Monster Factory Chapter 687: Samples deep underground.

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Chapter 687: Samples deep underground.

If you want to establish yourself firmly in Nigeria, you can only have eternal power.


At first, General Mopu was worried the Huge Industrial Monster could not withstand the hungry wolves of European and American countries after Sotu Rainforest will reveal its secrets and after they will find out its secrets, but now, after he had found out that the Huge Industrial Monster is actually just a juggernaut with fangs made of harder-than-diamond alloy. Whether they are hungry or not hungry wolves, their teeth cannot be harder than this alloy.

From the Razor off-road vehicle, the metal expert jumped out holding a huge metal box and gave Ye Qing a special lightweight protective suit and an independent power supply liquid air bottle to wear, and tall and strong Monster laborers each held a spotlight to show the tiny stones in front of them.

Ye Qing held a radiation detector and walked in the middle of the monster team. As for the monsters, they don't take radiation seriously here at all. Radiation may seem harmless to these monsters.

But radiation is everywhere. There are radiations in natural stones, and the rays of the universe carry radiations and even the human body itself has radiations. Of course, this radiation dose is very, very low and will not cause any harm to the human body.

Radiation below 2 milli-sieverts is cla.s.sified as safe ~ the sievert is used as a unit of radioactivity dose ~, and managing in an environment over 6 milli-sieverts during the year generally affects material workers radioactive. Their working environment must be checked regularly, and the person himself must undergo regular medical examinations.

However, the radiation here has reached 600 milli-sieverts. At this dose, harmful damage to human tissues will be observed in medicine. The closer Ye Qing got to the cave, the higher the intensity of the radiation, like a thermometer in the desert the earlier the day dawns the higher the temperature rises. Fortunately, he was wearing a radiation protection suit, so he is unafraid of being affected in the least.

At the same time, he also discovered this situation. Where the radiation intensity is high, the plant leaves are more vivid, and the nameless dwarf tree at the cave entrance, as if rubbed with jade powder, was so emerald green that Ye Qing was surprised and praised.

Upon entering the cave, the radiation detector in his hand immediately issued a rapid alarm sound "beep ~ beep ~", which means that the radiation intensity has exceeded 2000 milli-sieverts.

It was 2.374 sieverts.

If Ye Qing stays here for half an hour without protection, he will suffer from fatigue, vomiting, temporary hair loss, and a decrease in red blood cells. In severe cases, bone density decreases, internal bleeding and various diseases will be induced. The longer the time spent in this place, the greater the risk of death from cancer.

Of course, Uranium ore and mon.a.z.ite themselves are radioactive and cannot reach this intensity.


The radiation half-life of uranium is hundreds of millions of years. The radioactive minerals in the cave have been exposed to the air for quite some time and overtime; of course, the radiation will exceed the norm.


After walking around a corner, the cave s.p.a.ce suddenly opened up. It seemed to be an underground room. The landscape in front of him also made him forget to breathe. At the end of the cave, it was like a carved crystal egg. Cl.u.s.ters of green minerals to stunning gemstones swarmed the stone walls. Like carefully cut by a jeweler, they are polygonal diamonds that reflected dazzling turquoise under bright light. Among them, mon.a.z.ite and copper-uranium mica each accounted for half. The supercomputer could a.n.a.lyze the approximate mineral content based on the radiation intensity and the outline of the mountain range. According to the estimate of supercomputers, this mountain range with the strongest radiation alone contains two ore veins, 50-65 thousand tons of mon.a.z.ite, and raw ore reserves of copper mica and Uranium.

If 100 tons of Mon.a.z.ite Ore can yield one ton of Purified Metal Dysprosium, and if Ye Qing can extract 30 tons of Metal Dysprosium from the mountain in front of him every year, which will be used to produce Shi Lei vehicles, he can produce 300,000 vehicles each year.

Facing these world-cla.s.s automakers, the annual output of 300,000 Shi Lei cars may be less than one-tenth of their annual output. But remember the Sotu rainforest is surrounded by a whole mountain range, and the mountain that Ye Qing climbed is just one of the hundreds of mountains. With this continuous mountain range, the Huge Industrial Monster no longer has to worry about the scarcity of Metallic Dysprosium.

"Let's start collecting samples." Ye Qing glanced at the radiation detection instrument which was stable at 2.45 sieverts, then looked at the Master Metal Expert next to him who was unaffected at all.

"Understood, boss," the Master Metal Expert walked to the end of the cave and put a suitcase-sized metal box that was in his hand on the floor.

Sampling must be taken in depth. The ore exposed in the cave has been in contact with the air for too long, the radiation value has become inaccurate, and the internal rare metal composition has lost its sensitivity as sample material.

The Master Metal Expert opened the box, took a folding tripod and opened it, adjusted the height of the three support angles according to the built-in spirit level so that the platform was parallel to the ground, and took a bunch of gear that outsiders can't name from inside the box. A hand drill powered by the full version of the plasma battery with sufficient power was also removed from the metal box. The Master Metal Expert marked the locations of the tripod legs and drilled through the hard rock then drove expansion bolts into the hard rock.

The bolts a.s.sembled with the legs of the triangular support provided high strength and stability. The Master Metal Expert continued pulling out three sets of gas cylinder-shaped parts from the huge metal box for a.s.sembly.

Two minutes later, one of the objects in the metal box was taken out, and there was a strange-looking metal object on the tripod platform. Ye Qing nodded then followed the two monsters to the corner, staring at the sampling device through the sealed lead gla.s.s mask.


The gas cylinder device on the triangular platform automatically opened the valve, and then a roll-up metal tube with a carbide spout in front was slowly lowered from the middle of the platform to the ground. The high-pressure powder mist of three different colors was mixed and sprayed from the hose nozzle. After 0.1 second, electronic sparks erupted, completely igniting the powder mist mixed with pure oxygen.

Extraordinary powder mist means extraordinary flame. His appearance made the originally glowing hole brighter in an instant. It was so bright it was impossible to look at it directly with the naked eye, and the whole hole was as if a small sun was stuffed into it, and the hard rocks, in front of this jet of flames, became more fragile than the sand dunes.

At the moment of contact with the flame, the rock with a melting point of about 1,000 degrees was immediately melted into high-temperature magma, and then blown by the airflow of the molten circular pool with a large bowl on the floor. As the metal tube that could circ.u.mvent it slowly descended to the ground, the whole hole resounded with a terrifying burning sound "huchi~huchi~".

It was the high-temperature thermite reaction; Ye Qing learned this trick from this group of tech thieves.

After two minutes, the fuel stored in several high-pressure cylinders was emptied. On the rocky ground, there was also a bowl-sized lava channel with a depth of several tens of meters. The smoke rose here and the radiation was incredible. If Ye Qing took off the independent support mask, he is guaranteed not to be able to hold out for ten seconds, and if General Mopu was there, he would be wide-eyed and scream.

Ye Qing always paid attention to the radiation intensity on the detection instrument. His airtight protective suit could only withstand a radiation dose of up to 4 sieverts. After the index is closed, Ye Qing will immediately evacuate. Fortunately, the radiation only reached 3 sieverts, and the equipment on the tripod also automatically retracted the metal nozzle, allowing the Master Metal Experts to use tools to collect mineral samples deep underground.

The mon.a.z.ite mineral, the size of a sugar cube and shinier than an emerald, was included in a box of lead samples by Master Metal Experts.

"Stand back, stand back!"

Ye Qing waved his hand; he didn't even need the tripod equipment anymore.

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