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〈The conference room within the castle〉

We convened and after a few hours, up to half of the twenty-seven chairs were occupied.

Everyone, after coming to this world, their complexions were always bad, they’ve lost weight and bags could be seen under their eyes.

The ones who were fine was, Ueno-san and I, and within the cla.s.s, the one whose strength came in second after me was the samurai Asahina Kyousuke-kun.

Though, in regards to Asahinkun, he has always been a silent and expressionless person, so even if he had poor physical health, I wouldn't know.

When we were in j.a.pan, I had almost never seen him talk, he was a mysterious guy.

The only one that he got along with in our cla.s.s was Akira, and even though Akira was talking normally, he could be seen inserting a word or two.

The club activities that he was involved in should’ve been the kendo club in which he was the captain.

It seems that he was idolized by the club members quite a lot.

Come to think of it, Asahinkun was the same as Akira, we were always in the same cla.s.s.

What an incredible coincidence.

He’s such a mysterious guy, but it felt like he’s become more mysterious after coming to this world.

「…I understand that not everyone will come. We’ll start with just us.」

When I stood up and said this, the room was still silent.

A sharp gaze landed on me.

「What do you want to say at this point in time? Oh hero-sama.」

Watabe Katsumi, the one who activated the trap in the dungeon, glared at me.

As we were part of the hero group, I wanted us to become much better friends than when we were in j.a.pan, but it seems that in the end, it turned out like this.

I sharply gazed back at Watabe.

Many people flinched with just that.

There was no one stronger than me here.

After Akira disappeared, I trained with Zeal-san who became the new chivalric order commander.

I won’t lose that easily.

As the hero, I couldn’t lose.

No one besides Akira.

「It’s about what’s going to happen from now on.」

Excluding Akira, my twenty-seven cla.s.smates met regularly, and exchanged information in this conference room.

During the first meeting, we exchanged information about everyone’s occupations.

Of course, that included Akira’s as well, though he was not there.

That’s how I knew Akira’s occupation.

Maa, I think a large part of it was about that though.

「The things from now on?」

「Oi, oi, the current situation right now, aren’t you the one who knows about it the most? You’re not going to say something like going to defeat the demon king, right?」

The words said just now, were from the tall amazoness who was the ace of the volleyball club, Sakata Natsumi-san, and the number four of the baseball club, the necromancer Tanaka Kaichi-kun.

Both of them, their motor reflexes were above-average, so their fighting strength were valued, and were a member of the hero group with me.

Now, they were the first to be hostile towards me though.

The princess was quite nasty.

She, without hesitation, implemented the strategy of destroying me from the inside.

In order to unsettle me.

「That's exactly it. According to my promise with the king, I will go subjugate the demon king. And, I'm looking for people to go together with me.」

Those within the conference room fell completely silent, in the next second, it suddenly became nosy.

「That's a lie, right?」

「At this time?」

「Are ya an idiot?」

「No, you must be an idiot. In the first place, what's happening right now was because of that guy, right?」

「I see, are you running away.」

「You're not worthy of the t.i.tle hero.」

「Ehh? Something like running away is so uncool!」

If other people don't say anything, they would say whatever they wanted.

I struck the pure white desk that was carved from marble, while adjusting my strength.

Perhaps it was because I was careful to not chip it, not only did it make a loud sound that silenced the noisy people, but there wasn't a single scratch on it.

As expected, i would be troubled if they sent me a bill asking for a large sum after I destroyed this kind of high-quality item as I went along with the flow of the situation.

「…haa, maa it's fine. I didn't expect you guys to do it.」

I gave a deep sigh.

I did not, expect it of them.

However, with this, it was definite.

「From now on, I will not have anything to do with you. Whether you are lazy or fight with others, you can do whatever you want.」

I left my seat, which was the topmost seat that I was a.s.signed to.

This was, what I had decided.

It seems that the king and princess wanted to use any means possible to make me obey them.

That's why, I will leave this castle.

I will not do something like following the orders of the king, and the princess.

「I will also go with you.」

Within the conference room that was bathed in silence, an unfamiliar voice resounded.

When I looked towards the direction of the voice, Asahina Kyousuke-kun stood up.

It seems that that voice was his voice.

This was the first time I heard his voice.

With Asahinkun standing up, the several people who didn't say anything until now also stood up.

Among those people also included Ueno-san and Hosoyamsan.

I, with a nod, brought them with me, and left the conference room.

「…exactly seven people, huh. It seems that the coordination that each team practiced can be used as is.」

「Moreover, the exorcist Ueno-san and the cleric Hosoyamsan are here, so even if we get hurt, it would be fine.」

Asahinkun said a few words in response to my monologue.

This was also the first time that I've seen him talk like this.

I was a little moved.

「Sorry, but let me be the leader. Are there any objections?」

In a place a distance away from the conference room, no one said anything when I asked that.

A few people nodded encouragingly.

「Pack the things that you need and meet in front of the castle gates in an hour. We will depart when everyone has gathered.」

As I gave the order, we ran off towards our own rooms.

…there was no guarantee that the king and princess wouldn't obstruct us.

Just in case, Zeal-san had agreed to cooperate with me, but I had put it into action earlier than expected.

Come to think of it, why did Asahinkun follow me?

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