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Chapter 492

Two fully clothed people were silent in the room. Lady Cai wanted to walk but felt pain in her lower area. She glared at Liu Mang knowing it was his fault.

“Alright. You have worn your clothes! You should leave!” Lady Cai said coldly.

“I also want to. But do you want Liu Biao to see the room like this?” Liu Mang gestured towards the half destroyed room.

“You!” Lady Cai also wanted to tidy up but the pain made her unable to move. She also could not allow outsiders to just tidy up the place.

“Liu Mang Liu Hanyang! Once my husband finds out about this, you yourself would not meet a good end!” Lady Cai gritted her teeth.

“There is no need to threaten me! The both of us are on the same boat! In fact, if I meet with misfortune, I would die alone. On the other hand, your whole Cai Family will be destroyed!” Liu Mang said angrily. Even now, Lady Cai did not seem to realize who her real enemy was.

“Liu Mang Liu Hanyang! What do you want?” Lady Cai realized that Liu Mang was right. If Liu Mang were to die, Lu Bu could still take revenge for him. However, if Liu Biao were to find out what happened, not only would he kill her but also the rest of the Cai Family.

“Don’t move! I won’t take responsibility if you do!” Liu Mang warned. He had not completely got rid of the drug in his own body. Touching a beautiful woman would be dangerous.

“Hmph!” Lady Cai could only harrumph because she was afraid the same thing might happen again. The smell of his sweat then made her blush.

“That’s better.” Liu Mang said and put her in bed. “Right now, it would be difficult for you to meet others so just stay in bed.” One could see that Lady Cai was struggling to stay sane if they were sharp enough. For some reason, Lady Cai also agreed with Liu Mang’s proposal.

“Leave the rest to me.” Liu Mang said and looked at the wreckage. He felt a headache coming. How did they get the room into such a mess? Even cleaning this up would take quite a while.

Liu Mang quickly cleaned up the room. Liu Mang had also opened the windows to remove their body scent. Xiao Cui also helped by bringing some aroma.


When Liu Biao arrived, the first thing he did was order this men to surround the residence. The soldiers were all confused. As these soldiers all came from n.o.ble families, they naturally knew who this residence belonged to. The soldiers looked to Cai Mao since he was not only their direct superior but also the elder brother of the owner of the residence.

“Are you guys not listening to my orders? This Jingzhou belongs to Liu! Not Cai!” Liu Biao’s cold voice scared the troops. Liu Biao had never treated the Cai Family this way before. Before this, Liu Biao had always made it obvious that he favored Cai Mao but Liu Biao had changed that day. The soldiers were all alarmed that there might be a huge change going to happen.

“Why are you looking at me for? Do as the Lord says!” Cai Mao was also angry. Liu Biao had chided him for no reason and now even berated him in public. However, he was a man who knew how to show the appropriate behavior so he kept his anger in check. Liu Biao only harrumphed when he saw Cai Mao’s actions.

The residence was quickly surrounded. n.o.body would be able to get in or out.

“Hahaha! Military Advisor! Look! Liu Biao is here with troops!” One of Pang Tong’s subordinate laughed excitedly. He was naturally excited after waiting in the biting cold for such a long time.

“Liu Jingsheng! You are finally here!” Pang Tong nodded. He felt that enduring the cold was worth it. He wanted to see Liu Biao kill Liu Mang for having s.e.x with his wife and start a war. At that time, Yangzhou would no longer be a cause for concern.

“Hmm. Is this Xiangyang’s troops?” Pang Tong plotted as he looked at the soldiers. Based on the time the letter is sent, the soldiers arrived too slowly. Pang Tong could tell that the soldiers were not attentive and were procrastinating. They were so weak that the Xiliang Cavalry was not needed to defeat them. The only worry was the navy. This can be dealt with when Jingzhou and Yangzhou started fighting each other.

As for the guards at the Jingshan residence, they initially thought they were being attacked by the enemy when they saw the army. Although a soldier from the army scolded them fot not greeting Liu Biao, they did not believe him until they personally saw Liu Biao.

Liu Biao did not care about all this and coldly asked for Lady Cai. The head of the guards also did not ask too many questions and immediately led the way.

When Liu Biao entered the courtyard, he was greeted by a smiling Jia Xu.

“Jia Xu Jia Wenhe?” Liu Biao recognized him as Jia Xu used to give advice to Zhang Xiu. It was also Jia Xu that instructed Zhang Xiu to capture Nanyang and then submit himself to Liu Biao and then use Liu Biao’s provisions to expand the Xiliang Cavalry. Liu Biao also knew that Jia Xu now worked for Liu Mang. Although Jia Xu greeted Liu Biao, Liu Biao sneered and had Jia Xu arrested. “Men! Arrest this person!”

“Huh? Liu Jingzhou?” Jia Xu’s objective was to stall for time but he was arrested before he could even do anything.

“Liu Mang Liu Hanyang!” Liu Biao roared in rage. Since Jia Xu is here, Liu Mang was definitely here. The letter he read was becoming more and more believable.

“Brother Kuai Yue?” Jia Xu looked to Kuai Yue for help. Kuai Yue simply shook his head with a bitter smile. He sympathized but his hands were tied.

On the other hand, Cai Mao started to understand what was going on the moment he saw Jia Xu. However, he did not believe that his sister would end up together with Liu Mang.

“Milord. I can only wish you good fortune!” Jia Xu muttered. If Liu Mang was caught, Jia Xu himself would not survive.

“Milord!” At this moment, Xiao Cui came out.

“Hm? Where is your Lady?” Liu Biao narrowed his eyes.

“The Lady is… she is resting in the room.” Xiao Cui stammered.

“Is that so?” Liu Biao did not believe her at all and tried to barge into the room.

“Milord! You cannot enter right now!” Xiao Cui tried to stop Liu Biao.

“Lowly servant! Get lost!” Liu Biao angrily shoved her to the floor and continued towards the room. Right now, he was more interested in catching his adulteress wife.

“Good! Go in!” One of Pang Tong’s spies cheered. Everything would be determined once Liu Biao sees Liu Mang and Lady Cai together.

“We are finished!” Jia Xu wailed to himself. He did not see Liu Mang leave the room at all which meant that Liu Mang should still be in Lady Cai’s room.

“Liu Jingzhou is really short tempered.” Liu Mang suddenly commented from behind them.

“Your Highness?” Kuai Yue cried out in surprise.

“Milord?” Jia Xu also lifted his head in surprise. His initial anger towards Liu Mang for getting him killed turned to pleasant surprise since it also meant that his life was spared.

“Liu Mang Liu Hanyang?” Liu Biao who thought that Liu Mang was in the room was also surprised while the spy placed by Pang Tong was in disbelief. He could not believe that Liu Mang could have woken up so quickly unless Xiao Lian somehow screwed up.

The spy was actually correct. Xiao Lian only placed a few drops into the drink and threw away the rest of the drug because she was afraid that these people would try and harm others. As for Liu Mang, he escaped through the roof instead of the door so n.o.body noticed him.

“Liu Jingzhou is really short tempered. Not only did you arrest this King’s subordinate but also act violently towards your own servant!” Liu Mang said rudely, showing that he did not have any friendship with Liu Biao. Any sense of guilt he had towards Liu Biao vanished and turned to anger the moment Liu Biao acted violently towards Xiao Cui. When he cleaned up the room, he found blood that was not his own. He knew whose blood this belonged to. Liu Mang also helped Xiao Cui up.

“Your Highness. This one has important things to deal with and will entertain Your Highness later.” Liu Biao was not relieved. Instead of questioning Liu Mang, he had his soldiers obstruct Liu Mang’s way and entered Lady Cai’s room.

“Your Highness! What about…?” Xiao Cui was worried and wanted to ask about Lady Cai but she was stopped by Liu Mang.

“Xiao Cui. Are you alright?”

“Your Highness. What about the Lady?” Xiao Cui asked again, this time in a soft voice.

“Don’t worry. Just let your Lord in.” Liu Biao said as he coldly looked at Liu Biao.

Liu Biao entered the room without knocking. There, he saw Lady Cai in her bed with a flushed expression. She looked like she was very sick.

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