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Chapter 206: Domain Integration!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Link smiled and nodded slightly, and with a wave of his hand, soft void energy lifted Artoria up.

As Link stood up, a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes. After the summoning ceremony is over, it is time for me to advance to Stage Five.

Previously, Link didn’t deliberately aim to level up as fast as possible. Instead, he was trying his best to understand his own powers as much as possible. Otherwise, with his ability, he could acc.u.mulate a lot of EXP by entering the City of the Undead dungeons several times.

And now, he had enough understanding of his own powers.

With a thought of his mind, the void energy surging around Link’s body became more and more active, surging like a tide.

Amidst the violent surges of void energy, a bright light was flashing from Link’s body, and a half-open void portal faintly appeared behind him.

Through the gap in the half-open portal, a dazzling scene of the galaxy seemed to appear...

Misty starlight flowed out from the portal, and the current Link seemed to have become the supreme ruler of the stars.

The great sage looked at Link with a flash of wonder in his eyes.

Link instantly started to advance to Stage Five when he had only just reached the peak of Stage Four. This wasn’t something ordinary people could do.

This showed that Link’s understanding of the Void nomological power had reached an extremely profound level as there was no bottleneck at all.

Not only did an energy tide appear inside the Epochal Ruins as a result of the phenomenon resulting from Link’s advancement, but in the Forest of Darkness as well.

Streams of starlight fell down as if they were turning into a void channel that connected earth and heaven!

The sky—which had returned to being dim and dull—instantly became clear, while the stars seemed to be attracted by a mysterious force and bloomed with a strange brilliance!

Countless people were once again attracted by this scene.

The powerhouses in the surrounding human cities had just calmed down from the previous phenomenon and had no choice but to cast surprised glances at the Forest of Darkness again.

The apocalyptic Evolvers were all deeply stunned, and even their eyes were twitched. They were completely speechless.

“What the heck—again? Give me a break! What strange thing is happening in the Forest of Darkness today?”

In Unfallen City, Yang Xuerou, Wu Hao, and the others were also surprised.

The successively appearing phenomena signified that tonight was destined to be a non-peaceful night.

It was possible that many people would rush to the Forest of Darkness overnight to check the situation.

Those who had inside news—such as Yang Xuerou and Wu Hao—were somewhat unable to remain calm as well. Both parties had no thoughts of discussing matters at this moment, and they all stared at the vast phenomenon that covered their sights.

The stars were shining, the void energy was overflowing, and even cobweb-like cracks appeared in the sky, but this wasn’t all.

In his previous life, Link mastered some of the Void nomological powers and used this as his foundation to enter the Star-rank. Although his resulting combat power was also quite impressive at that time, since he had a chance to do this a second time, he naturally wouldn’t be satisfied with just how he was in his previous life.

Inside the ruin, vigorous sword intent suddenly rose from Link’s body and shot straight into the sky!

Sword energy appeared, circled, and danced in the air around Link.

His white robe fluttered and swayed, and his bearing was extraordinary. He seemed like an ancient sword celestial who crossed over the long river of time and came to this world!

A flash of surprise flashed in the great sage’s eyes. Good G.o.d. Not only does this kid have a deep understanding of the Void nomological power, but he has also attained a high level of swordsmanship! He’s planning to integrate the Void nomological power and the Sword nomological power!

A domain constructed from integrating two nomological powers will naturally be stronger than most of the domains consisting of a single nomological power! In fact, this is the reason why Star-rank powerhouses’ combat power can differ greatly.

The strength, depth, and the number of nomological powers each person has comprehended are all different. For ordinary people, just understanding and comprehending one nomological power is already not an easy task, but this kid actually possesses two nomological powers! If this news spreads out, I wonder how many people will cry to death!

The biting sword energy overflowed, and a torrent of sword energy seemed to appear around Link.

Deep ravines also appeared on the platform he was on.

The immense sword energy even spilled out and was going to spread to the entire hall.

The corner of the great sage’s eyes twitched, and a virtual staff appeared in his hand. Upon waving the staff, countless streams of arcane brilliance were released from it and formed a field barrier, isolating Link within it. The phenomenon resulting from this kid’s advancement isn’t small. I mustn’t let him destroy the Epochal Ruins.

In the outside world, countless people’s attention was attracted by this sword intent.

The tip of a huge sword appeared in the sky, and a strong sense of sharpness emanated from this sword as if it were the embodiment of the Sword path itself!

It was covered with mysterious runes, and majestic pressure was emanating from it, causing the dark creatures around it to prostrate themselves on the ground.

Countless powerhouses—whose attention was drawn to this place—felt even more amazed!

However, the phenomenon did not end there. After the biting sword energy, another stream of death energy came, which converged toward Link.

Link possessed the G.o.d of Death’s inheritance, and he had also comprehended part of the Death nomological power. At this moment, the platform under his feet was covered by the dense death energy, which then turned into a black river! It looked as if this was the Styx river, where souls were entrapped!

Behind Link, a figure wearing a black robe and holding a silver sickle faintly appeared!

In the outside world, death energy appeared as well. A Styx river hung high in the sky, completely shocking the world!

The power of death! This is another nomological power. The great sage’s pupils shrunk slightly; the young man in front of him made it difficult for him to remain calm! What kind of terrifying domain is this young man going to construct? It isn’t possible that he will already be invincible at this stage once he enters Star-rank, right?

But even when surrounded by these various phenomena, Link was still not satisfied. Illusory spider silk emerged from behind him and spread out as if wanting to pull people into endless dreams.

There were also tentacles exuding chaos and profanity emerging from the shadows under Link’s feet and dancing about, causing the scalps of those who saw this to go numb!

The power of dreams! The aura of chaos and madness! What the heck! At this moment, even with the great sage’s bearing, vulgarities almost burst out from his mouth! So many different nomological powers appeared at the same time and are being integrated into a single domain!

This was something even the great sage had never heard of before, and he was deeply shocked!

The appearance of these nomological powers even caused the field barrier that the great sage laid for Link to tremble faintly as if it would be broken at any time!

The corner of the great sage’s eyes twitched, his expression constantly changing. It should be known that I’m a Sage-stage powerhouse. The defensive field barrier I laid down is extremely st.u.r.dy, but now, it is actually being shaken by a young man who hasn’t even reached Stage Five yet?

It was unbelievable! Although the current great sage was just a remnant soul preserved through arcane means, and his power was greatly reduced, it still wasn’t a power that Stage Five Star-rank powerhouses could compare with.

This kid is definitely a monster! The great sage secretly expressed this in his heart, but he still pretended to look very calm on the surface.

He definitely couldn’t look surprised. He was a Sage after all; he still needed to consider his image. However, his hands were constantly moving, continuously strengthening the field barrier that enveloped Link.

At this moment, not only was the great sage shocked, but the [Doomsday Online] players who witnessed the endless phenomena in the outside world were also deeply shocked as well!

Countless people were talking about it, and several human home cities were in an uproar!

However, Link was immersed in the advancement process and wasn’t aware of the situation outside. He didn’t yet know that the outside world was in upheaval because of the phenomena resulting from his advancement!

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