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This work contains a collection of Dr. Latson's strong editorials that have appeared in Health-Culture, carefully revised and enlarged, with other matter. The great interest that has been manifested in these leaders will insure a demand for this work. The scope will be seen from the following chapter headings:

Introduction--The Ultimate Ideal--The Mind and Its Body--What Shall a Man Take in Exchange for His Soul?--Health as an a.s.set--The Waste of Life--Health as a Factor in Business Success--The Causation of Disease--Are Weakness and Disease Increasing?--The Detection of Disease--The Prevention of Disease--Heredity and Disease--Disease: Its Nature and Conquest--Methods of Healing--Drug Medication in the Treatment of Disease--Religion and Medicine--Worry the Epidemic of the Day--Race Suicide--"Race Suicide," Pro and Con--Simplified Living--The Death-Dealing Detail--The Slaughter of the Innocents--Crimes Against Children--Sleep and Rest--Mental and Physical Effects of Music--The Common Sense of Foods and Feeding--The Mission of Pain--Drugs--The Surgical Operation Frenzy--Vaccination; Blessing or Curse?--Free Water Drinking as a Hygienic Measure--Evil Effects of Alcohol--The Pinnacles of Absurdity.

The Health Culture Magazine



Health Culture seeks the advancement of humanity by declaring the obvious teachings of nature.

Health Culture aims to educate the people out of superst.i.tion, misunderstanding and fear arising from the imperfect interpretation of natural principles.

Health Culture recognizes that health and comfort, happiness and long life are desirable and attainable by the faithful observance of hygiene.

That neglect and abuse of natural and simple living inevitably leads to weakness, degeneracy, disease and death.

Health Culture from the scientific sense as well as on grounds of sentiment opposes the taking of life needless to obtain food for man.

Health Culture holds that food products of the vegetable kingdom are ample and favorable for a safe, complete and full development of the kingdom of man.

Health Culture opposes as needless and wasteful of life those research activities known as vivisection, also as contrary to human interest the use of drugs, serums, vaccines and chemicals as medicines or preventives of disease by legal compulsion.

Health Culture is an ill.u.s.trated Monthly, Standard Magazine size; $1.00 a year, 15 cents a No., Canadian subscriptions $1.25, Foreign $1.50.

=Address, The Health Culture Co., Pa.s.saic, N. J.=

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