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Chapter 399 Rob the Bride

Ling Tianyi giggled, these bridesmaids were so powerful. Of course, he did not mind expressing his love to Xia Xiaoluo under the watchful eyes of the people.

“OK! In order to take my bride, I’m willing to do anything!” Ling Tianyi said to the other people.

Facing the door, Ling Tianyi knelt on one knee. He cleared his throat and swore loudly, “The grantee!”

“I, Ling Tianyi, will make solemn commitment to Xia Xiaoluo in front of so many relatives and friends, that after we get married, I will be the best husband in the history who loves his wife most!”

After Ling Tianyi read the first sentence, all the people clapped and cheered for him. There were many people who were heckling.

“My wife is always right, I will follow my wife’s instructions for ever. If my wife asks me to go to the east, I won’t go to the west; if my wife asks me to drive the car, I won’t go on foot; if my wife wants to go shopping, I will carry the bags and pay for the bill…”

Ling Tianyi continued reading, the contents were the formalities. However, people around were willing to hear it, they kept clapping for Ling Tianyi.

“I love my wife! The heaven, the sun and the moon can prove it for me!”

Ling Tianyi’s tone changed from the humorous modern style to the cla.s.sic literary style. All the people began to cheer for him again.

“This grantee is the poison oath! If I break the promise, I will die of the thunder; I will be torn into pieces, dying a bad death for ever!” Ling Tianyi’s last word was definitely the blockbuster, shocking all the present people.

People thought that Ling Tianyi would be like all the bridegrooms who were stopped outside the door, guaranteeing some trivia randomly as the oral promise, and then meeting the bride successfully. However, Ling Tianyi made the poison oath, which was beyond everyone’s imagination.

“Boss, you don’t have to do this!” Dou Ya seemed to be stunned.

Xia Xiaoluo felt distressed. She knew that Ling Tianyi would express his love to her, but she would rather that Ling Tianyi did not love her so much than that Ling Tianyi would make such poison oaths.

Xia Xiaoluo wanted to rush to stop Ling Tianyi, but she was stopped by Ling Tianxue in time, “Sister-in-law, calm down, don’t be confused by the sweet words of my brother. Just sit down, and have some water. Let’s ask them to do more things.”

After a short period of silence, the crowd broke into wild applause.

“Next level, I will stop them!” A starlet stood out. She hoped to show off in such a grand and luxurious wedding as well. If she could leave a good impression on the n.o.ble young people, she could marry into the rich and powerful family. It was also very good. It was an opportunity, so she had to take it.

“Manager Ling, a bridegroom should not only have a good physique, but also a heart of loving the bride and the patience to women. Today, I will test the patience of the bridegroom and the best men.” The starlet said.

“Hurry up. Don’t delay my time!” Ling Tianyi did not lose his temper, but his tone was oppressive.

Ling Tianyi would be polite to Luo Xixi and Dou Ya. Because they were Xia Xiaoluo’s friends. However, for this kind of starlets, he would behave as the rich and powerful people.

“OK! OK!” The starlet was shocked by Ling Tianyi’s words. But Ling Tianxue came to pat her shoulders. So she recovered the spirit at once.

“Brother, a watched pot never boils! Don’t bully her!” Ling Tianxue supported the starlet.

“Tianxue, you are my sister. You should stand in my side!” Ling Tianyi pointed at Ling Tianxue, “Come here quickly!”

“Today, I am the family member of my little sister-in-law. I am opposite to you.” Ling Tianxue ignored Ling Tianyi, and then she said to the starlet. “Set him a question quickly.”

“Here are a hundred embroidery needles and a red thread. Bridegroom, please join hands with the best men to thread one hundred needles to this red thread, which represents your one hundred years of marriage!” The starlet said.

Ling Tianyi and Yao Sheng took the embroidery needles quickly. They tried for a long time, but they failed, making people laugh. Even Ouyang Feng laughed happily as well. He just came over to join in the fun.

Ouyang Mingyu shook his head. He thought secretly that the group of the best men were too stupid. If it was he, Ouyang Mingyu, who had some temper, he must take this group of strong men to break through the bridesmaids’ defense and take the bride away directly.

Ling Tianyi seemed to share the same idea with Ouyang Mingyu. He threw the needle in his hands on the ground, “Bros, rush into the room with me. Take the bride out for me.”

“All right!” Yao Sheng had this idea a long time ago. So when Ling Tianyi asked them, he responded positively at once.

“They want to rob the bride. Lock the door quickly!” Ling Tianxue took the starlet into the room hurriedly and locked the door.

Dou Ya looked out from the peep-hole. Several men were standing at the door. They were aggressive.

“What should we do?” Dou Ya asked.

“The door is too solid, and they can’t open it.” Ling Tianxue patted the door and went to the peep-hole to have a look.

Several women were chatting. Taotao ran to the door alone. He was still on the phone.

“Taotao, my good son, open the door for daddy, OK?” Ling Tianyi wanted to take advantage of Taotao.

“Aunt will not agree!” Taotao refused directly.

“Do you like aunt or daddy?” Ling Tianyi began to play the emotional card, “You are my son. I love you most. Taotao, do you love daddy?”

“I love daddy, but aunt also treats me well. I love aunt very much as well!” Taotao continued saying to Ling Tianyi.

“Taotao, don’t you want to see sister Xiaoxiao earlier? Sister Xiaoxiao is in the wedding scene. She is waiting for you on the beach! Do you want to go to find sister Xiaoxiao?” Ling Tianyi saw that the family card didn’t work, so he mentioned Xiaoxiao, this trump card. He knew that his son liked Xiaoxiao most. He would do anything as long as he could see Xiaoxiao.

“I want to see sister Xiaoxiao right away. I’m going to the beach!” Taotao said firmly.

“You open the door for daddy. We will take mommy to go to the beach together. So that you can see sister Xiaoxiao. You and sister Xiaoxiao can pull your mommy’s dress together. Okay?” Ling Tianyi continued to tempt Taotao.

“Good! I’ll open the door for you right away!” Taotao said, and then he was about to take action.

“All you have to do is to unlock the door, and then I will rush in. But keep away from your aunt, or they won’t let you open the door.” Ling Tianyi advised.

“Don’t worry! Daddy, I’m not stupid!” Taotao said and hung up. He was going to take action to see sister Xiaoxiao.

Ling Tianyi had confidence then. So he went to the door. He was going to rush in when the door was open. He would rob the bride first.

Taotao was very clever. He did not open the door directly. He went to the door with Ling Tianxue and Dou Ya happily. Suddenly, when they were absent-minded, Taotao unlocked the door.

“Daddy!” Taotao shouted loudly as the signal of reminding Ling Tianyi.

When Ling Tianxue reflected what happened, it was too late to stop them. Ling Tianyi took the lead to rush into the room. The door was opened. There was no need to close it again.

“How can you break in!” Ling Tianxue questioned. Although it was useless, she still acted as the daughter of the rich family.

“Taotao, how can you change sides? Don’t you want to protect your mommy? How can you go to protect your daddy?” Ling Tianxue picked up Taotao and asked.

Ling Tianxue was reluctant to get angry with Taotao. She just kept tickling Taotao to give Taotao a small intimate punishment.

Taotao laughed because Ling Tianxue tickled him. At the same time, Ling Tianyi carried Xia Xiaoluo up and ran out directly.

“Don’t run! I haven’t put my shoes on!” Xia Xiaoluo shouted. She hit Ling Tianyi gently.

“Yao Sheng, find the shoes!” Ling Tianyi shouted. He still carried Xia Xiaoluo to run out.

“All right!” Yao Sheng said, and then he used his invincible judgment like the great detective, and found the shoes in a handbag at the first time.

Ling Tianyi carried Xia Xiaoluo and rushed out. When he pa.s.sed Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Mingyu, he stopped for a short time. “Grandpa, uncle, I will take Xiaoluo away. I will be kind to her and love her for a lifetime.”

Ling Tianyi said and ran out like a gust of wind. Ouyang Mingyu nodded. “This guy is good!”

When the bridegroom took the bride away, the best men and the bridesmaids rushed to follow them.

Ling Tianyi and Xia Xiaoluo’s wedding car was slow. It was surrounded by 999 luxurious cars. The scene was very spectacular. The whole process was photographed by the aerial photography. It could be called the best wedding in A City.

“Why did you do that? Escorting the bride changed into robbing the bride.” Xia Xiaoluo questioned Ling Tianyi in the wedding car gently.

Ling Tianyi took the bride away. He naturally sighed a relief. He smiled and held Xia Xiaoluo’s hands. “I have no way! The bridesmaids are so powerful. Every bridesmaid is a female general. If I compromise for long, I’m afraid the wedding date will be changed to tomorrow, or even next year.”

“You’re clever!” Xia Xiaoluo said with a smile, “Do you know? They set too many questions for you. They are waiting for you to break the door! Taotao was too impatient, or you wouldn’t come in so easily.”

“I can go into the room through the windows. Your husband is still young!” Ling Tianyi said with a smile. Then he said suddenly, “I will do anything to marry you. So, although today’s guarantee is half-joking, it is from the bottom of my heart. I will really treat you well, spoil you, love you for a lifetime! Forever!”

“I believe in your love! But I don’t want you to make the poison oaths. Don’t jinx it anymore.” Xia Xiaoluo leaned on the shoulder of Ling Tianyi. Thinking of those poison oaths, she still felt shock.

“Don’t worry, I love you! Those oaths are from the bottom of my heart. So they will never come true, and I won’t give them a chance.” Ling Tianyi kissed Xia Xiaoluo’s forehead and pulled her into his arms.

“Take a rest. You will feel tired today!” Ling Tianyi let Xia Xiaoluo lean on him, “It takes more than an hour to drive from here to the wedding scene. You can take a nap. Don’t worry, I will wake you up when we arrive there. There is a special car beside for the makeup artist. Even if you drooled when you sleep, they can refine the makeup for you.”

“You are a nuisance! You will drool!” Xia Xiaoluo pinched Ling Tianyi. The new couple leaned on each other, waiting for everyone to witness the romantic moment of love for them.

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