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Preparation For Living

TL: Chinozuku
ED: FrozenInk

「What do you think? Master」

Miria gave a strange smile while looking up at Rolf, as if she was testing him.

She gave the impression of both gorgeous and calming while wearing a skirt.

「It suits you, doesn’t it?」

Rolf and Miria entered the clothing store, they asked for sample of clothes to be tailored.

「…. Is that so? Thank you very much.」

Miria was not convinced by Rolf’s words, she tilt her head while giving her thanks.

After Miria took off the skirt, she started wandering to look for more clothes.

「…. Is this better?」

「That does suits you too, doesn’t it?」

「Which one do you like, master?」

「Aaah-…. well, why not buy them both?
You don’t have to worry about money.」


「What is it.
Even if I look at women’s clothes, I won’t understand.」

Several clothes were hung inside the store interior itself.

Rolf was choosing some clothes he liked among those clothes and have them tailored to match Miria’s size.

Miria went around for a while, and then returned to Rolf with several clothes in her hands.

「….Have you decided?」

I would appreciate it if you could buy these clothes.」

Rolf was looking at Miria who had troubled expression while carrying several clothes.

There already enough amount to be used if properly washed.

「You may have more, you know.
You don’t need to hold back.」

「No, I’m not holding back, master.」

Looking at Miria’s denial expression, Rolf was satisfied if that was the case.

「Well, if you’re okay with that.」

「Thank you very much, master.」

And like that, Rolf was giving several silver coins as a down payment to the woman’s clothes tailor.

She said the clothes will be finished at the day after tomorrow.

….Rolf felt that her gaze was somewhat cold.

Even though she hasn’t wearing the slave collar anymore, bringing a 15 years old girl without a decent cloth, could give a doubtful impression, he couldn’t help it.

「Is it ok to buy these clothes….?
Anything else you want to buy?」


Miria was displaying an unusual gesture, she was hesitating, she was shifting her gaze.

Looking at her slightly hesitate body gesture, Rolf said 「aa」.

「Underwear, is what I forgot to buy.
Thankfully I realized.」

Miria’s underwear alone couldn’t be bought at such situation.

Underwear doesn’t take up much s.p.a.ce (in the wardrobe), he thought to prepare some size.

「…. Please don’t stare too much.」

Receiving such a gaze from Miria, the tailor’s gaze got even colder toward Rolf.

Anyway, after Rolf and Miria were finished in the clothing store, they went back to the main street.

「….Well then, please bear with the old clothing until the day after tomorrow, okay?」

Even old clothes are sufficient for me.
Thank you very much.」

Along the way, Rolf and Miria was buying adequate old clothes, general goods for living, and shoes.

While doing such thing, the sun gradually goes down, and evening sky comes eventually.

Rolf and Miria was exchanging conversation, the pedestrians was getting fewer.

「A place like this huh.」

「Thank you very much for everything.」

Usually Miria tends to take an att.i.tude to tease Rolf, but right now, she sincerely gave her grat.i.tude.

She thanked with sincere eyes, and was bowing for a long time.

「Don’t worry about it.
Circ.u.mstances are circ.u.mstances, it’s my ego that bought you.
Moreover, you have become my disciple right? Then there’s nothing to be reserved.」


「If you still mind about it, then how about promise me something.
If you have become a strong magician capable of subjugating the Evil Dragon, then send me as much money as you can.
I will use it to buy alcohols.」

「…. I understand.
If that’s the case, I won’t hold back.」

Miria smiled with a smile that was as beautiful as a flower.

Rolf was inhaling while looking at Miria who was in a good mood like she has been released from the past.

「….But, I think you should drink less alcohol.」

「When I feel like it.」

「It seems you have no intention of stopping….?」

「Aside from that, I’m hungry.
It’s already evening, let’s go somewhere.」

「Could it be, are you going to a bar right now….?」

「We can fill our stomach too, isn’t it good.
Come on, let’s go.」

「Don’t pull my hand….!」


「–That remind me, what happened to your house at the kingdom?」

Rolf house was several minutes from a small pub.

At a table near a window, Rolf and Miria were sitting facing each other.

With night getting closer, the store was gradually getting crowded.

「It was sister’s house…. as I have not lived there anymore, it was destroyed, and someone else already lives there. 」

「I see…. That’s a given.
If I left some important things in the house, I would go back to the kingdom to retrieve them.
From this town…. it would take up to 5 days using a carriage? It seems.」

「Thank you for your concern.
However, there’s no such valuable things comes to mind, so it’s okay.」

「Then it’s good.」

「If the thing that I would take back is, my sister’s sword, but it has been confiscated by the group that attacked me.
….As soon as I find them, I want to take it back.」

「Why are you so obsessed?」

「I couldn’t do anything as I am now, right? Whether it’s revenge for the Evil dragon or taking back onee-chan’s sword, I need strength to do them both.
But right now, I have no such strength.」

「….That’s why you made me your master.」

You, are my hope.

Miria said so, she unintentionally let out a smile.

–She, was like an embodiment of Rolf’s despair.

He was desperately running from reality by drinking alcohol.

「I won’t forgive everything that has took my sister.

A cold voice like ice reached Rolf’s ears, his whole body trembled.

「…. Hey.」

「What is it, master?」

「–Do you, hate me?」

Being asked like that, Miria blinked her eyes, surprised.

Second in this world.」

She said that with a gentle smile.

Hearing that, Rolf exhaling in relieve.


「…. I feel relieved.」

「What’s the matter? Could it be that you like me, even though we just met a few days ago?」

「Oh shut up.
Even I hate you, you know.
Stupid stupid.」

「Are you a kid?」

「Thanks for waiting–.」

With such thing being said.

The waitress was bringing foods to the table.

The thick steak was burning on an iron plate, the aroma was arousing the appet.i.te.

The other foods were salad and bread, soup, and beans cuisine, those foods were filling the table until there was only a little s.p.a.ce left.

It was a little expensive menu that Rolf usually order at that bar.

At first, he was ordering "a good alcohol, meat, and snacks", but the waitress gradually grasping Rolf’s choice of foods, and the menu got large in quant.i.ty recently.

Seasonal vegetables and fresh fish changed periodically was a matter of course, but Rolf was pleased with the dishes, and from half a year ago, this pub has already been Rolf’s favorite.

By the way, Miria was asking for the same menu, but on a lower quant.i.ty.

To the dishes that were lined on the table, Miria was saying 「Woow.」 with sparkling eyes.

「Here, is your ale.」

「Yes, thank you.」

Rolf received a barrel-shaped beer mug from the waitress.

From the poured beer, bubbles were forming and about to fall from the mug.

And that was ale, Rolf was smiling happily.

The waitress was looking at Miria, she seems interested, then she whispered to Rolf’s ear.

「No, no…. anyway, today seems to be different, accompanied by a woman?」

Rolf was exhaling, shocked.

「Woman, hey…. she’s still a kid, you know?」

「Ara, I think she’s already at a marriageable age.」

「….She’s no good for me, but I prefer someone who is a bit more ripe.」

「Could it be that you want to seduce me? It’s not good, Rolf-san, it’s too early for you.」

「How does it come to that?」

「Ara? Was it wrong?」

「Stop teasing me….」

「Fufu, as usual, you have a cute reaction as a customer.」


「So, in the end, what’s your circ.u.mstances?」

「No, well …. I decided to take a disciple.」

It seems that the waitress didn’t want to get deeply involved, as Rolf spoke ambiguously.

「I see, well, if something troubling happened, you can rely on me.」

She quickly conclude the conversation and went back to work.

The waitress' house was next to Rolf’s, so they have spent plenty of time, talking.

Even so, Rolf don’t know her name, but 「Please rely on me」, was something a friendly neighbor would say.


Miria said with bright expression, she wasn’t listening to Rolf’s conversation.

Unlike her usual smile, her smile now seemed really happy.

Although she had eaten breakfast, it’s been a while for her to have this luxury meal.

Her thin body was showing that she lack of proper meal.

「It look delicious.」

「I agree, well, let’s eat.」


Rolf started to lay his hand on the dishes, while looking at Miria, who was giving prayer before meal.

And then, he drank a gulp of alcohol from the mug,

「… Alcohol again?」

Miria said to Rolf with scornful eyes, while Rolf holding the ale’s mug in hand.

「I don't feel alive without alcohol. Aside from that, eat it quickly before it gets cold.」

「Muu…. I understand」

Rolf was gulping the ale, enjoying himself, he put some salt-seasoned beans into his mouth.

The exquisite salt seasoned beans, mixed with the splendid ale, they made a perfect combination.

Having finished with one mug of alcohol, he ordered one more mug of alcohol, while starting to eat the steak.

A good quality meat, with its softness and elasticity.

The meat juices dance on his tongue, the deliciousness was overflowing each time it was bitten.

For a NEET like Rolf, food and sleep were the most important things.

And therefore, he has no restraint on food.

While eating the extravagant meal, Rolf’s eyes met with Miria’s.

And then.

「It was delicious.」

She had eaten everything before Rolf noticed.

「Ye, yes….」

Rolf was dumbfounded.

Even though he drank the ale, Rolf’s eating speed was never slow.

It was just a few minutes since they started to eat.

「That reminds me, come to think of it, you finished breakfast really fast…. breakfast, it could be said as lunch.」

「Many have said that I eat fast.」

「I don’t think it's on the level of ‘fast’…. you want to eat more?」

「Is it really okay?」

「I can see such desiring eyes on you…. really, 」

「I’m sorry….」

「It’s a good thing to eat a lot.
Don’t worry about it.」

Rolf was saying with a no-need-to-worry tone to Miria, who was despondent.

When Rolf was ordering for more food to the waitress, the pub front door suddenly opened.

The signboard, and the clear sound of the bell, telling them a new customer is coming.

「…. Hee.」

The customer has blond hair, blue eyes, and a handsome face, looking at his appearance, he was a boy.

This a bit dirty pub was out of his place, in addition, his clothing really really gives a high cla.s.s aura.

「I’m alone but …. is there a s.p.a.ce left at the counter?」

Rolf was telling Miria who the man was to Miria, who was in puzzlement.

「…. That’s right.
Miria, the long awaited moment.
I will give you a lecture about magic.」

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