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Chapter 685: Explore the rainforest.

The contract was in five copies, and the Huge Industrial Monster took one, Ye Qing took it and threw it to the Master Metal Expert and asked him to keep it. Finally, the first-cla.s.s issues were resolved, and Ye Qing's mood relaxed.

As long as the work at the beginning is confidential, after the signing of the contract, the Huge Industrial Monster personnel and equipment will be stationed on a large scale. Even though the outside world will know about it afterward, what can it do about these rare metallic elements? There are so many things in this world that people crave, but what should he do or how should he do to get them?

The mountain farms around the Sotu rainforest are a first-cla.s.s project and this project cannot be hidden from the outside world, moreover, the Huge Industrial Monster cannot hide the source of a large amount of Dysprosium Metallic.

At noon, General Mopu, the host, invited Ye Qing and the officials who attended the signing ceremony to a feast of French cuisine at Nigeria's only-starred hotel.

Ye Qing was not stingy and waved someone from the Peregrine Falcon to bring an entire box of aged dry red produced by Château Lafite. The price for one bottle is over US $2,000, which isn't too expensive, but it was a bit of a stretch to pack eight bottles in an oak crate.

At the same time, dozens of old trucks sent by General Mopu also carried all the equipment from the two cargo planes and left for Anute in a convoy.

Two razor-sharp all-terrain vehicles, one on the left and one on the right, escorted the Mercedes-Benz G 65.


Before leaving, there was a small episode: One kilometer from the airport, at the entrance to an alley full of low buildings, the black Mercedes-Benz went around without a guide and an escort this time. There was an equally black van waiting here. When they saw the local tyrant boss return, the two tall white men took the initiative to say h.e.l.lo and hand over bags of weapons and ammunition.

Always the same set; the Mercedes-Benz bulletproof plate comes standard with a six-barreled Minigun machine gun and six boxes of standard military ammunition. A bullpup a.s.sault rifle with a box full of spare magazines, an automatic grenade launcher, and a frag grenade. The two foreigners also directly gave six Glocks, and they continued to work happily in mediocre Chinese!


General Mopu was also seated as the co-driver of the Mercedes-Benz G 65. He wanted to take advantage of their time on the road to explain to Ye Qing the situation in the site under his jurisdiction, but he saw this scene...

"Don't keep looking at the past, and you will be rich in the future, you can get a tank if you want," Ye Qing chuckled: "Besides, these arms dealers were introduced by you, General Mopu, why are you so surprised."


General Mopu sighed, thinking that if he bought a gun and held it by his side would be the limit.


Arms dealers are present throughout Nigeria, but weapons, like clothing, are divided into low-quality and branded products. Local blacks like buying cheap desert-made AKs, and foreigners and Chinese skilled workers like to buy these short guns that are famous the world over for being worn on their bodies.

If you want to buy serious branded goods, look for those Europeans who bustle in the bars all day.


Jogging and chatting all the way in the evening, the team finally b.u.mped into Yankari waterfalls. Going to Sotu Rainforest at this time will be very reckless, so General Mopu suggested continuing there tomorrow, but Ye Qing waved Master Metal Expert Jin Liuhai to continue the ride, they have to arrive early, to set up the equipment together.

Master Metal Expert Jin Liuhai headed to the remote Sotu Rainforest. No question for General Mopu to negotiate, he could only follow and serve as a guide, so he let his subordinates drive the old Land Rover and he continued to sit timidly in the Mercedes-Benz G 65.


Who made this luxuriously messed up bulletproof car?

The comparison between the old Land Rover and this one is like the gap between a donkey and a sedan.

The evening heatwave seems to spring from the ground, and yellow is the only dominant note in the Anute area.


On the road traveled by the wheels, the yellow sand immediately rolled out a whirlwind of dust and smoke. The dark, stately Mercedes Benz and the cool, strong man sitting on the cool off-road vehicle had kids on both sides of the street booing. Ye Qing wanted to throw candy at them, only to find the car was full of bullets and he wasn't used to eating candy.

The convoy gradually left the densely populated city and rolled on the desolate and b.u.mpy dirt road. General Mopu sitting in the car with strong air conditioning was hot, but the ruthless partisans armed with rifles on the open-topped all-terrain vehicles on the left and right sides remained motionless, as if not even sweating.

"Mr. Ye, are you going to explore the mines this time or investigate the local environment?" General Mopu looked around him curiously. There was only a metal box the size of a suitcase in the car.

"Prospecting," Ye Qing, who was sitting in the back row, smiled, then nodded and said: "Gou Sheng, check the satellite signal."

As soon as this command ended, a cartoon sprite suddenly appeared on the central monitor screen playing soft music.

"I received the order, Master, and now the satellite signal strength is full of six bars, I can connect to Viasat's two low orbit broadband satellites." In General Mopu's stunned eyes, the elf transformed the central control screen into a virtual map, a topographic grid map. A virtual model of a Mercedes-Benz car, transmitting data to two satellites high in the sky via the satellite receiver on top of the dashboard?!

"How far are we from Sotu Rainforest, Tianjin?"

General Mopu just thought about the number of kilometers, when the elf deprived him of his right to speak: "Master, there are still 52.3 kilometers left."

"Who is Tianjin?" General Mopu exclaimed in a loud, inner sound.

After tens of seconds, General Mopu discovered the original ordinary front window suddenly appeared as a translucent virtual screen in the middle. There was no cartoon head on the screen, only an undulating sound wave.

"Boss, are you looking for me?" Tianjin's voice echoed in the car.

"You will release the reconnaissance vultures in half an hour to scan the sky above the Sotu rainforest. You run the calculation and model the data returned by the vultures."

The sound waves on the screen beat several times, and an electronically synthesized response sounded.

"Understood, boss."

Vulture scout?

Where did the reconnaissance aircraft come from, General Mopu, who remained in Europe, felt that he had become an old person?... This is obviously a Mercedes-Benz all-terrain vehicle, how is he more advanced than the sci-fi movies he's seen?

This is the Mercedes-Benz G 65 updated by the Huge Industrial Monster! If it weren't for the fact that Shi Lei wasn't suitable for driving in the desert, Ye Qing would have brought it along. Fortunately, the G 65 after the second upgrade is not bad, and even the smart a.s.sistant has been transplanted.

Along the way, General Mopu was surprised by the advanced technology transplanted into the car that he had never heard of when he was in Europe. At the same time, he feared that the escort accompanying him would be disturbed by wild animals which would suddenly come out. Fortunately, all was calm along the way.

When a rolling mountain appeared in front of the car driving through the desert towards its destination, the Sotu Rainforest, the end of this journey. At that time ~ the sun in the west, only the last ray of an afterglow reflected on earth. The scorching desert and the continuous mountains in front of him formed a lonely and desolate picture.

"Tianjin, ready to receive data," Ye Qing opened the metal box on the seat next to him, causing General Mopu to keep looking back. Unfortunately, the lid of the box blocked his vision.

"Tianjin is ready to receive data."

"Gou Sheng, activate isolation mode."

"Received, master!"

What is Isolation Mode?

General Mopu unconsciously peeked out the window, the last ray of sunset was about to disappear, and in half an hour, the whole earth would usher in the darkness that could be unseen.


General Mopu felt the golden sand outside the window, gradually darken and finally completely black. It was the gla.s.s that went black, completely black and opaque from the sunroof to the front windshield. Ah~ what kind of technology is this?

General Mopu was seated in a comfortable compartment cut off from all light outside the window. The whole front window was lit up and turned into a big screen. Mr. Ye in the back seat took out a science fiction watch from the metal box and brought it within reach. General Mopu looked back and wondered, what is he doing with a watch?

The sunroof above his head opened automatically, and Mr. Ye pulled out a vulture with folded wings from the metal box, and the scientific view that General Mopu had built up over the years was shattered again: this vulture actually had sharp dark metal claws and electronic eyes that glowed with a cold pale green light.


"G.o.d, is that the vulture reconnaissance plane?" Seeing this mechanical vulture move away from the sunroof, General Mopu was on the point of crying. Without such a blow to people, he is also a famous graduate student in the economics department of Bristol University, why has he never heard of these technologies?

The sunroof had closed and on the big screen in the front window there was a three-dimensional aerial view of flying high in the sky and General Mopu covered his lips, this must be the image sent back by the vulture reconnaissance aircraft. The shocking true image made him feel like a vulture, hovering above the rainforest of Sotu.

Just how does that vulture prospect?

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