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Chapter 207: Breaking Out of the Coc.o.o.n! Will of the Planet!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Multiple nomological powers converged in the ruin, and light of all types of colors shrouded Link’s slender body like a huge light coc.o.o.n.

Within the light coc.o.o.n, Link’s body became increasingly stronger under the various nomological powers’ influence.

His internal organs, skin, and even hair were covered with a layer of radiance, looking like a beautiful piece of jade free of dirt and dust.

The eyes of the great sage—who was by the side—couldn’t help but flash with a touch of surprise. He could feel that a profound aura was being birthed within the light coc.o.o.n and that it was getting stronger and stronger.

Normally, an ordinary person’s advancement to Stage Five Star-rank wouldn’t have such an effect and change.

This was all because Link had comprehended too many types of nomological powers and to a high degree at that, which caused this qualitative change!

“This kid is really a monster! After this advancement, he may have hopes of completing that step ahead of time!” The great sage sighed in his heart, his expression becoming complicated.

Hope and desolation appeared in this old man’s eyes at the same time.

He looked forward to Link accomplishing that matter, but as a remnant of a shattered era—a lonely soul of the old days—he knew very well how difficult it was to achieve that step...

It was almost impossible to complete! Otherwise, the civilization of their era wouldn’t have been destroyed.

The great sage was even reluctant to mention it, fearing that this hope would turn into despair in the end.

After a moment of silence, there was an explosion in the void!


Cracks appeared in the coc.o.o.n covering Link and spread quickly.

An aura that was more majestic and vaster than before diffused in the s.p.a.ce.

Link’s eyes suddenly opened, and stars were seemingly being born and dying within them. As this happened, shadows of various nomological powers flashed by in those deep eyes.

The power of his domain that uniquely belonged to him swept outward from all around Link like a tide!

Within his domain was a mixture of death, eternal sleep, sword aura, void, and many other auras—this domain’s power was far beyond that of general domains!

Kra kra kra!

The protective barrier cast by the great sage could no longer persist and was broken in an instant!

As Link woke up, a mysterious aura also seemed to be aroused from somewhere.

Momentarily, an inexplicable feeling was faintly felt in everyone’s hearts all over the world. It seemed to be a soft call with unrecognizable meaning, resounding in the hearts of all living creatures.

The great sage’s eyes went straight the moment the soft call sounded, and he froze in place!

At the same time, the turbulent power of Link’s domain had completely covered the platform where he was located, and it was constantly eroding outward.

It was about to impact Ou Chen and the others, who were at the side; its power was extremely overbearing.

The great sage suddenly returned to his senses and said quickly, “Don’t wake them up.”

Before the words fell, the surging domain’s power had already begun to retract and was fully absorbed into Link’s body. His eyes had also returned to their usual calmness and indifference.

Although Link’s power had skyrocketed after this time’s advancement, he still had great control over his own strength and wouldn’t cause accidental injuries.

And following his advancement to Stage Five, the remaining EXP also took effect.

Light illuminated Link’s body due to the level up.

[Ding! You have leveled up to Stage Five, Level 2!]

Slowly exhaling and feeling the surging power in his body, Link was in quite a good mood. Since his profession was of Taboo grade, he required a huge amount of EXP for every level up. Correspondingly, the attribute increase brought to Link from leveling up was also quite considerable.

Now, Link was confident of fighting against Stage Seven powerhouses, let alone Stage Six powerhouses!

“What’s the matter just now?” After quickly clearing up his mood, Link looked at the great sage and asked about the inexplicable calling that just appeared.

Upon hearing this, the great sage seemed to have thought of something. He looked at Link in amazement. His chin opened slights, and his emotions were obviously slightly out of control as he muttered incoherently. “It’s true... It can’t be wrong... It really feels like that...”

After a long while, the lonely old soul regained his sanity, but his words were still full of excitement and tremors. “Link, what your advancement just stimulated was the... Will of the Planet! If it can be awakened in advance, it may be possible to end this apocalyptic reincarnation ahead of time!”

Link’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he felt even more confused. “The Will of the Planet?”

“Yes.” The great sage’s eyes were particularly bright as he said, “You can understand it as a powerful G.o.d or the congregation of a G.o.d’s consciousness. The Blue Star we are in is actually not special in the vast universe. It can even be considered as small as dust when compared to the universe.”

“The reason why it will encounter an apocalyptic catastrophe every time a civilization develops to a certain stage—which results in destruction—is due to our special position. This planet is the intersection of all worlds, the place where the fantasy realm and the physical world are connected. Whenever the other worlds want to do something, they will definitely come here—which results in the apocalypse and the invasion of all other worlds!”

Link pondered for a while and said, “What you mean is that our planet is a place where all the other worlds compete for.”

“Yes, the various other worlds—and even many G.o.ds—will want to gain control of this springboard. Hence, causing the series of turmoils. Countless years ago, our planet was extremely glorious. It was the center of all worlds and realms. Many G.o.ds existed here, and our planet was one of the most powerful planets. Then, there was a battle of G.o.ds. The G.o.ds from Blue Star fought with the other worlds’ G.o.ds, and countless G.o.ds died in the long river of time.

“The Will of the Planet on Blue Star has also fallen into a deep sleep and can only pa.s.sively exert some protective mechanisms. However, our heritage still exists. The other worlds have destroyed our civilizations time and time again to wipe out our heritage and let the will of this planet—which we live in—be completely annihilated.”

Link instantly understood. No wonder the G.o.ds’ thrones that appeared were all empty in the grand scene in the City of the Undead’s dungeon. No wonder there are various heritages and relics around the world. Some of which are left by G.o.ds of the past, while some might be left by G.o.ds from other worlds.

[Doomsday Online] was a manifestation of the Will of the Planet’s protective mechanisms, providing everyone with a method to grow quickly and resist the various crises.

“So, to change all of this, we must first awaken the Will of the Planet before ending the apocalypse,” Link said solemnly.

The great sage nodded. “Yes, I was hesitant to tell you this just now, but you evoked the resonance of the planet’s will when you advanced to Stage five. Hence, you might have a chance of resolving our regrets from back then. However, this process isn’t easy. First, you need to prepare a lot of divine-type objects in order to build a bridge of communication.”

Divine-type materials? Link said in his heart: If you want to talk about this, I’ll be very spirited.

He had many items with such attributes in his hands, such as [Mask of the Faceless], [Talisman of Eternal Sleep], and [Holy Spirit Necklace]...

Thus, Link didn’t hesitate to take out these various items from his personal backpack.

As the divine-type items were taken out one by one, even the heart of an experienced man like the great sage couldn’t help but shake.

His eyes also widened. “Why do you have so many divine-type items?!”

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