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The Deity of War - Chapter 19

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Translator: Johnchen
Editor: Calofel

Chapter 19: The Purple Energy Cultivation Method

Lu Feifei was still waiting for the Spring Night Intoxication to take effect. Theoretically, it was supposed to be able to take immediate effect on any man. However, fifteen minutes had already pa.s.sed, and nothing had happened. Slowly, she began to get a little fl.u.s.tered. She was thinking about the Spring Night Intoxication this entire time, so she was unable to concentrate on her conversation with Qi Ying.

Qi Ying was quite happy to see this. She was clearly distracted by something, and he could take advantage of this to make his escape!

Thus, Qi Ying abruptly stood up. “Madam Lu, it was very nice to meet you today. Thank you for your hospitality, and if we do meet again in the future, I'll tell you about my adventures on the Nameless Mountain.”

“Oh… Wait, don't go…”

Before Lu Feifei had a chance to stop him, Qi Ying had already put on his cloak, and was making his way outside. “Farewell, Madam Lu!”


Lu Feifei tried to latch onto Qi Ying's arm, but Qi Ying was far too agile for her to catch. He dodged to the side, and immediately hurried downstairs without even so much as a backward glance.

Qi Ying quickly exited the Colosseum, and walked at a brisk pace on the moonlit path as he murmured to himself, “Women are far too terrifying! I mustn't meet any woman in private from now on, aside from Mother Yu! Wait! It's so late now; what am I going to tell Mother Yu…” “Alright, I'll just tell her that I was helping out Auntie Zhang cut down some firewood! Auntie Zhang's memory isn't all that great, so she won't remember which day I helped her out on anyway.”

Within the booth.

Lu Feifei poured some tea into a teacup, and her brows furrowed as she took a whiff of the tea. 'There's no mistaking it; this is definitely Spring Night Intoxication! The medicinal effects of Spring Night Intoxication would not be hampered by normal tea leaves either… so what happened? Could it be that he's actually not a man? That can't be; I clearly saw him get hard down there… What could have happened? Has this batch of Spring Night Intoxication expired?'

Lu Feifei placed the teacup onto the table, and was planning on examining the little box in which her Spring Night Intoxication was contained.

At that moment, a white-robed figure made his way into the booth.

Master Thirteen raised his eyebrows and chuckled at the sight of the dejected Lu Feifei. “What happened? Did things not go as planned? I already told you that he's no ordinary man. He is a man that is destined to be different from everyone else.”

“But, I already…”

Lu Feifei was still unable to figure out how Qi Ying had managed to withstand the Spring Night Intoxication's effects.

Master Thirteen shook his head with a smile as he picked up the teacup on the table. “This tea smells a little different compared to what you normally drink. Is this some new tea?”


Only then did Lu Feifei notice what Master Thirteen was doing, and her expression immediately changed. “Don't drink that! That's…”

“Don't be so stingy! The yearly dividends you get from the Colosseum are far more than enough to pay for some tea leaves!”

Master Thirteen pursed his lips before downing the tea in one mouthful. His brows then furrowed slightly. “It's so sweet! Why does it taste like inferior quality tea?”

Master Thirteen's expression then changed. “What did you put in here…”

“An aphrodisiac…”

Lu Feifei gave a resigned smile right as a pair of large powerful hands grabbed her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Master Thirteen was like an animal in heat as he pinned Lu Feifei to the bed before stripping off her clothes… Their bodies intertwined with one another, and a rhythmic smacking ensued.

“What did you do today, Qi Ying? Why are you so late?”

Xuan Yu asked as Qi Ying arrived home.

Qi Ying had already prepared an excuse. “I was helping out Uncle w.a.n.g's wife, Auntie Zhang, cut down some firewood. Uncle w.a.n.g has some difficulty with his walking, and he helped us a lot in securing this courtyard when we first came to the academy. I thought it was only right that I helped out Auntie Zhang wherever I could, and I was delayed a little as a result.”

“Really? How much firewood did you have to cut down?”

Xuan Yu was still quite suspicious.

Qi Ying gave a firm reply. “Of course! Why would I lie to you?”

Xuan Yu pursed her lips in an amused smile. “Alright, I believe you. You wouldn't have the guts to be up to no good anyway. Make sure to help out Auntie Zhang on a regular basis. She struggles with her memory sometimes, and Uncle w.a.n.g is always busy, so if you have some free time, just give her a hand. You don't have to cut down firewood for her; aren't you getting income from completing academy missions? You can just spend ten crystals and buy them a small mountain of firewood.”

“Alright. Oh, by the way, Mother Yu, I brought you a present.”

“A present?”

“M-hm, here…”

Qi Ying pulled out a green cane from his bag, and handed it to Xuan Yu. “Mother Yu, you hit me with your bamboo cane last time, and it didn't do anything to me, but your bamboo cane broke. I figured that if I did something wrong in the future, you would want to hit me with your cane again, so I bought you a st.u.r.dy one that won't break. This cane is constructed from a shoot of Jade Bamboo, and it cost several dozen crystals.”

Xuan Yu accepted the cane, and stroked it gently. “Hmph! This cane is so expensive, so it must be quite painful to be beaten with it! You better watch out!”

“I will!” Qi Ying stuck out his tongue, “Then, I'm off to bed now!”

“Go! How many cla.s.ses have you ditched already? Make sure to go to the academy earlier tomorrow morning.”

The next day.

Qi Ying left the small courtyard before the sun had even risen, and he arrived at a self-cultivation room in the academy.

He took off his silver glove before pulling out two Energy Containment Pills from his spatial ring, and swallowing them like peanuts. He then pulled out a thin book, upon which were inscribed the words, “Energy Concealment Mantra”.

Master Thirteen had given him this mantra, and cultivating in it wouldn't actually contribute to enhancing his combat prowess. However, it could lower the aura of his cultivation base, thereby restricting it to a certain extent. As long as he didn't fight at his full strength, no one would be able to ascertain his cultivation base from his aura alone.

At the moment, everyone thought that the Nameless Warrior was hiding his cultivation base, and that he was most definitely at the Energy Martial Stage already. Furthermore, what made the Nameless Warrior all the more mysterious in their minds was that he didn't have to use his full strength, not even against a Yellow Tier Seventh Rank beast. What was unbeknownst to them was that Qi Ying's cultivation base really was only at the Strength Martial Stage.

However, in the academy, he had to keep a low profile to hide his insane rate of progression.

When would he be able to display his full power?

He had to wait… until that person came to the Celestial River County!

The Energy Concealment Mantra wasn't that difficult to master; it was just that it was simply pointless to most people. Qi Ying managed to completely master it within fifteen minutes, and he restricted his aura to the Eighth Strength Martial Stage, which everyone thought he still was.

After that, Qi Ying checked through the other treasures Master Thirteen had given him. There was a Yellow Tier High-Rank cultivation method, the Purple Energy Cultivation Method, a claw-type Yellow Tier Intermediate Rank battle technique, the Dark Falcon Illusionary Claw, and a Yellow Tier Low Rank treasured tool, the Ink Scale Dagger. All of these were very valuable items.

Qi Ying stowed these treasures away again, before slipping his glove back on with a faint smile on his face. 'I just need to continue cultivating in my Dark Wolf Cultivation Method now. Once I reach the pinnacle of the Ninth Strength Martial Stage, I'll be able to cultivate in the Purple Energy Cultivation Method, materialize my energy vortex, and reach the Energy Martial Stage!'

'There are still twenty days until she comes here… How powerful can I become in twenty days?'

Right at this moment, A burst of commotion suddenly erupted from outside. 

“Has anyone seen Qi Ying? Where is that little b*stard? How dare he mess with the Duan family? Does he want to die?!”

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