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Chapter 724: Reception banquet.

 In addition to the supercritical thermal generator, the underground base also produced a variety of living small mining and industrial equipment that can be quickly a.s.sembled. Among them, four sets of 2000 kW high voltage generator sets are also included. Of course, the factory was only responsible for manufacturing its mobile cha.s.sis, those tens of tons of high voltage diesel generators, and a model of the giant Type X power system.

Whether Ye Qing will use the Caterpillar or c.u.mmins brand, it was enough for early use in Nigeria, and with the addition of a mobile cha.s.sis, the upgraded IL-76 transport aircraft could transport them to Nigeria and could also carry several sets of small automatic welding equipment and cutting equipment.

The Huge Industrial Monster ordered a large number of basic construction materials from Algeria, which had a good economy. There was concrete but also standard sheet steel. The closest distance between the two countries is only over 900 kilometers and it takes only three days for heavy trucks to travel overland. It is again because of the infrastructure of Nigeria, that there was no concrete road to the Anut district, otherwise, it will only take 1.5 days.

Now that the second batch of construction materials has arrived in the Anut district from Algeria, under the command of a metal expert, local workers will speed up the construction of an airstrip allowing the IL-76 to land.

The track was tentatively chosen at the edge of a town in the Anut district, on hard and flat ground. Thousands of workers consolidated the ground with the most primitive way of tamping the ground with large stones and mixing the concrete with shovels and pickaxes. As industrial materials arrive one after another, a new permanent airport will be built.

In order to avoid the embarra.s.sment of being unable to refuel, the two IL-76s will first land at the capital's only airport in Nigeria, refuel, and then fly to the Anut district.


At half-past eleven, Ye Qing left the factory and was about to head out of the highway to meet Yun Shi and Zhang Zhitong. On the way, he called Zhang Zhitong, who confirmed the time at which they would arrive in Shanghai.

About half an hour later, he drove at lightning speed and encountered a police car with a Shanghai license plate as he exited the airport. It was the end of August, and it was extremely hot. Ye Qing, wearing a shirt with short sleeves and data gla.s.ses, leaned against the car door and smiled at Zhang Zhitong and Yun Shi who got out of the police car.

Beauty is a beautiful landscape wherever it goes.

Zhang Zhitong was tall and athletic, with silver-gray hair and a graceful face erected in a water town south of the Yangtze River. She had an indescribable charm that attracts the attention of pa.s.sing vehicles and pedestrians.

Seeing Ye Qing, Zhang Zhitong smiled and waved. Seeing Ye Qing, Yun Shi held a small mouth and looked a little overwhelmed.

"Officer Xu, thank you for bringing us back. Let's have a meal together at noon and return after lunch." Zhang Zhitong nodded and smiled at the driver of the police car.

The latter stuck his head out of the car window and shook it quickly: "No, Officer Zhang, as you know, there is a group of provincial and ministerial leaders in the office, and I have to go back to report. Don't think I'm being polite to you, but it's the boss's order."

"OK, I will see you in the near future. I will be the host at that time. Don't be polite to me."

Before Ye Qing walked toward the two of them, under the glaring sunlight, he noticed Yun Shi had dark circles under her eyes. Obviously, she didn't sleep well during that time.

"Boss ~"

Seeing Ye Qing approaching, Yun Shi tightly twisted her hands and fingers and looked at the ground, as if there were five million on the ground.

"Boss Ye ~ everything is solved."

Zhang Zhitong joked with a smile: "You have absolutely no idea how many fish we caught this time, and it was a bunch of big fish."

"It's just a bunch of clowns." Ye Qing was very proud in his heart, and his expression was indifferent: "Let's take you out to eat first, you've probably been exhausted these few days."

This table reception banquet was solemn but not lively. The dishes are all exquisite and expensive signature dishes, but there are only three people in the private room.

It could be because her Real Eye ident.i.ty was exposed, or because she escaped from this group of hackers, and she hasn't fully recovered from the shock. At the table, Yun Shi was like a frightened kitten, still tilting her head and picking vegetables one by one.

Ye Qing did not go comforting her and continued to discuss with Zhang Zhitong the details of her return, and in her words, the hackers they caught were like big whales in the sea.

Their first Dark Knight was actually the leader of the internationally renowned hacker group [Rainbow Hunter], and the few others were also highly trained members. The name Rainbow Hunter sounds very sunny and decent at first glance. In fact, this group of hackers never did anything right. They only have money in their eyes and will do anything for it.

Although they were arrested, so far, they have always gritted their teeth and haven't revealed their other crimes besides kidnapping Yun Shi. However, Shanghai police have already used technical means to extract a number of doc.u.ments from the yacht that have echoed in numerous cybercrime cases in China.

At the same time, hundreds of kilograms of high explosives were extracted. The dynamite was connected to electronic components and circuits that numbed people. If it hadn't been for the Huge Industrial Monster interfering. With the electronic equipment on the yacht, Shanghai would have made global headlines. Luckily, this group of people was hackers, experienced hackers who are addicted to defying the order of the internet and thought that women can't have a computer.

They went to great lengths to kidnap Yun Shi, just to make her a member of their Rainbow Hunter team and to become a big help to them, and her kidnapping must be blamed on other criminal gangs with eyes and no pearls. Yun Shi was coming off the field, and he's a man who can guess what became of her...

Rainbow Hunters are notoriously bad, and among the countries that want to catch them from all over the world including Italy, China, j.a.pan, and South Korea. But before their arrest, these countries didn't even know how many Rainbow Hunter members were in it, let alone lock down their ident.i.ties to arrest them. According to what Yun Shi said in her file, this group of pirates did everything possible to enter China except for her kidnapping. He also planned to release an extremely hidden virus on the Internet in China. This type of virus, called Dormant, will never attack users' computers, it will only silently infiltrate and steal user information, including account pa.s.swords entered on various websites.

Information and data leakage has always been the most painful thing for Internet and mobile-phone users in China. But many people don't know how much useful information can sell for, so high that it seems outrageous.

In the black market, a complete set of information including bank card number, mobile phone number, and pa.s.sword with an ID card can be sold at a very high price which can even reach hundreds of Yuan. If this group of hackers had really succeeded in spreading this virus program they have carefully prepared. Internet fraudsters in China will be so happy they will have money and rush to find them and buy the information that Rainbow Hunter has recovered.

In the future, this group of fraudsters will all buy yachts and private jets.

"How many years can they be sentenced?"

After listening to Zhang Zhitong's remarks, even Ye Qing felt lucky to have caught this group of people in advance.

"Just for what they did, the indefinite sentence is ironclad, and it's impossible for us to release these people."

"Come ~ Let's have a drink!" Ye Qing raised the gla.s.s of red wine and happily clinked with Zhang Zhitong.

Both of them drank half a bottle of red wine, and Zhang Zhitong quit right after, leaving the private room to Ye Qing and Yun Shi, and when she left, Ye Qing looked at Yun Shi with a half-smile. She took a deep breath, put down her chopsticks, and looked at him nervously as if waiting for the verdict.

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