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For fifteen persons. Look over carefully and then wash one hundred stewing oysters. Drain. Now place in a saucepan

One quart of oyster liquid, One quart of milk, Three-quarters cup of flour.

Stir to dissolve thoroughly; bring to a boil and cook for five minutes. Now pan the oysters in their own juice by placing in a saucepan and constantly stirring until they reach the boiling point.

Add the prepared sauce with

Two onions, minced fine, One tall can of pimentoes, chopped fine, Two well-beaten eggs, One level tablespoon of salt, One and one-half teaspoons of paprika, One-half teaspoon of white pepper, One-half cup of finely chopped parsley.

Heat slowly until boiling point is reached and then serve on thick slices of toast.



One tall can of pimentoes, Two stalks of celery, Eight stalks of parsley, Two onions,

through the food chopper and then add

One cup of cottage cheese, Half-cup of mayonnaise, One teaspoon of salt, One teaspoon of paprika.

Mix well and then spread the rye bread with the following:

Four ounces of b.u.t.ter, Two tablespoons of mayonnaise dressing, One teaspoon of paprika, One-half teaspoon of mustard.

Place in a mixing bowl and beat until a cream, then spread the mixture on the loaf and cut in thin slices. Spread the pimento mixture and cover with a second slice of bread. Cut into triangles.


Select a large stewing chicken about six and one-half to seven pounds.

Singe and draw, then wash. Place in a preserving kettle with

Two onions, One clove, One carrot, cut in dice, Two branches of celery, cut in small pieces, One f.a.got of soup herbs, Two and one-half quarts of boiling water.

Cover closely and bring to a boil. Simmer slowly until tender and then cool in the stock. Now remove the skin and cut meat in neat pieces, about one inch square. Place in a large saucepan

One quart of chicken stock, Three-quarters cup of flour.

Stir to blend thoroughly and then bring to a boil. Cook for five minutes and add two onions, minced fine, and

One tall can of pimentoes, minced fine, One quart of celery, cut in inch blocks and parboiled, Three well-beaten eggs, One tablespoon of salt, One and one-half teaspoons of paprika, The prepared chicken meat, Juice of two small lemons.

Heat until very hot and then serve on toast. Lay three tips of canned asparagus that has been heated in its own juice and then sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.




It is now possible to serve the same fruits and vegetables on your table in December as in July. Save the excess from your gardens and orchards in the summer and help solve the winter food problems.


Are real preservers. Being all gla.s.s, they are absolutely sanitary, and they are so "E-Z" to close and open, that a child can operate them. Made in One-Half Pint, Pint, Quart and One-Half Gallon Sizes.




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