.”

“Y, yes…… both Julia and I have Master Cla.s.s skills.

“Ah, that’s right.

It’s rare for both spouses to have Master Cla.s.s skills.]”

“But what is going on with this child’s skills?  The bottom two lines are abnormally full, and I’ve never heard of any of the skills in the top two lines.”

“No……Fatigue?  Appraisal……?”

The couple tilt their heads in unison, and the priest nodded solemnly.

“The skills that are third from the bottom are called Legendary Cla.s.s skills.”

“Wha-……! Legendary……!?”


Mum and Dad were surprised.

“According to the teachings pa.s.sed down in the Samsara Temple, they are skills that the masters in the ranks of masters can attain only when they get some kind of good fortune.

It lets you decipher the hidden information in all things, an ability that deserves the t.i.tle ‘Legendary’.”

“Decipher the hidden information in all things……?
Th-that’s it! Occasionally Ed will know about something he shouldn’t have learned yet, so that’s why!”

After hearing the priest’s words, Dad said that, taken aback.

……As I thought, you had been concerned about that.

“Was this also how he learned magic so fast? Uh-uh, that seems kind of wrong……?”

Julia-kaasan muttered while tilting her head.

“The two of you, isn’t it a bit too soon to be surprised?
The line of skills at the top is probably for… Mythical Cla.s.s skills, it can only be that.”

““M-mythical Cla.s.s!?””

“Yes. Above even the Legendary Cla.s.s―― with effects that transcend the principles of this world, a rare skill that can only be bestowed directly from the G.o.ds. And to have two of them……”

“[No Fatigue] and…… the other is written in unreadable characters.”

Dad muttered with a frown.

That’s right. [Instant Interpretation] was not written in the characters of this world, but in j.a.panese.

“Hmmm. Edgar-kun, do you have any ideas about this?
Or rather, to what level do you understand your own skills?”

The priest asks me.

“The General skills and Master Cla.s.s skills I got on my own.
I’ve had No Fatigue since I was born.”

“What kind of skill is [No Fatigue]? I’ve been a priest for such a long time, but I have never heard of it.”

“I don’t get tired. I don’t need to sleep either.”

“You don’t get tired? You said it’s fine to not sleep?”

“I did think that Edgar-kun had a lot of stamina for a small child, but to think it was because of a skill like this…….”

Mum muttered, looking slightly shocked.

“Just wait, Ed knew about this but he didn’t tell us?
Well, it is something that would be bad to carelessly mention, but how was Ed able to judge that it would be bad to carelessly mention the skill?”

“That is……”

I say, faltering.

“Hmm……That Divine Protection might play a part in this.”

The priest says.

“Look at this. The final line in his status.

Saying this is a little…. But even I, who have worked as a priest of Atrazenec–sama’s for many years, remain at a standstill after being noticed by Atrazenec-sama. It means that Edgar-kun was born in this world shouldering the destiny to surpa.s.s even me.”

“The destiny to surpa.s.s the Father……”

“One more thing, and this also a teaching of the Samsara Temple; Among the ones who are born with the Blessing of the G.o.d of Samsara, there are some who are born with the memories of their previous life.”

“Knowledge of their previous life, huh.”

Alfred-tousan looked at me, perplexed.
Julia-kaasan also looked at me anxiously.

I resolved myself and replied.

“I have knowledge of my former life.

I don’t know how it is in this world, but from what I’ve learned by listening in on Mum and Dad, I thought it would be better if I didn’t talk about it.”

“Is the second Mythical-Cla.s.s skill connected to that by any chance?”

“The second Mythical cla.s.s skill is called Instant Interpretation. It translates a language called ‘j.a.panese’ from my previous life to the Marquekt Common Language.”

“I see.”

The priest nodded once and turned to face Mum and Dad.

“This child could have kept his skills hidden from me.

――Edgar-kun, why did you decide to open up to Alfred-dono and Julia-dono?”

The priest probably asked because he knew what I want to say.

“I didn’t want to keep it a secret.

But I didn’t want to keep them a secret from Mum and Dad.”

“Then conversely, why did you keep it a secret  until now?”

“……Because I didn’t want to scare them”

Mum and Dad quietly listen to my story.

“I heard about your actions at Ranzrack Fortress, did you not think about hiding your abilities then?

“It was because I thought Mum and Dad were at risk.
Goleth was a dangerous opponent who had accepted the Evil G.o.d’s curse of calamity.”

“Did you say 《The Evil G.o.d’s Curse of Calamity》!?”

Dad asks the startled priest.

“Father, just what exactly is 《The Evil G.o.d’s Curse of Calamity》(?)……?”

“Edgar-kun was blessed by the G.o.ddess of reincarnation, Altrazenec, one of the Benevolent G.o.ds. On the other hand, there are those who draw the attention of the Evil G.o.d, Monguenues, and are granted tremendous power by making a deal. I was in doubt of this until now but……”

Mum says to the frowning priest.

“Back then, the leader of , Goleth, certainly had some strange powers. He threw spears empowered by powerful magic hundreds of metres, destroying the fort’s walls. I probably couldn’t have won if Edgar-kun hadn’t fought.“

“Mn…… so he was strong enough to make the 《Flame Prison Witch》 say that.”

“With the Evil G.o.d’s curse of calamity, Goleth had given up part of his lifespan to receive a great bonus to his HP and MP and even gained the Enchant Magic skill.”

“Bonus? What exactly are you talking about?”

“By bonus, I mean that with the Evil G.o.d’s curse of calamity or the blessing of a Benevolent G.o.d, you can greatly increase your HP and MP. Goleth had added 250 to both his HP and MP.”

“A-added 250, you say!? Even though someone should only have 120 HP at most when they’ve reached level 50.”

“Goleth’s original HP was 129.
Since it’s the result of Appraisal, there’s no doubt.

“So you’re saying that his HP became three times the original?

The total is as though Julia’s maximum MP had been added on top of his own, huh?
He’s a complete monster.”

Dad says as he shakes his head.

To add to both his HP and MP, Goleth shaved off 10 years of his lifespan apiece. Since he had to shave off more of his lifespan for the ‘Enchant Magic’ and ‘Toughness’ skills, his lifespan should have become 40 years shorter.”

“……Hm. Is that price cheap or expensive……as expected of an Evil G.o.d, huh.”

“It seems Julia and I were in greater danger than I had thought…….
Ed, really, thank you.”

Dad strokes my head.

“But, I wish you would tell us things like that sooner.”

Mum puffs up her cheeks.

“……I’m sorry.”

I said from my heart, as I lowered my head.

My head was enveloped by something warm.

“I also need to say sorry. Edgar-kun was so worried and I didn’t even notice.”

Mum says as she hugs me tightly.

As I looked up in surprise, Mum was crying.

“……I’m really sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. ―― But,”

Mum lightly hit my head,

“from now on, tell everything to your mother.

Then Mum can think about it together with you.”


My voice seemed like it would crack.

I started to tear up despite my age.

I should have done this earlier.

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