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Chapter 591 Two Mothers Roast Their Children

Lucy's sudden jump surprised Lith slightly but with a smile on his face, he hugged her back.

"You were so cool out there." Lith said softly while caressing her hair.

Lucy had herself attached to Lith like a panda would to bamboo. She didn't know what went inside her head, but she felt this was the best course of action to take when she saw Lith.

Lucy was too stressed the whole time. In the carriage she somehow managed to put herself into character and for a good while, stayed in character. She didn't break even for a single moment despite being made to stand in front of the whole world.

This went on to strengthen her mental fort.i.tude but after she left the throne and was in private with Lith, her character broke and she became her previous stressed self, who was overworked and just needed a break.

Thankfully, as she saw Lith, her mind felt at ease and here she was, in his warm embrace, getting herself the much needed break she deserved.

Hearing Lith's comment, Lucy didn't reply and just hummed in response. She was too tired to say anything and just wanted to be with Lith.

Without having Lucy speak anything, Lith understood that she wanted to be in some peace and quiet.

He walked with her inside the private chambers and sat on the sofa while having her in his embrace.

The two didn't speak and Lith let Lucy relax in his embrace.

While Lith was with Lucy, the ball began in the City Hall.

People from all around the world took the floor and danced together in the ma.s.sive ballroom with their partners.

In the first round of dances, there were mostly youngsters from all around the world who were heirs of different powerhouses.

They were all from Half Emperor Rank and above houses as authorities weren't allowed to bring more than two people who weren't of this rank.

There were many notable figures who were dancing and many standing at the sidelines and simply watching.

One of the young couples that stood out the most was the pair of hiers from the Dracula Clan and the Crimson Clan — Dennis and Cecilia.

Out of the five Dukes, only four had heirs as Rivera Adelstein, the fifth d.u.c.h.ess, was still single and focused on her work to expand the vampire territories rather than forming romantic relationships.

Dennis and Cecilia, heirs of two big powerhouses mingling together was something people didn't expect. They also were surprised to see that the relationship between the two houses was very good.

While there were so many eyes on the two, Dennis being in the limelight, was starting to feel nervous.

"H-hey Ceci—" 

"Stop talking, Dennis. There are people watching. Just dance quietly." Cecilia, the red-haired teen from the Crimson Clan, smiled and said to Dennis.

There were indeed people watching and anything she wanted to say to Dennis, she had to do so with a smile.

"But I can't dance!" Dennis was worried and it was visible from his tone. "Why did you pull me in here?"

"Shh. Quiet. I'll manage." Cecilia said and had Dennis follow her movements.

Dennis really didn't know how to dance and he was messing things up quite often. But Cecilia managed to improvise properly and danced elegantly with him.

Ralph, standing at the sidelines and watching, was smiling as he watched Dennis mess up every single step.

He had a gla.s.s of wine in his hand and wore an exquisite white suit that made him appear really formal and n.o.ble. His appearance was what all n.o.bles strived to have as he looked perfect with his looks and outfit.

Standing beside Ralph was his mother, Avelyn Asmodeus who was in a pink and white strapless gown that properly matched her hair and eye color. She appeared formal as well and standing quietly at the sidelines, she seemed reserved and cold.

Avelyn was strictly instructed by Ralph to not indulge in conversation with others and walk around in the banquet. That was because she was one of the only seven sins in the world and should show some reservations.

If she didn't, people wouldn't take her seriously and it would in turn act in lowering their reputation.

But Avelyn didn't need to do anything to walk around as people had already flocked towards the other sins. There was no one remaining with whom Avelyn could talk with.

However, just moments later, a black-haired couple walked towards Avelyn and Ralph.

"Hi there." d.u.c.h.ess Fiora, Dennis's mother, waved her hand as she walked close to Avelyn with her husband Duke Reynolds Dracula.

Avelyn, looking at the d.u.c.h.ess coming close to her, smiled and waved back. 

"h.e.l.lo~" She said sweetly.

Looking at the Duke and d.u.c.h.ess arrive, Ralph too greeted them, saying, 

"Greetings, d.u.c.h.ess—"

"Aunty would be fine, Ralph." d.u.c.h.ess Fiora said with a smile and patted Ralph's shoulder.

She knew Ralph was her son's best friend and had met him a few times already. She was also aware of his reserved and formal att.i.tude but when in private, there was no need for such formalities.


Ralph stared at d.u.c.h.ess Fiora for a good few seconds, wondering if she was joking or seemed serious about it.

Fiora's expression didn't change and she still had the same smile as before.

'She seems serious about it.' Ralph a.s.sessed.

Duke Reynolds Dracula, Dennis's father, a man with a tall and muscular build, walked close to Ralph and extended his hand out to greet him.

Ralph extended his hand as well and said in a formal tone, "Greetings, Duke—"

"Uncle Reynolds." Reynolds said with a straight face and shook Ralph's hand. Just like Fiora, he too knew his son and Ralph were best friends and thus didn't make Ralph be formal with him.

Although he hadn't met Ralph before, it felt better to be called uncle than get addressed formally like all other n.o.bles.

Ralph didn't know what went inside the heads of the two Dukes and could only wonder, 'What's wrong with the vampire n.o.bles?' 

Why weren't they formal and reserved like they should be, he also wondered.

Fiora shook hands with Avelyn and greeted her and so did Reynolds.

Fiora then looked at Avelyn and said, "Why isn't Ralph dancing with the youngsters? He should enjoy such moments while he's young, you know?" 

Avelyn smiled and replied, "Apparently he doesn't like dancing." 

Fiora covered her mouth and giggled. "My Dennis is the same. Look at him, he absolutely hates it but was dragged in there by Crimson's girl." 

Avelyn chuckled hearing that. "It's a pity that there's no one to drag my Ralph in there."

Fiora made a surprised expression. "Oh? There's no one? He doesn't have any love interest?"

Avelyn chuckled. "Nope, there isn't any."

"Hoh? That's interesting. The child of the Sin of l.u.s.t has no love interest, my, my…" Fiora felt this tea to be really amazing and she began gossiping with Avelyn.

Meanwhile, Reynolds just stood at the side of his wife and drank wine, not engaging in the conversation of the two ladies.

Just like him, Ralph stood beside his mother, being forced to listen to her conversation. He wanted to ask her to stop talking like this but knew it would be rude to interrupt her and thus didn't voice out any complaints.

Avelyn smiled and said, "Trust me when I say this…"

Avelyn leaned closer to Fiora and continued with a whisper, "...he hasn't even had s.e.x and is still a virgin."

"Haww…" Fiora gasped in surprise and covered her mouth.

She then put her hand on Avelyn's shoulder and asked with a concerned face, "Are you okay?"

Fiora knew how big of a deal it was for being the son of the Sin of l.u.s.t and still not having s.e.x even once. 

Kids of Ralph's age were already having kids of their own and roaming around impregnating multiple people.

She thus felt concerned and asked Avelyn if she was okay because she knew Ralph was abnormal.

Avelyn made a sad face as she was being consoled by Fiora. "I am trying to be." 

A vein popped on Ralph's forehead as he heard this conversation. He was irritated by it and if he could, he would've already interrupted them and taken his mother away.

But alas, he could only curse his fate and continue to listen to them.

"There… there…" Fiora lightly hugged Avelyn and tried to comfort her.

She then whispered in Avelyn's ears, "if it makes you feel better… even my Dennis is a virgin. He can't get any girls sadly."

"What?" Avelyn held Fiora's shoulder and pulling her back, asked in surprise.

Fiora nodded her head. "It is true." 

She then turned to look at Dennis dance with Cecilia and narrowing her eyes on her commented, "But I don't think it'll be for long. Crimson's girl is too bold with her actions." 

Avelyn turned to look at Cecilia and understood the underlying meaning behind Fiora's words.

She could only smile and comment, "Well… they are all kids. We should let things flow naturally and not interfere."

Fiora nodded. "That's true. Even though I know the relationship between Dennis and Cecilia, I've never talked about it with him because I know he'll freak out and feel uncomfortable."

Avelyn chuckled. "I hope it all goes well for him."

Fiora smiled. "I hope all goes well for Ralph too. Speaking of that…"

Fiora turned to look at Ralph and said, "Why don't you dance with someone there? It's not everyday that such grand events are held, you know?"

Ralph shook his head. "I am fine."

Fiora shook her head. "Honey, trust me, you shouldn't be slacking. You've got the looks that ladies will die for. Go pick yourself a date and dance. This is an important event."

"I am fi—"

"Hey look! There's Veranz's daughter. Go ask her for the dance, she'll say yes. Go, go." Fiora lightly pushed Ralph towards the girl.

Avelyn on the side chuckled and waving at Ralph, said, "Good luck, baby. I hope your date goes well. But don't forget the promise you made to me, okay?"

Ralph felt annoyed but before he could voice out any complaints, he stood right in front of a green-haired young lady in a black gothic dress and soft hat.

The young lady, noticing Ralph approach her, turned to look at him.

Now having the attention of a n.o.ble lady, Ralph knew there was no way out other than talking and socializing with her. He cursed internally for not running before.

But now that he was in this situation, he knew he had to do something or his reputation and his family's reputation would be ruined.

And so...

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