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When she saw Zhou Liang like this, Zhu Fei couldn't help laughing and said, "What's the matter? You're faking it again?

If you're done with that, you can save it."

Zhou Liang breathed a cool breath, with a face of grievance, looking at Zhu Fei and seriously said, "Why don't you want to believe me?"

"How can I trust you when the facts are in front of you and her belly is there? Obviously for a few months. It's been five months since you first met me, right? What does that prove? When you were having fun in bed with her, you were half-hearted in meeting me."

Zhu Fei sighed. "That's sad. Why did I meet you?"

Now Zhu Fei more and more felt that her decision had been right. Such a man should not be given any opportunities, seemingly sanctimonious, a good heart, but in fact, a stuffy bad guy. How painful he said he was! In fact, he did a lot of romantic things with a lot of girls.

Now the woman was getting pregnant, and coming from Su City, but he was still thinking of chicanery. She really had to give Zhou Liang some credit for his cheekiness.

"I have explained to you that it was after breaking up with her that I saw you. I was drunk with her, and somehow, I went to the hotel with her. When I woke up the next morning, I really regretted it. I wanted to break up with her, but she was crying and making a scene, and I was softened. After being only two or three months together with her, I felt more and more that her character was not good, especially her vanity, and her being together with me is for my money. I broke up with her, but as a result......"

Before Zhou Liang finished speaking, she was interrupted by Zhu Fei. Her voice and countenance were high degree and humphed, "As a result, she said she was pregnant. Then she threatened you with the child. You have no way and take the money to get rid of the disaster. After she left, she did not abort the child, and now suddenly appeared in the Tianhe, so you are very pa.s.sive, right?"

After Zhou Liang listened, he was petrified and was quite surprised to say, "Right, right. How do you know that?"


Zhu Fei spit to the ground. She rarely performed so badly, but now was is really a little angry, "Come on, do not make up such an out-dated story, okay? You think this is a TV show?

That's disgusting."

Zhou Liang thought that Zhu Fei really understood him but did not expect that she was just making a mockery of him in disguise. "Zhu Fei, after Zhou Husha comes out, you can ask her, what the h.e.l.l is going on. I gave her a full 1 million, isn't that good enough? I had s.e.x with her, but it was only three or four times, and I wondered if the child was mine. We are adults, it is normal to do such a thing. I am not afraid of you looking down on me, but I must be honest with you, I......"

Zhou Liang's words were interrupted again, and Zhu Fei waved impatiently and said, "No, you can't be honest with me. I'm not your person. We have no other relationships. When she gets out of the operation room alive, be honest with her. You're such a sc.u.mbag. Why didn't you think you'd be where you are when you're in bed having with her? And now you're saying the baby's not yours? That's funny. It's the biggest joke of 2017."

Zhou Liang saw it clearly. At this time, no matter what he said, Zhu Fei would not believe him. In her view, Zhou Liang was a hypocrite, a beast with human face and brute heart!

"Yes, yes. I won't say anything."

Zhou Liang was particularly sad. For so long, he had done too many things for Zhu Fei. If she were not blind, she could feel his mind. Since she was still convinced that he was not a good man, that proved that they might really be destined that they couldn't be together.

Zhou Liang's heart was like being cut by a knife, but how could he bear to lose temper with Zhu Fei?


Just then, Zhu Fei's phone rang.

She looked at it. It was her dad.

If she didn't answer, he'd be worried if something was wrong with her on the way.

After thinking about it, Zhu Fei picked it up and said, "Hey, Dad."

Zhu Fangguo, wearing an ap.r.o.n, put cola wings into the pot. When he just fried them into golden brown, "Fei Fei, to this cola wings, how much cola does it need? Half a bottle?"

"Well, half a bottle will do. I bought it. It's in the bag."

Said Zhu Fei.

"Oh. Are you there. Have you seen Zhou Liang? Isn't he busy?

If he is not busy, ask him to come home for dinner tonight."

Zhu Fangguo said, "Such a good dish. I take out my own pork hoofs of sauce, and in the evening we three have drinks together!"

"No need to drink. I am not with him. I hang up first."

Although Zhu Fei didn't want her father to see any abnormality. She still couldn't bear it. She really didn't know what dad thought. He just liked this Zhou Liang, this guy with a different appearance. When she got home, she must tell her father what was going on, so that he could see Zhou Liang thoroughly. Just don't let him fool us.

When Zhou Liang heard what Zhu Fei said, he realized that she was talking about himself. "Why are you talking to your uncle like this? No matter how, he is very old. He needs respect and patience."

"Does it have anything to do with you?"

"That's my dad," She snorted. "I'll do whatever I want. You can't fake mercy here."

Zhu Fei did not know why inexplicably she was so angry. She felt like she was deceived. When she just wanted to seriously contact with Zhou Liang, such a thing happened. Life was really joking and gave her a bad memory.

At this time, a man's figure inadvertently crossed the mind of Zhu Fei, Qin Feng.

I haven't heard from you for a long time. How are you?

Just then, the operating room's lights went out.

It proved that the surgery was over.

Zhou Liang and Zhu Fei hurriedly rush over. The door was pushed open, and the responsible nurse came out, "Who is her family member?"

Zhou Liang did not know how to answer, and Zhu Fei hurriedly pushed him, "Speak."

"I am, I am."

Zhou Liang responded helplessly.

"The child is gone and there was almost a lot of bleeding. The woman is all right, but she is too weak and needs to be hospitalized for a few days for rest and recuperation.

You go check in now."

While saying, the nurse issued a small ticket, which should be Zhou Husha's condition explanation. Zhou Liang took the small ticket to the inpatient department to hand in the hospitalization deposit.

At this time, Zhou Husha was pushed out by three or four medical staff. Her face was pale, and her lips were dry. Her eyes were slightly open, but her eyes were empty, and it would take six hours for her whole body's anesthetic injection to dissipate o recover her strength.

But even so, the first thing she did was still trying to twist the neck, looking for Zhou Liang.

Zhou Liang was stunned by the wheeled sickbed and refused to take over. Zhu Fei hit him again with one hand. "What are you doing in daze? Push the bed."

Zhou Liang pushed the front of the bed, but Zhou Husha shed tears of grievance and tried hard to say, "Zhou, Zhou Liang, I am sorry, the child was not saved. I am sorry."

Zhu Fei pushed her at the end of the bed. Hearing this, her heart stopped, with inexplicably a bit lost.

Zhou Liang shouted, "Don't tell me that! You shut up."

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