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The City of White Emperor at the origin of the Forgotten River. The Red River of Eight Hundred Miles as territory. Who else could she possible be?

The only princess of Yao actually appeared here!

People in the palace were very shocked. Soh Soh, with the sound of friction of clothes, everyone stood up and prepared to salute.

"My mother is the princess royal of Great West continent."

Luo Luo looked at people and continued speaking, "My father is Bai Xing Ye." (Bai means White in Chinese)

With these two names, the aura in the palace became even more depressed and nervous. Everyone remained silent as if they were dead.

The two names represented authority and power. These two names were among the five saints.

The couple in the City of White Emperor were at the same level as the Divine Queen and the Pope.

The southern amba.s.sadors all remained silent. After they saw Chen Chang Sheng who was standing behind Luo Luo, they felt even worse.

People noticed the close relationship between Luo Luo and Chen Chang Sheng a long time ago.

As expected, Luo Luo looked at the southern amba.s.sadors said, "My master is Chen Chang Sheng."

Mother, father, master.

She said so, which meant that she placed the three at the same height.

Different from what some people previously thought, Luo Luo did not go to the Tradition Academy for fun, but rather she actually wanted to learn. She viewed Chen Chang Sheng as her family member and respectful elder.

People inside the palace were all shocked and wordless. Even Gou Han Shi's att.i.tude became more serious.

Who is this kid named Chen Chang Sheng? How could Luo Luo place him at the same height as the White Emperor couple?!

"Excuse me, how is my master not as great as Qiu Shan Jun?"

Luo Luo looked at the southern amba.s.sadors asked.

The southern amba.s.sadors did not have an answer because they couldn't answer.

No matter how genius Qiu Shan Jun was, solely from a status standpoint, how can one compare him with the master of a princess?

Luo Luo looked at the pedantic young scholar who spoke earlier, lifted up her eyebrows and asked, "In order to resist the demons, humans need to unite. The south and the north need to make a union. So Xu You Rong must marry Qiu Shan Jun? Only because of the so-called righteous cause, you would force a woman to marry someone she doesn't want to marry?"

The young scholar said with a trembling voice, "Shouldn't we?"

"Of course you shouldn't!"

Luo Luo looked at the person and said confidently, "She's the wife of my master, how can you make her marry another man? I really suspect if you are a demon spy."

The young scholar's face was swollen red. He felt very angry, but didn't dared to say anything.

Luo Luo looked at the people and said, "The righteous cause? I am the righteous cause. My master owned the righteous cause. How dare you use the righteous cause to threaten him? What a joke!"

The young scholar wanted to explain something but after closer thinking, he realized that he couldn��t say anything. Sweat poured down like waterfall on his face.

No one in the palace dared to object to Luo Luo's sentence.

It was believed that if Xu You Rong and Qiu Shan Jun were married, the union between the north and south would accelerate.

However, everyone knew that the union between Yao and Humans was the fundamental base to fight against the demon race!

If fighting against the demons was the righteous cause, then protecting the close relationship between Yao and human was the biggest righteous cause!

In disagreement with the young scholar and other shameless people's logic, since Luo Luo definitely would represent Yao to support the marriage between Chen Chang Sheng and Xu You Rong, then anyone who attempted to stop this marriage was trying to irritate Yao to destroy the union between the races. Then what are they if they are not demon spies!

In order to accelerate the union between north and south, are they going to offend Human's most determined and strongest ally? Nonsense!

No one would make this choice. Even the Pope, the Virgin of the Southern Sects, the leader of the Li Mountain, or even the Divine Queen wouldn't take this action.

The righteous cause? It was just selfish benefit, or another word, power. Think closely, this was truly laughable.

The young scholar was entirely wet. Until now, he saw his intentions hiding under his clothes and the righteous cause.

His face was still red but now it wasn't due to anger, it was due to humiliation.

The palace was wordless. Many people were as humiliated as this young scholar and didn't know what to say.

Gou Han Shi looked at Luo Luo with mixed feelings.

"Anyone who still wants to retain some reputation should leave right now. What's the point of struggling here?"

Tang Thirty Six looked at him and mocked, "Just give up. Your oldest senior can't marry her anymore. Or do you dare to kill Chen Chang Sheng in public?"

The disciples of the Li Mountain Sword Sect were standing. Hearing these words, they felt very angry. They grabbed the handles of their swords and then looked at Gou Han Shi.

Gou Han Shi looked at him quietly. His eyes gradually lit up but were not sharp and were not more determined.

The master of the Qiu Shan family remained silent ever since Chen Chang Sheng took out the engagement. But now, he couldn't stand anymore. He stared at Tang Thirty Six and said coldly, "Is Master Wen Shui still good?"

Tang Thirty Six's expression changed slightly and said, "Want to suppress me by using my grandpa? Don't you feel any shame?"

Qiu Shan family was an ancient family in the South. They cared deeply about their reputation. As one of the Wen Shui Tang family, Tang Thirty Six, of course, understood this.

Tonight, many events occurred in the Ivy Festival. There were actually many opportunities for the two sides to modify the tension temporarily by stepping down and leaving. Yet because of some reasons or more accurately, false judgements on the situation, the southern amba.s.sadors made the wrong choices. This led to the current embarra.s.sing situation.

The current embarra.s.sing situation, besides the above reasons, were also caused by Tang Thirty Six and Luo Luo's continuous mockery.

Luo Luo's scolding and mockery of people such as elder Xiao Song Gong were due to their earlier scolding and mocking of Chen Chang Sheng. She didn't like such things but with her background and ident.i.ty, she had the reason to do something about it.

Tang Thirty Six's scolding and mockery of people such as Xiao Song Gong and the master of Qiu Shan family were entirely due to his personality.

No matter what position in the family hierarchy or other aspects, he shouldn't act this way. He appeared too full of nonsense, too dissipated, and too unrestrained.

Not every unrestrained person was a prodigy who could succeed later. They are more likely to be dandies.(In Chinese idioms, prodigy return to the fold and succeed later)

In many's eyes, Tang Thirty Six acted very worldly and very disrespectful. He made others unhappy unlike the member of a n.o.ble family and of course, unlike a young genius of Heavenly Academy.

However, he did it because he disliked these people.

Since he disliked these people, he had no reason not to scold them.

This was his personality.

He was only a sixteen year old youngster, a true youngster. He doesn't feel happy looking at the spring wind, doesn't feel sad looking at the fall rain, doesn't sigh looking at the winter snow, and doesn't feel annoyed looking at summer cicada. He only feels happy looking at things he likes, only feels annoyed looking at things he hated, only sighs looking at unfair things, and only feels sad looking at pathetic view of one's back under the falling sun.

He likes to stay by himself and likes to sleep, but he doesn't like interacting with others. He is a bit narcissistic, very arrogant and confident. He lives freely and the matters in the world are unrelated to him. He will attentive to things that make him happy, and will be closed to things he likes.

He is a youngster like that. His personality was just like that. Even if he isn't a genius on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud, and was only a young beggar taking sunbathes in the corner seeing pretty girls pa.s.s by, he would still whistle. Seeing rich people bully the weak, he would still secretly give them two kicks. He wouldn't even care if the guards tried to beat him up later.

Therefore, he didn't have any friends in the capital besides Chen Chang Sheng. Therefore, he offended many cla.s.smates in the Heavenly Academy including Zhuang Huan Yu. Therefore, he said long time ago, if he met the little monster from the Priest's Academy who liked to bully ordinary people, he would definitely destroy him. Therefore, he couldn't come to the first two nights of the Ivy Festival.

Tang Thirty Six was a man like this. He likes what he truly likes, dislikes what he truly dislikes. So, people who liked him really liked him such as his grandpa of the Wen Shui family and the vice princ.i.p.al Zhuang of the Heavenly Academy. The people who disliked him really disliked him such as the current angry southern amba.s.sadors.

He didn't care.

But there are people who care.

"How dare you! Apologize to the elder right now!"

A voice came up from the seats of the Heavenly Academy.

Now everyone was standing because they couldn't see who was speaking clearly. Moments later, people realized it was actually Zhuang Huan Yu.

People all felt a little surprised. They didn't understand why he wanted to criticize Tang Thirty Six. What they didn't understand even more was why was he speaking.

Even though Tang Thirty Six's words were worldly and disrespectful to the Li Mountain Sword Sect and the Qiu Shan family, both Princ.i.p.al Mao Qiu Yu and Vice Princ.i.p.al Zhuang were in the field. Why did Zhuang Huan Yu have the right to criticize the student? Although he was the genius ranked tenth on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud, he was still only a student.

The princ.i.p.al had been remained silent the whole time. Why could Zhuang Huan Yu criticize Tang Thirty Six?

Mao Qiu Yu turned around and glimpsed at Zhuang Huan Yu. His expression was calm.

Many people's eyes fell on Zhuang Huan Yu.

Zhuang huan Yu's expression changed slightly. He also didn't know why he said that before.

But he already said it. How could he take it back? He closed his mouth tightly and with an angry face, he continued to stare at Tang Thirty Six.

He thought he appeared indifferent and selfless but he didn't know that, in others' eyes, he really misbehaved.

The reason why Zhuang Huan Yu suddenly misbehaved was very complicated. Tonight, many high status people came to the Ivy Festival and even a genius like him had to sit quietly. Yet who would have thought, Tang Thirty Six, whom people normally didn't even bother to take a look at was speaking loudly in front of people. This caused Zhuang Huan Yu to generate hatred towards him subconsciously.

The more important reason was because Luo Luo revealed her ident.i.ty.

The legend in Heavenly Academy fell back to the reality.

He had imagined infinite times the future he had with the junior but his dream was crushed tonight.

The junior...was the princess Luo Luo.

No matter how hard he tried, even if he became a genius and surpa.s.sed Qiu Shan Jun, it would still be impossible for him to stay together with her.

Deep disappointment and despair all turned into anger. But the love was still hiding in the bottom of his heart. He never told anyone so his disappointment and anger tonight couldn't be released.

At this moment, he saw Tang Thirty Six, the junior that he could criticize normally.

Therefore, he said that sentence.

The palace became strangely quiet.

Everyone was looking at Tang Thirty Six.

Previously when Guan Fei Bai from the Li Mountain Sword sect had been scolded Tang Thirty Six with "How dare you?" Tang Thirty Six returned back, "How dare your mother?"

Now Zhuang Huan Yu criticized him, what would he say?

The southern amba.s.sadors all felt happy thinking that there was now a problem occurring among the Zhou people. They thought, how would you solve this problem?

Gou Han Shi glanced at Tang Thirty Six and felt somewhat surprised. He frowned.

Guan Fei Bai looked at Zhuang Huan Yu, also frowned and felt somewhat unhappy.

Tang Thirty Six's expression became a little gloomy. He looked in the direction of the seats for Heavenly Academy. None of his schoolmates responded to his look. Mao Qiu Yu sighed and was ready to say something. Vice Princ.i.p.al Zhuang's face was a little pale. He looked at him and shook his head. He wanted to say something but paused, as if he had a problem that he couldn't say.

He remained silent for a while and then laughed bitterly and said, "That's so not fun."

"It's certainly not fun."

A sound came up next to him.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at him and said, "You don't look like your normal self."

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