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Hi everyone, here is the new chapter. I decided to change the name from NinGuan to Lumina since from the comments it seemed to be the most appreciated, as for the other names, at least for now, i prefer to keep them in chinese.

As for scheduling, in case you didn't see the page yet, the schedule is unfortunately 1 chapter every 2-3 weeks, this takes into account both how busy i am, my chinese level and translation skills. Hopefully as i become better i will be able to reduce this time by a lot, maybe around 1 per week.

Good reading!

Daoist QianSui made the irrevocable decision to go into a death or life struggle with Di JiuFeng, who became even more distressed.

She originally planned to deceive this old geezer to make a retreat, but she didn't expect him to be actually so unafraid of death.

"Di JiuFeng, what are you waiting for, why didn't you bring your disciple out yet!"

Since he already went to this extent, the Daoist became even pushier. Besides, by seeing that Di JiuFeng was motionless for a while, in his mind he was even more convinced that his guess was correct.He involuntary raised an evil grin and at the corner of his eyes, the tip of his eyebrows also helped forming an arrogant expression on his face: “I already accepted your request, what are you wasting time for? could it be that all you said until now was just a trick to intimidate us?"

"Humph! Are you thinking I am like you? Me, having such a mouth that only spouts nonsense?" Although Di JiuFeng' s state of mind was in a panic and completely uneasy,her imposing manner was still faultless and didn't even show a drop of concern.

She raised her chin a bit,with her icy eyes and appearance,she just seemed like the snow lotus that can only found at the top of the highest mountain,which can't be broke off no matter what:"Since you are so enthusiastically searching for death,i will also not stop you,i will call my disciple at once,so just wait."

Mount Li was quite wide,however in the eyes of an high-rank nascent soul cultivator,this place was merely as big as the reach of his own hand. QianSui was not worried at all and directly released his consciousness in the surroundings, which covered the top of the mountain by forming an unbreakable cage.

Di JiuFeng turned her body under everybody gazes and walked one step at the time towards the attic.

At the top of the quiet mountain, the mountain breeze felt like it would never stop blowing, its whistles rolled up her thin dress,and by considering her pet.i.te and delicate body, which was exactly in the middle of the limitless northern wind, she seemed like she could shatter at any moment.

Di JiuFeng finally couldn't hear anymore other sounds, the only sound her ears could hear was the thump thump sound produced by the agitated beat of her heart. Her four limbs gradually began to became ice-cold, and pierced by the chill air her spine also went numb.

She didn't want to die, nor wanted to send her disciple to death, however, they didn't have a mean to escape.

In the end, what could she do? She was clearly this book's protagonist, so why the ancient witch's path of life was so rough?

Di JiuFeng thought while being completely upset. Her steps became slower, each time she touched the ground it felt like a trial, while her movements became more heavy and shaky.

It didn't matter how much unwilling she was in moving forward, this small path made of blue stones would eventually end, Di JiuFeng paused a moment, turned her head and saw the ferocious eyes of these despicable aggressors, hidden in the large sleeves, her hands slowly formed a fist. In the end she was still a nascent soul cultivator, rather than letting them kill her so quickly, if worst came to worst she could still try to beat them, although she wasn't guaranteed to run away, and even by considering that following a successful escape there would only be a hard road, still, what else could she do? She never had a choice since the beginning.

Di JiuFeng decided to not hesitate anymore, she stepped forward with vigor and entered inside the building, and when she entered she immediately saw the her small disciple's dress stained with blood lying on the side of the door. Since Lumina just came out of the bath, a chunk of her black hair was still wet, and disorderly covered her cheeks, causing her small face already pale because of blood loss even more white.

As soon as she saw Di JiuFeng entering, Lumina immediately raised her face.

The daylight went through the windows and illuminated her face, causing her pair of hidden pupils to sparkle: “Master, it is because I deceived you, I have the cursed fate to become the reincarnation of a demon, you didn't know anything, otherwise, you wouldn't have picked me to enter your sect." Her clear and determined voice pa.s.sed through each layer of the window curtain and fell in front of the attic's corridor.

Lumina suddenly stood up, her young and tender face showed a mark of evil: "I initially didn't intend to tell you, I purposely deceived you so that I could be brought here, I just disdain the sword sect, I will absolutely make them…."

However she didn't finish her words,since Di JiuFeng immediately grasped her cheeks. The strength used was a bit too much, causing Lumina' s thin and pallid face to be dyed with a layer of red.

"I am truly happy Lumina, truly happy…” her voice was chocking a bit with emotions, then she didn't speak anymore. Di JiuFeng thought that for the rest of her life she would only be forced to suffer without any choice, however in this exact moment, she could finally found some peace. While looking at the thin and tender little girl in front of her,using a posture that would risk everything to protect both of them,she didn't want to bother anymore with this fate that forced her to be pulled in the book.

In the real world, she was an orphan, and while she had an optimistic personality, and therefore seemed to have friends everywhere. However the truth is that in this complex society, true friends could only be counted on the fingers of a hand, additionally, if we to talk about the ones that would throw their life for friendship, at least in her 20 years of life she never encountered one.

She entered this book for only a short month,yet she already encountered such a person.

Di JiuFeng suddenly thought, maybe this book was not about facing a disaster, but rather a bestowed favor to make up for her regrets.

"Lumina, since master brought you here, I will naturally be responsible for you, I am aware of your background, but still does it really matter? Other people have no faith in you, however, master still trust you, your master believes that no matter what happens, you will undoubtedly not turn out in a monster that would even kill innocent souls."

Di JiuFeng brought Lumina in her embrace, then she grasped the spiritual sword HongShang in her hands: “From now on we will probably need to wander far and wide in the world, however, you don't need to be afraid, with your master together, I will definitely be able to protect you”.

Di JiuFeng made various steps backward, planning on breaking out by pa.s.sing through the window, but just at this moment, a presence jumped in through the window.

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