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Chapter 531 Vampire Sleeping Traditions

Lith was sitting in the courtyard, sipping on tea while waiting for further instructions from his mother.

It had been quite a while and she should be here any moment now.

As expected, fifteen minutes later, Lilith arrived in the courtyard.

"It's done. You can sleep peacefully now." Lilith hugged Lith from behind and said with a smile.

"I don't understand… What special things are you doing? Why can't I just sleep on the bed?" Lith asked, a bit confused.

Lilith grabbed Lith's hand and said, "Come, see things for yourself and you'll understand."

The two then walked in the hallways of the castle and coming to the end of it, there was a spiral staircase leading down in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Lith walked through them and if he wasn't wrong, he was ten levels under the ground now.

Walking in the tenth level, they soon reached an open s.p.a.ce and Lilith stopped walking further.

"We are here." She said.

As Lith looked in front of him, he thought he would be surprised to see something, but the thing in front… It was surprising yet didn't come much of a surprise as the place Lith was in…

It was a cemetery.

It was an open area, the crimson-silver moon was shining brightly in the sky and right at the end of the cemetery, Lith could see mist as well as the view of the lake behind the castle.

Though he could've sworn he came ten levels underground from the castle, he realized that the castle stood on a cliff and he might've just descended down the cliff a bit.

The cemetery had many tombstones and in the middle of these was a black casket, beside which was Luna standing in her priestess robes.

'So… I'll literally rest in peace, it seems.' Lith thought to himself as he looked at everything.

He then turned his face to look at his mother and said pointing towards the casket, "Are you perhaps going to bury me?"

"Yes." Lilith answered without hesitation.

? "Why?" Lith couldn't understand at all. What was the need to do such things? Why can't he just sleep normally?

Lilith explained calmly, "In the past, a lot of dust used to acc.u.mulate on the vampires who slept for a long time. Their sleep would also be disturbed due to the external noises and to sleep peacefully, they wanted some solution."

"Once, someone saw the human traditions after death. Vampires always kept a keen eye on the humans and they saw the coffins that were used for burials. Eventually…"

Lilith further explained that the vampires eventually experimented with the coffins.

They slept in it and even buried themselves in the ground.

When buried without a casket, they would feel uncomfortable as there were many worms and other things present. Plus, the soil would even end up going inside their noses and ears and whatnot.

It was an uncomfortable experience.

They then tried sleeping in the casket, but didn't bury themselves in the ground. Doing that caused the people to gaze at the coffins just lying around and some or the other person would throw it away, destroy it, or would open it to check what was in it.

It also ended up causing a lot of disturbances.

Eventually, they decided to bury themselves in the ground by being in the coffin.

Vampires weren't claustrophobic, in fact, it was the opposite.

They loved this tiny s.p.a.ce of the coffin and there was no one to disturb them underground. They could sleep for as long as they wanted.

Plus, sleeping provided a lot of benefits to them. They could skip an entire era if they didn't like it or could simply pa.s.s time without any ha.s.sle.

As Lith heard that statement, he thought in his mind, 'What a way to timeskip.'

Indeed. It was just like a game's timeskip, except, it was reality.

Eventually after further a.n.a.lysis and experiments, the vampires realized that being buried in a cemetery had more benefits than they thought.

If there were humans buried beside them or any other organism, their Death energy would help in nourishing a vampire. This had its entire set of benefits.

The vampires, finding this a great thing, ended up sneaking into the human cities and towns and since they looked pretty identical to humans with just a few different features, they blended well.

They went to such great lengths to just sleep properly that lived an entire mortal life of a hundred years with the humans and once dead, they would be buried in the cemeteries.

The vampires would sleep for ages there and once someone woke up from their slumber, they would simply leave the place and go back to the vampire cities.

The early humans, when they saw figures in the cemeteries, they would get really scared and a lot of legends and myths were born due to it.

But eventually, ghosts became a common occurrence as this world ended up having a race of Ghosts and everything was normal.

Lilith went on for a good ten minutes, explaining why Lith must sleep in a casket and be buried underground.

Finally after she was done enlightening him in the ways of the vampire, Lith could only smile and shake his head.

Vampire traditions were a bit weird, but Lith could do nothing about it. This was his race now and also his ident.i.ty. He had to embrace it.

Lith conversed a bit with his mother on this topic and finally after they were done, Luna said, "Your Highness, it's ready."

She opened the casket and the inside seemed really soft and comfy for some reason to Lith.

Lith walked towards it and getting in, he looked at his mother and asked, "Do you wanna join, mom?"

Lilith chuckled. "I would love to, but I won't disturb you. Your sister needs my help and I can't sleep for a few years, it seems."

Lith smirked and said, "then what if we take her together and sleep?"

Lilith shook her head. "She is in some deep waters in political matters. Just let her be. She's learning things and shouldn't be disturbed at this stage."

Lith nodded. "If you say so."

He then looked at Luna and asked, "Why are you in those robes?"

Luna smiled and answered, "To give you a proper burial, Your Highness."

"...but I am not dying…" Lith said while staring at her.

Luna nodded. "But you are getting buried."

Lith turned to face his mother and said, "I still don't understand the need of this, but if it's really as beneficial as you're saying it to be, I guess I'll just go to sleep. Alright, good night, mom."

"Good night, baby." Lilith sent a flying kiss towards Lith.

Lith then laid back in the casket and closed his eyes.

Luna closed it and everything around Lith turned dark.

Then, he heard some chants coming from the outside and could guess it was Luna.

A few seconds later, Lith felt the casket shake a bit but eventually it was stopped. He then tried to think of what was around him but to his surprise, his senses couldn't penetrate the outside.

Everything around was dark, there was nothing visible. He couldn't see nor hear and couldn't do anything as well.

But Lith had a feeling that if he tried to break the casket, he would succeed and get out. So he was calm with everything.

Eventually, Lith's eyes felt heavy and droopy and in no time, he went to sleep.


In the outside world.

Lilith chuckled as she noticed Lith go to sleep. She then said, "My baby didn't ask much questions today. I thought he would ask why there are tombstones here, but he didn't."

"Such a good boy. He went to sleep without any problems."

Luna nodded her head as she heard her madam speak. "His Highness was probably too tired to ask more questions." She said what she thought of.

"Seems like it." Lilith nodded. But then she smiled and continued, "I wanted to see his reactions though. I wonder how he would've reacted knowing there were ten Emperor Ranks buried here."

Luna giggled hearing that. "I think His Highness would appreciate madam for her efforts."

Lilith nodded. "Indeed. It took so much time to get ten human Emperor Ranks, you know? I collected them over a period of three hundred thousand years. Oh well, I collected them in hopes of using their cores or something, but then... It was better to make a cemetery since I could sleep and get nourished as well."

Luna nodded again. "Madam did the right thing. A cemetery of Emperor Ranks is nowhere else in the world."

Lilith chuckled again. "I'll do anything for my babies."

The two then left the cemetery after conversing for a bit and it was back to being cold, dark, and lonely.


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