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Chapter 252

Qin Yun was taken aback. He never expected himself to be able to survive ten months so quickly. He looked at his left arm and saw that the thunder and fire elemental energy inside it had transformed into a Vajra Inner Core more than ten days ago.

Right now, he was a martial body level 9 martial artist who had three Vajra Inner Core!

He took the Nine yang Spirit Convergence Array from the ground, then looked around the stone room and said with a smile, "Goodbye, I will never come back again."

Qin Yun walked out of the stone room and followed the middle-aged man out of the dungeon.

Coming up from the bottom of the dungeon, he was still inside the arena. He hurried to the hall of the arena and rented a room. Inside, he took a good bath, put on clean white clothes and fixed his hair.

After staying in that prison for ten months, he had turned a lot whiter. After changing into a set of neat and tidy white clothes, he looked very energetic, handsome, dashing and calm.

Qin Yun left his room and came to the arena's hall. Suddenly, he heard a series of shouts. Within the arena, there was a very frequent match going on, which caused many people to cheer.

He hastily walked towards the exit of the audience seating. The moment he walked out, he saw three people on the battling platform that he was very familiar with.

It was Huo Zhong, Murong Daren and Xue Ziye.

The three of them struggled to resist the attacks of four young pract.i.tioners on the battling platform.

Qin Yun looked to the side of the battling platform and realized that there were many injured students from Heaven's Pride Academy!

The compet.i.tion between the Heaven's Pride Academy and the Genius Academy had actually begun!

Qin Yun had originally planned to see who was fighting but he never expected that it would be a battle between the two factions. He hurriedly walked to the side of the dueling platform and stood behind Lan Fengjin.

Lan Fengjin's face was filled with worry. She looked at the dueling platform and did not notice Qin Yun's approach.

As for the students and instructors of the Heaven's Pride Academy, they were filled with disappointment, when they saw Qin Yun appear, suddenly, a glimmer of hope appeared in their eyes.

"Sister Lan, what's the situation now?" Qin Yun looked at the students from the Genius Academy. They were on the other side of the battling platform and not many of them were injured.

When Lan Fengjin saw Qin Yun, she was overjoyed. She hurriedly shouted at Huo Zhong and company, "Qin Yun is out. All of you, quickly get off the stage."

Huo Zhong and the other two had more or less some injuries on their bodies. Moreover, they looked extremely tired as if they had experienced many martial arts compet.i.tions. When they heard Lan Fengjin's words, they hurriedly left the battling platform. Each and every one of them was tired to the point that they were gasping for breath.

Qin Yun was befuddled. None of the students from Heaven's Pride Academy were able to fight. They were all injured to the point that they were sitting at the bottom of the dueling platform.

As for the students from the Genius Academy, most of them were full of vigor and vitality.

"Qin Yun, the situation is extremely grim!" Lan Fengjin's face was calm as she said, "We were ambushed by the other side. They started off with a few ninth level Martial Body youths but we were caught off guard, resulting in many teams being defeated by them."

Lan Fengjin quickly explained the situation to Qin Yun.

After hearing this, Qin Yun found it difficult to handle.

At the start of the compet.i.tion, each team would be sent up on stage to compete. As long as they won, they would be able to continue standing on the battling platform, guarding it. The losers would no longer be able to go onstage.

In this way, wherever it was that the last remaining team could stand on the stage, they would be able to obtain victory in the compet.i.tion and the students in the entire academy would be able to obtain one hundred million Xuan Points.

The Heaven's Pride Academy and the Genius Academy had twenty-five teams each.

Right now, all of the teams from the Heaven's Pride Academy were defeated. On the other hand, only ten teams from the Genius Academy were defeated. Furthermore, all of them were defeated by Huo Zhong's team. This was not an easy feat.

Fortunately, after the opponent's ninth level martial body squad got tired, they left the arena. On the other side, there were no longer Martial Body Level 9 martial artists that could go up on stage.

"Qin Yun, you are the only one who has never gone up on stage. You can still go up! It's up to you whether or not our Heaven's Pride Academy can win." Lan Fengjin knew that Qin Yun's cultivation was close to the ninth level Martial Body realm. He might even have reached the ninth level Martial Body realm.

A mentor walked over and said, "Qin Yun, only your team from the Heaven's Pride Academy has won. If our Heaven's Pride Academy wins, we will have a total of ten billion Xuan Points for distribution. If each team wins, each student will receive a hundred million Xuan Points."

"And right now, only your team has won. If you can win fifteen consecutive rounds, then your team can get even more Xuan Points. Your team can get two billion Xuan Points out of a total of ten billion and the four of you can split them evenly, so everyone can get five hundred million Xuan Points."

Lan Fengjin nodded at Qin Yun, "That's right, that's it! Qin Yun, if we win, not only will we have Xuan Points, our team will also be able to obtain an Earth Grade cultivation technique."

Qin Yun was stirred by her words. He wished that he could go up on stage immediately.

When the audience saw Qin Yun's figure, they guessed that the Heaven's Pride Academy had placed all of it's hopes on Qin Yun.

Qin Yun had to win fifteen consecutive rounds before he would obtain his final victory. As for each match, he had four opponents!

Because Qin Yun had previously defeated Zhou Zhonghui with his powerful martial strength, no one dared to question his strength. Although they felt that it was impossible, they did not jump to a conclusion.

"Qin Yun has been in the dungeon for ten months. Perhaps his cultivation has advanced."

"Extremely possible! This guy's cultivation was close to the ninth level Martial Body realm! There are no 9th Layer Martial Body cultivators in the Genius Academy. It's hard to say if they will face Qin Yun."

"Triple Radiants was the strongest team at the eighth level Martial Body. However, they were defeated by Qin Yun twice. It's hard to say!"

"Qin Yun and company's Heaven's Pride Academy will definitely lose. They don't have enough time. Look at that hourgla.s.s. It's only an hour away. As long as the Genius Academy can stall for time on the stage, the final loser would be the Heaven's Pride Academy."

Lan Fengjin also noticed that time was running out. She said, "It's up to you, Qin Yun. Hurry up!"

Qin Yun nodded and jumped up onto the stage. He had to win. If he won, as his mentor, Lan Fengjin would receive a generous reward.

He owed Lan Fengjin hundreds of millions of crystal coins. If he really could give Lan Fengjin the reward, then the debt would be written off. Furthermore, even if he won, he would be able to get five hundred million Xuan Points and Earth Grade Cultivation technique.

"There's no need to defeat him. We can just stall for time on the battling platform!" When Xiao Yanglong from the Genius Academy saw Qin Yun appear, hatred welled up within him. Of course, he wanted to kill Qin Yun but he knew that it would not be easy.

Qin Yun's strength had improved by leaps and bounds. A martial artist like Zhou Zhonghui, who possessed a totem martial spirit and was at the ninth level martial body, was killed, not to mention martial body eighth level martial artists found it difficult to face Qin Yun.

The four youths from the Genius Academy moved quickly on the battling platform. From time to time, they would launch a round of inner strength at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun stood in his original spot without moving. When the inner strength struck him, his body jolted, overflowed with his inner strength, that attack was something that could be shaken off.

"Running around, it's really too dazzling!" Qin Yun suddenly took a step forward. Instantly, with a speed of more than a hundred meters per second, he appeared behind a youth. In the blink of an eye, he had struck down with his palm.

Qin Yun hacked out with his inner force. With the force of a wave breaking, it struck the back of the youth.


The youth immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying off the stage.

If one was knocked out of the arena, it would be considered as a loss.

Qin Yun had asked Lan Fengjin earlier. In such a compet.i.tion, even if he injured them, he would not go to jail. That was because they were only borrowing a sparring stage in the fight between the Heaven's Pride Academy and the Genius Academy.

After getting rid of a cultivator, Qin Yun became more relaxed. He immediately charged at another youth and pa.s.sed through him in an instant. Then, he used the Wave Breaker Form to knock the youth off the stage.

There were still two people left in the team from the Genius Academy. Furthermore, they were at the seventh level martial body. Qin Yun had also beaten them up so badly that they vomited blood and flew off the stage.

"The Heaven's Pride Academy has won. Please send your men to the stage immediately!" The old referee said. Because time was of the essence, the Genius Academy was not allowed to waste time.

Of course, it was fine to waste time with the Heaven's Pride Academy.

When Lan Fengjin saw that Qin Yun had won easily, she was much more at ease.

"Is Qin Yun at the ninth level martial body? Why does it feel like he is beating a child, winning with just a few blows!"

"That's right. Compared to Qin Yun, the people from the Genius Academy are on a completely different level."

"The Genius Academy has sent someone to come up and there's actually only one person. Are they trying to stall for time by doing this?"

Qin Yun frowned slightly when he saw the young man sent over. He looked at the hourgla.s.s and felt that the situation was not good because there were still dozens of people.

"Begin!" the old referee shouted.

At the beginning, Qin Yun was the first to strike. He was fast, fast and ferocious. Using his hand as a knife, he struck out with the Wind Slayer's Mountain Splitting Slash, sending the young man flying into a stone wall.

"I warn you, send only one person up here, just one person and I'll cripple the one!" Qin Yun looked at Xiao Yanglong with a cold smile.

The students of the Genius Academy followed Xiao Yanglong. Qin Yun would never show mercy.

Seeing the miserable state the student was in, many students began to worry secretly. Even if they were beaten to death, Qin Yun was not at fault. After all, such a martial arts match was a martial arts match at it's limit's.

Xiao Yanglong knew very well that if he sent someone up, no one would dare to go up. Helpless, he could only send a small team up.

The team that had just ascended was instantly blasted down the battling platform by Qin Yun with his extremely strong inner strength. All of them were severely injured.

The students from the Heaven's Pride Academy were overjoyed when they saw how terrifying Qin Yun's strength was. If Qin Yun won, they would receive tens of millions of Xuan Points as well.

The Genius Academy could not delay either. If they lost, they had to send their students up within five seconds, or else they would be sentenced to defeat by a squad.

The students below the stage all revealed looks of fear. Especially those who were at the seventh level Martial Body realm. They were not Qin Yun's match.

Xiao Yanglong cursed Qin Yun angrily in his heart. If Qin Yun was locked up for another day, they would have won.

However, Qin Yun had to come out at the most critical moment.

The team that had gone up hadn't lasted more than ten seconds before they were all severely injured.

On the side of the Genius Academy, five small teams had been sent flying in succession, all seriously injured!

Although Qin Yun could win in a row, the pressure was immense because time was tight. There was not much time left and he did not know if he could last until the end.

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