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Happy Monday!

Here’s the next chapter, the official introduction of the new character and her stats. Did you expect this or was it unexpected? I hope you enjoy.

Getting up and dazedly looking at my face, the girl, in the nest instant, opened her mouth in an O shape and screamed.

There was no change in facial expression, there was only the scream that was coming from her mouth, it was getting more and more eerie.

Uwah, a girl’s scream can be so high-pitched?

It was annoying, so for the time being, in order to have her calm down, I presented to her the grilled monster meat in front of me, and what’s left of the bread.

The screaming suddenly stopped, afterwards, I couldn’t say whose it was, but it was the stomach’s turn.

It was simple yet honest, it saved me.

The girl, at the speed of light, took the food from my hand, and ran towards the corner while being cautious of me like a wild cat.

She’s pretty agile.

As I was admiring her, the girl, who finished eating extremely quickly, was demanding more with her eyes.

I reluctantly gave the girl the meat that I had set aside for myself.

「…th, thank you.」

I nodded at the thanks that she gave in a hoa.r.s.e voice, and filled a cup with water.

Lifestyle magic, how useful.

If I had this, I wouldn’t be worried about making fire and finding water.

For example, it was possible to cook in a he dungeon even though there was no gas or water.

The girl, in a magnificent style of eating, finished off by drinking the water in one gulp, and finally breathed out.

「…thank you for saving me.」

Thanks to the water, the girl’s voice recovered and she thanked me once again.

「Aah. Why were you inside the monster?」

「I don’t know.」


Perhaps it was because the both of us were the type of people who didn’t talk much, the conversation quickly came to an end.

There was a mountain of the things that I wanted to ask, but first of all, I wanted to tsukkomi the girl’s status board that was suspended right in front of me.

・Amelia Rose Quartz

・ Race / High Elf

・Lv.51 Occupation / Miko Lv.51

・HP / 500/25000

・Attack / 400

・Defence / 350

・MP / Unable To Measurable


・Royalty's Elegance Lv.4

・Magic Creation Lv.4

(Gravitational Magic・Resurrection Magic・Curse Reversal・Evasion Magic)

Special Skills

・Archery Lv.8

・Dance of the G.o.ds


・Eye of the World Lv.3

TN: the Dance of the G.o.ds, or kanmai, is a traditional dance from ancient times which is performed as an offering at shrines

The elf was an elf, but she was a high elf, huh.

Moreover, what's this, a cheat.

What do you mean by the MP being impossible to measure!?

Wasn’t the Magic Creation a cheat!!

Moreover, she also had the Eye of the World.

Will my status board be exposed as well?

「…why, is Akira here.」

My name was exposed already?

At least ask for my name.

If it were someone else, you would be looked at with extremely suspicion.

「I’m leveling up my skills.」

「I see.」

The conversation, came to an end once again.

Come to think of it, I heard that the hair of the elves was generally golden, but Amelia’s was pure white.

Her eyes weren’t blue either, they were red.

Was she someone with the so-called hereditary albinism?

Usually, it was something that would make one uncomfortable, but unfortunately, I don’t happen to be sensitive to it normally.

I thought that, it was extremely pretty in a mysterious way.

I won’t say that kind of thing to a fellow that I just met though.

「Amelia wants to go back to the elves’ territory?」

「…no, I can’t go back. I plan to stay with Akira.」

She had selfishly decided that.

Maa, from what I can see from her status board, it didn’t seem like she would be a hindrance, so it’s fine, but if I brought along such a beautiful girl, the people around us would be annoying.

「I'm planning on going back after I capture this dungeon though.」

When I said this, Amelia slightly tilted her head and emotionlessly stared at me.

「…there's no place.」


「There's no place within the humans' castle, where Akira belongs.」

「…how did you know?」

I knew that, everyone had been brainwashed.

If the crystals that the king and princess were hiding were broken, it should be possible for the curse to be broken like the time with the hero.

「…I know. Because I too, have the same eyes as Akira.」

「If you're talking about the Eye of the World, the level of mine is still insufficient.」

「…no. Akira, is just rejecting it.」


Most likely, this was about my resolution from before to not see the future.

I, feeling like I had been completely seen through, averted my eyes from Amelia.


「Good night.」


I threw the cloth that was for my own use to Amelia, and sat down, leaning my back against the dungeon wall.

Because we were at the end of the dungeon's maze, if something came close, I would know immediately.

From my experience, I knew that monsters coming out of the dungeon wall was only when some kind of trap was activated.

Just in case, I widened the range of perception, covering even Amelia.

Amelia was already steadily breathing like someone who was sleeping.

She adjusted too easily.

You are, more or less, elf royalty, right?

The words on the status board were not a mistake, right?

…haa, I felt nothing but uneasiness about the future.

I'm reluctant, but I gained a companion for my journey.

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